a harvest of lavender

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A few years ago, I planted some lavender on either side of the steps leading to the front door of our house.  It was sort of a whim, but I love how it’s grown over the years and the scent and color it adds to the entrance.  I’m a homebody, anyway, so I love walking up those steps to the front door, but the lavender is an extra perk.

It was getting a bit unruly this year, though, and I was encouraged to cut it back by people who know a lot more about gardening than I do.  I sort of hated to cut it, but I was told it’s best for the plant and prevents them from becoming woody.


So, I went out in the cooler temperatures of the evening, armed with an antique apple basket and new pair of shears, to trim back the lavender.


I didn’t realize how much lavender I had flanking my steps until I filled the large basket.


I love lavender in general, but lavender cut from my yard?!  I was like a proud mama.


And I had to take all kinds of pictures of my first harvest of lavender.




I was able to make eight large bunches, which I tied with butcher’s twine and hung them up to dry.


I was laughing at my bunches, which look a bit wild compared to the dried lavender bunches I have purchased in the past.


Well, I’m a rookie lavender-buncher, so there you go.  Wild bunches.

After being out of town for over a week, I am back home now and enjoyed a day back in the studio.  While I was away, Kriste worked hard to get more Lucketts leftovers as well as items from our studio purge photographed and listed.  Another online sale will go live later this week.

More details to come…

a harvest of lavender

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