gardening season two begins…

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Just an FYI that the first Lucketts Leftover online sale will start tomorrow (Thursday, June 2, at 9:00 pm EST.)  You can click over to my online shop HERE.

Our house has a ways to go before it looks really charming from the curb.  It has a 1940’s sweetness about it and the landscaping is getting there, but we’ve put much more time and attention to the inside of the house and it’s only been in the past couple of years that we have started really working on some projects outside.

But, it’s all coming along.

Now that Lucketts is over, I hit a local nursery to get some flowers for the window boxes and spent some time sprucing things up.


See the dead weeds in the window boxes?  Yeah, nice.  The topiaries, Eugenia, flanking the front door are leftovers from Lucketts.  I shopped my own sale!

The holly bushes under the windows have been the best bushes ever.  Over the almost ten years we have lived in this house, I have tried three different varieties of bush and these ones finally did what I wanted.  Well, more accurately put, I finally bought the bushes that thrive in my front yard.  They are low-maintenance, evergreen, can handle the full sun, and are fast growing.

See how they looked just three years ago…


Pruning helped a lot.  My mom came and pruned them a couple of years ago and it was amazing how they took off.  You see, I was under the impression that I knew better than every master gardener on earth and I thought that pruning would make my bushes smaller when I wanted them to grow.  Of course, everyone else is right and I was a moron in this matter.  Pruning is awesome.  I’m still a little bit scared of it; that I’m doing it wrong or in the wrong place, but I’m getting more comfortable than I used to be.

I bought some petunias for the window boxes.  I planted them last year and actually watered and dead-headed them and even got fancy and used some fertilizer.  Guess what?  They looked pretty darn good.  I had all white last year, but I branched into purple this year, which ties into the lavender that flanks the steps.


It’s kind of interesting.  I am not a purple person at all.  I don’t buy clothes that are purple, I don’t like purple decor, and it was even rough for me to add a purple to my paint line...  (Sorry all purple people, but wait!  There is a BUT coming.)  BUT, I seem to gravitate towards purple flowers.  Actually, I love purple flowers.  Go figure,

While the petunias in my window boxes did well last year, they get full sun all day long, so they tended to dry out.  This year, I bought some of that scratchy/fuzzy window box liner fabric to put in the bottom.  Let me tell you, it was a total pain to empty all of the dirt, line the boxes and then add fresh soil and THEN plant the flowers.  It was hot, dirty work, wedged between my full holly bushes, but after the first watering, I saw the benefits.  The water was actually staying in the box instead of running right out the bottom.

I’ll share some progress on how they do this year, my second season of really trying at gardening.

I also planted some anouk lavender in the concrete pots at the bottom of the steps.  That’s another variety of lavender planted behind it, but you can never have too much lavender.  Right?  Amen?


And speaking of that lavender planted on either side of the steps, I did that on a whim and I love brushing by it each day.  Here’s how it looked when I planted it three years ago…


…and now it’s really thriving.  The sprigs grow through the railing of the steps, which I love.  It has a wild way about it that makes me smile.  It’s still pretty closed right now, but the purple is just starting to peek out.


While I was walking around the yard, pulling weeks, I found a little surprise…a weed that wasn’t a weed at all.


It’s a baby black walnut tree!  I don’t know why this was so fascinating to me, but it was.  Of course, I don’t want a walnut tree growing in a garden bed 12″ from my house, so I didn’t replant it, but I did take a few minutes to appreciate it…


…and marvel at the little baby tree growing out of a nut.

It’s like a little pep talk to all of us “nuts” in the world.


I spent the day photographing and listing more pieces for the sale.  Here are a few more previews…

mms-8036 mms-8044


gardening season two begins…

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