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Mini Mustard Seed and I have been working hard to get lots of ornaments made for the Lucketts Holiday Open House (Nov. 4, 5 and 6.)  I’ve lost count of how many we have made, but it’s certainly in the hundreds. 
That’s going to continue this week, but I’m also going to have to do some shopping, painting and upholstery work to get ready.  I’ve also had to do a lot of online ordering…clay tags, pillows, stockings, runners, ten pounds of glitter, ten yards of hemp fabric…  whew!  I also just spoke to a local tree farm today about getting a live tree at the end of October. They thought I was a little nutty, but they said they would give me a saw and I could take my pick. 
Here’s a sneak peek of a couple of new ornaments in the line this year… 

Of course I’ll have some of the popular ones from last year like my sheet music wreaths, pinwheel ornaments and glitter letter banners. 
I’m also going to write a new tutorial on how I make my paper wreaths, so be on the lookout for that soon. 
I just ordered five dozen cake bites from Snickety Snacks to have available for anyone who stops by Lucketts on Thursday while we’re painting my space.  I think Mini Mustard Seed and I can easily put away two dozen of those, so you’d better come early…

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    1. Andrea

      Love the new (and old) ornaments. Looking forward to your tutorial!

    2. Rosemary@villabarnes

      WOW, that's a lot of ornaments. The old and the new have a great vintage look. Those cake bites sound delicious.

    3. NanaDiana

      Love what you are doing…and like I said before-wish I could be there to help. I wouldn't even eat your bakery bites up! Have fun and don't overdo! xo Diana

    4. Anonymous

      Would you share how to make the pinwheel ornaments? They would be perfect for our Christmas tree and I think my girls would enjoy making them! Best Wishes, Kenda

    5. Tina@WhatWeKeep

      Cake bites? Save a dozen for me- hope they're chocolate! Wish I was close by to come visit. Love your ornaments and I'll say again- I don't know when you sleep. ; )

    6. Farmer's Wyfe

      What fun ideas for ornaments! I just picked up a whole pile of old music books at a yard sale for $.75 for all of them! Wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but maybe I'll try these. I like the glitter on the edges! FUN! 🙂

    7. Danielle

      I love all of them!
      Off to explore your blog now.

    8. Michelle

      Reading your blog is so relaxing. Sounds weird, but it's comforting to me. Have fun this week!

    9. Queen of Chairs

      So beautiful, I love the one with the shredded sheet music in it, that's my fav!

    10. olé

      Son preciosos y originales. Un Saludito desde España. Paloma.

    11. Sarah

      I always love seeing your ornaments! I really want to make a tree skirt like the one you did for HGTV. Wish I lived close to you so I could come by! Maybe you'll take pictures for those of us far away? 🙂

    12. asad

      i love this blog

    13. Dina

      🙂 I've been into book-pages wraths and decoration these days, so it kinda looks the same here 😉 And I guess a lot of bloggers are glittery all over since a couple of days…
      Your pictures and posts make me feel the holiday spirit already! Haha! Great stuff!!
      I think the idea of a live tree is a good one!
      Love, Dina

    14. LSeay

      Since I started reading your wonderful blog–the first for me–I have learned how to and successfully made a wonderful slipcover and have plans for another soon; dried hydrangeas to fill Ball jars and creamy pitchers collected over the years; started seeking out old silver pieces that are artfully placed in clusters or in with other objects of interest…I could go on but you get the idea…..thanks for your inspiration! You are a new 'friend' and I am grateful for your wit, your hard working ethics, your sensible and wonderful ideas and instruction. THANK YOU! Linda Seay

    15. Michael - Innkeeper

      oh – i just adore your ornament collections! one of these days i hope to create my own!

      you. are. inspiring!! Thanks!!

    16. Miss Char

      I'm sure you'll be sold out in no time at all at the open house Marian. You and Mini have sure been busy with the preparation, I can't wait to see pictures of your area when you're "all decked out". Thanks for sharing and I'll be looking for the tutorial on the wreath.

    17. Beth

      Cute stuff! That reminds me, I have a bunch of ornaments to get finished! I like the idea the other post had about the paper wreath for a music teacher!

    18. Jessica @ Nuchey's Mommy

      I love the glass ornament! Looking forward to the wreath tutorial!

    19. Sarah AKA The Thriftress

      The ornaments are beautiful as always! I'm looking forward to the wreath tute because mine always come out a little wonky. (remember to bring some cake bites home for "the kids"!)


    20. Twice Nice

      Beautiful! Kind of puts me in the mood to start thinking about mine for this year.

    21. The DIY Show Off

      Oh so fun! I just love your ornaments! Every time I see sometime, I wish I was local, especially with the temptation you've thrown out there! 😉

    22. Cara

      Love your cute ornaments!! Will there be a way to order a few from you from your blog if we don't live close enough (as in a different state:)?
      I would love at least one for my tree this year … Thanks!!!


    23. six3design

      OK,I have my jealous face on. :/ Wish I could make a trip to Luckets to see the event.Do you just use sheet music found at thrift stores? Love the glass ornaments. I think you should be in Anthropoligie or Ballard Designs,Pottery Barn You are truley a gifted artist.

    24. Okio B Designs

      Your ornaments are just adorable. I could see each and everyone hanging from my Xmas tree! 😉 Would love to try my hand at making some too!


    25. Dentelline

      I love all these Christmas balls!
      Very lovely!
      Very nice idea!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Have a good evening!

    26. Good Time Charlie

      10 pounds of Glitter???? Wow, I can't wait to see what comes of that! Love what I am seeing so far! Good luck!

    27. Laurie Blaswich

      I love that mini Mustard Seed …lol

      Your Christmas items are lovely! If you get a chance visit my blog, I know how tallented you are and can certainly relate. Wanted you to see my receient project.


    28. Julie

      Handmade ornaments are the best touch to a tree, these are fabulous. I had to share on twitter.


    29. Attempting Aloha

      You know it's a good post when you can't choose which pic to pin and end up pinning three of them! 😉

      So lovely!!


    30. Gail

      So pretty! Now you've got me in the holiday spirit!! 🙂



    31. michele

      …well then you'd better make a size-able glitter sign reading LET THEM EAT CAKE! yes? do i have your back or what, marian?

      i'm horrible about seasonal decorating, but see…these ornaments i could live with. they're not smacking me upside the head with devil red.



      p.s. interviewed Rachel Ashwell on the blog!!!

    32. Mammy

      Oh I am so sad! There is no way I can get to Luckett's from Oklahoma. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ornaments. Won't you do a tutorial on the pinwheel ones–or maybe allow us to buy at least one so we can have Mustard Seed on our trees?

    33. Revamped French Maison

      Super sparkly and pretty! I just love this time of year…. Do you use German glitter-glass glitter or just standard glitter? I love both but struggle in deciding which is a better look for my projects. I'm looking forward to the wreath tut. I'm wreath crazy too.


    34. Vintage Home

      Oh I wish I coudl just zip down there and visit & nibble!…Have a great season!

    35. sarah - dodeline design

      Wish I lived closer so I could come say hello! I love your ornaments!

    36. Kathy

      sure do wish I was going to be there

    37. HeartVintageDesign

      Love the pinwheel ornaments and awaiting the wreath tutorial!

    38. janet

      I love the ornament filled with the paper shreds.

    39. Reinvented Vintage

      love me some snickety snacks!!! i used to live in maryland and shop at chartreuse and co where i was first introduced to you and those fabulous cake balls! 🙂 i now live in arkansas and miss all that goodness up there on the east coast!

    40. Anonymous

      I love your blog and it has really changed my life!! I am a retired kindergarten teacher. I love going to auction and estate sales to find deals and sell at conseignment stores.In June I discovered chalk paint from you and have since sold about 30 furniture pieces (large and small) I need to learn how to send you pictures for your furniture friday!! I get so much inspiration from that. I recently painted a barley twist sideboard for my daughter in Antibes green and she uses it as for TV–it is gorgeous!! I mainly just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration! Inspired in Charleston SC —– brendagist@yahoo.com Where do you purchase your glitter from ? MANY THANKS Brenda

    41. annie

      These are all beautiful. I just saw vintage sheet music at a flea market a few weeks ago…I love your tags/logo too!

    42. Darleen ~ Places In The Home

      Open house time is always full of activity, hard work, and I wouldn't take anything for it! I love getting ready for it, planning the food, the decorating, etc… Dave the Builder usually has to remind me to stay focused on the inventory. Sending good luck from one antique dealer/trader/lover to another for a very successful open house!

      "I think Mini Mustard Seed and I can easily put away two dozen of those, so you'd better come early…"

      Now that's a project I don't need any help with…unfortunately 🙂

      Thanks for the giggle & the sheet music ornaments & wreaths are gorgeous.

    43. Suzanne

      Such lovely ornaments!

    44. alittlelove

      Were do you get the sheet music? Also do you ship your ornaments at all?

    45. Shannon

      Love those ornaments, lady!!! After talking with my in-laws the weekend, we're going to have an abundance of hymnals for making into crafts!!! Have a great open house! SO wish I wS close by Lucketts's…but alas Toronto is kind of far!

    46. JunkStuffTreasures

      Your ornaments are very cool. Good luck at the Holiday Open House!

    47. Bette Baker

      Please do a tutorial on the pinwheels, I have been looking for one a while now, appreciate it.

      Regards, Susie

    48. Rusty Pallet

      I absolutely love your ornaments. Especially love the wreath….cant wait to see the new tutorial!

    49. Brooke ~ The Eclectic Cottage

      Love all the new ornaments! Wish I lived closer so I could come to the Lucketts Holiday open house. Have fun!
      P.S. I'm looking forward to the wreath tutorial!

    50. Lisa @ Lisas Creative Designs

      Very cute! I have been so busy that I haven't begun to think about making new Christmas merchandise. I know I am way late on the subject this year. Love the idea of the chalkboard paint. How fun for a little girl or boy's room!

    51. Kendall

      Love the music Christmas ornaments♪ Love your blog, I have it listed in my blogs I watch♪♪


    52. Shabby Marilyn

      As everyone, LOVE the ornaments and your blog!
      Fav is the shredded sheet music. Wish I lived closer, thanks on sharing for those far away friends!

    53. Cheri Peoples

      You’ve been featured in TOP THAT.



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