Before I get into the makeover, I just have to let all of you know how much I enjoy watching my followers grow! When I first started I thought people who had a couple hundred followers probably didn’t care when they got new ones. I still check my blog eagerly when I have a few minutes to see if anyone new has joined the ranks. I visit all of the sites and really enjoy the inspiration I’ve received from you. Thanks!

Second, I have some very exciting things in store. I am teaming up with a blog friend of mine to bring an exciting series in the near future. It’s something totally new and something you’ll totally want to be a part of, so make sure you sign up to follow. I’m also going to open my blog up for sponsors. You can either sponsor a Furniture Feature Friday right away or have your button in my Advertising Section (coming soon!) The only cost for now is that you provide a giveaway! Please send me an e-mail if you’re interested.

I must admit…I am pretty stinkin’ proud of this reveal. I purchased this table for $1.00 off the porch of an antique store and it was in sad shape. Just take a look…

This table had been sitting outside for so long that the finish was entirely gone and joints of the drawer had come unglued. It was surprisingly sturdy, though, still had it’s casters, and it had a great shape. I could hardly walk away from it for only $1.00.

I glued and clamped the drawer…very easy process that I did by myself. No hubby help.

As you have noticed, I’ve been really into mixing stained and painted finishes, so I did the same thing on this piece. I applied my favorite dark walnut stain and let it soak in for a couple of days.

I then taped the stained portions off (with my handy dandy Frog Tape) and applied a bonding primer by Sherwin Williams. I usually use a paint sprayer, but I applied the paint on this piece with a brush.

You can see the dreaded red mahogany stain seeping through. This stuff is so hard to cover! I ended up having to seal portions of it with some polycrylic.

I also taped off the casters, so I wouldn’t get paint on them and there would be a nice, crisp line. I painted the table in a very soft blue/gray color that I purchased for $5.00 from the Sherwin Williams’ mis-tint shelf (love it!) I sealed the wood tops with Wipe On Poly by Minwax and sprayed the hardware and casters with Oil Rubbed Bronze by Krylon. And *tada*…
I know, I know…I’ve been in a dark walnut/oil rubbed bronze phase, but I just love it. Lest you think I’m a one-trick-pony, you should check out my portfolio.

This is another piece I decided to leave as-is. When I first started my decorative painting business, I felt like I needed to add decorative painting to everything. “But, that’s my thing!” I would tell my husband when he told me I should just leave something alone. I’ve come to learn that some pieces just don’t need that and knowing when to stop is a part of a good makeover.
Remember to come back for Furniture Feature Friday this Friday! On Friday, Oct 23, I’ll have my first Furniture Feature Friday linky party and a great custom painted giveaway for my favorite. You can post any furniture makeover whether the paint is still wet or you did it years ago. I will post the link on Thursday, Oct 22, at 10:00 pm EST so don’t miss it!


Miss Mustard Seed


  1. Fahrenheit 350°

    Ah! That is beautiful – and that is exactly what I need at my bedstand! Happy SITS sitsa!

  2. Jane

    The table looks fabulous….I'm in awe!!!! I love visiting and seeing all of your creative projects.

  3. The Lazy Peacock

    this table is so beautiful! you did an amazing job on it. looking forward to furniture feature friday!!

  4. Marla

    You did it again, I would never have dreamed something like that could turn out so beautiful!!! Amazing. Marla

  5. Cindi

    Oh I just love when you post! You have the best eye candy on your blog and you are such an inspiration!

  6. blushing rose

    What a lovely piece, & you did it all by yourself! Even better. I'd NEVER even attempt that on my own.

    Have a snuggly warm autumn eve. TTFN ~Marydon

  7. Melanie

    That is the deal of the century! $1.00 and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Sandra

    Wow! I love it! Girl, I am getting so many ideas from you. 🙂 Thank you.

  9. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    That dark walnut even looks good with this blue/gray color! I think my favorite is still the walnut with the white, but it's nice to know it plays well with others! : ) The table turned out great!

  10. Dresser Girl

    WOW!! I love it!!

  11. Rachelle

    I LOVE it! That's the prettiest color EVER!

    🙂 Beautiful. Just beautiful!

  12. Mandy

    So pretty! Great job 🙂

  13. Erin

    gorgeous! you did a great job updating the table!

  14. Amanda @ Serenity Now

    It's lovely! 🙂 I see pieces like this a lot when I look through Salvation Army, but I wasn't sure what I'd do with one. Now I have some ideas. 🙂 Visiting from Kimba's party. 🙂

  15. Marsha's Mpressions

    I've seen tables just like this and you have made it into something sleek and gorgeous!

  16. Funky Junk Interiors

    You've totally converted me over to the darktop/painted bottom combo. I can't wait to try it on something! I just love how the top anchors with the floor. Stunning, once again!


  17. Brittany at Mommy Words

    This is great! It looks so fab! I've been frustrated by the lack of under $10 find of late and for solid wood at $1 you got a great one!

    Oh and a new follower! Be Happy!

  18. Shannon

    Ok, this has got to be the coolest little table ever. I love it! I think my grandma has a few tables with a similar style (as it was before the redo) hanging out at her house.. ideas are brewing. Great job!

  19. Tammy@InStitches

    I really like it. I'm going to remember that so I can try it on something one day.

  20. Mary Ellen

    Fantastic makeover! I love the 2 tone look you gave this sweet piece!

    Good job!


  21. Karen- The Graphics Fairy

    Stunning! I love the paint/stain combination, it's just the right mix for this piece!

  22. Cathy~Mille Fleur

    Wow…absolutely beautiful!!!


  23. Michelle @ Sweet Something Design

    This is my first time here and I am just thrilled! You are very talented!

    I bought a table nearly like yours (a little more 70's in styling) and am working on a re-do…I just love yours! Great job!

  24. Kim @ Starshine Chic

    The table turned out fabulous!!! I love the wood tone with the color.

  25. Angie

    Love the paint color and that you stained the top – gorgeous!!!

  26. Teresa

    I love it! Do you know what your creations remind me of? It reminds me of how God looks at us with potential, when others look at us as a 'lost cause'. Thank you for your beautiful creations…for it reveals a glimpse of the glorious love of God upon my life!
    ~ Teresa

  27. Teresa

    I love it! Do you know what your creations remind me of? It reminds me of how God looks at us with potential, when others look at us as a 'lost cause'. Thank you for your beautiful creations…for it reveals a glimpse of the glorious love of God upon my life!
    ~ Teresa

  28. Teresa

    I love it! Do you know what your creations remind me of? It reminds me of how God looks at us with potential, when others look at us as a 'lost cause'. Thank you for your beautiful creations…for it reveals a glimpse of the glorious love of God upon my life!
    ~ Teresa

  29. cindy@cottageinstincts

    Just gorgeous (as always.) I really like dark wood tops over painted bottoms lately too. It seems like a good mix!

  30. Janna

    I love this table. I also love your blog! I'm now following you.

  31. The Giffen Family

    LOVE this redo!! It's gorg and totally looks like you bought it finished somewhere (maybe PB). Crazy question but I have to know what the chair looks like next to the table, I think I have similar chairs and they are needing some slip cover love and I haven't figured out how to do it yet.

  32. Holly

    Totally beautiful! Those two-level tables always make me think 1970s, but you completely updated it and it looks great!

  33. Cottage on the Hill

    I love it!! I'm into that blue/grey color right now…too cute! This reminds me of my little two tiered spindle side table I just got…although I didn't get as good a deal as you!

  34. Dusa

    Ah yes, dark walnut stain, how I love thee with paint! And I still covet those quail. Must you taunt me? lol

  35. Beverly

    WOW…that's all that needs to be said…just WOW!!

  36. Laura Beth

    I see you found a home for one of your goodwill birds. I love this table and the little bird!

  37. Leanne

    I love the color. Soooo Beautiful!

  38. Julie

    I loooooove that table. I see that type of tables a lot at garage sales. I never visioned they could look so good.

    Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for visiting my infant/work in progress blog.


  39. Delightful Dwelling

    It's just gorgeous, I love it! I'm really into the dark walnut and oil-rubbed bronze right now too. it's so rich looking.

  40. Ashlee

    That is a Complete Transformation!! You have such an eye for a makeover!!

  41. Annikke

    And yet another beautiful piece of yours! I LOVE it!

  42. Prairie Girl Studio

    hello miss mustard seed ~
    what a delight to discover via funky junk interiors!
    i so love your name and having just briefly peeked at your wonderful work here, i am happy to say an excited follower! i could gleefully be here a while!
    and i so like your before & after graphic … sweet …
    cheerio for now,

  43. Katherine @ Grass Stains

    I am a huge fan! I am totally LOVING the mis-tinted paint … it's GORGEOUS and looks spectacular against the dark stain. Yea for you!!

  44. Carrie

    I love the dark stain with the blue/gray…very classy!

  45. Sarah

    $1?! Insane!!! You are my hero:) Such a beautiful transformation. Love the mix of stain and paint. And a stack of books gets me everytime. you've outdone yourself again, Miss MS:)

    Can't wait to read more about your exciting new feature..congrats!

  46. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row

    It is beautiful. I love how dark you get your stain and the blue is perfect with it! Great job!

  47. Stef

    This is stunning! Great job! I am going to have to add this project to my to do list, I really need an end table. Come by for a visit

  48. Brenda

    I wanted to thank you for commenting on my light fixture. I have to agree it sure made a difference. We have only lived in this house for the past 2 years and I have a long way to go to make it totally ours. We lived in our previous home for 28 years. I have just been looking at your slide show and wanted to let you know that you do beautiful work. I also like to paint furniture and do decorative painting. But I don't believe I am quite a good as you. My oldest daughter does murals, she is an illustrator. Again, I love your work!

  49. the Schmidts

    Fabulous! Love it. Love all of your pieces. I just found your blog a few days ago and I'm so inspired by it. Really really good stuff!

  50. Infarrantly Creative

    Wow I am left breathless. That is gorgeous! I love the blue mistint. Amazing. I think it is funny that is was $1. I mean why bother? Why not just give it away. HAHA

  51. Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs

    This table is just beautiful…and has the colors that I want in my dream bedroom…that I WILL have some day! Lovely work!


  52. Design Esquire

    Wow!!! I just found your blog through Creative Home Expressions. Your are very, very talented!

  53. Natasha in Oz

    I just found your beautiful blog from A soft place to land and I love it! Am signing on now to be one of your followers. Best wishes, NM.

  54. Shirley

    What a wonderful job you did!!. And wow, I love your workshop!!!!!

  55. Chari at Happy To Design

    Hello Girlfriend…

    Ahhhh…this beautiful little table is like a breath of fresh air! I just love how you transformed it…the dark walnut top…gorgeous!!!…and I love the pretty blue gray color! I really do like the look and feel of the mixed wood and paint…so very pretty, my friend! This piece turned out beautifully…you should be very proud! You're such a talented lady!!!

    Thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites this week…I am really enjoying all of your beautiful furniture transformations! As I said before…I just know that I'm going to learn much from you! I'm so excited about your "Furniture Feature Friday"…I for one will be there! I don't really have any furniture transformations at this point…well maybe a couple so that I can join in! But I will definitly be following all the links of the participants!!! Thank you, Darlin'!!!

    Have a super Sunday!
    PS…hope that you're feeling better today!

  56. Lynn

    Ta-Da indeed!!!
    That looks good, thanks to your careful ministering!
    And only one dollar!!
    I have the urge to put a price tag on it–just to brag a little. 🙂

  57. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden

    I just discoverd your blog. I love this table! I am bookmarking this page for future reference. I am going to tackle my master bedroom this winter and I really like the look and feel of this table! Great job!

  58. Roxanne

    I just picked some of these tables up for free from the dump, and I KNEW I had seen them re-done somewhere looking fabulous! I searched and finally found this post again!! LOVE this. Hope mine turn out half as good!


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