$100 Kohl’s Home Giveaway

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You know me.  I prefer to buy old things.  They just speak to me in a way that new things don’t, but it’s not always practical to buy old.  Sometimes you need a chair that people can sit in without wondering if and when it might give way.  Right?  Sometimes new things can work really well with all of the old, making your home a bit more functional.

When Kohl’s contacted me, asking if I would work with them on promoting their home department, I was honestly a little unsure.  I’ve bought towels and sheets and a frying pan there before, but I never thought of it as a place where I would buy a piece of furniture of a decorative accessory for my home.

I’ve always loved shopping at Kohl’s, though, so I decided to look around and see if I could find things that fit my style.  I also wanted to make sure I would be buying things I actually loved and would use.  I didn’t want to buy stuff just for the sake of buying stuff.

I ended up finding some really great treasures that I would never have thought could be purchased at Kohl’s.

Would you believe this sweet barrel-back French chair came from Kohl’s?  Well, it did.  I put it in the family room, replacing a vintage chair that was a bit too petite to be comfortable.  This is still an occasional chair, but it’s much more comfortable and sturdy.



When I received the first chair they sent, this is how it came out of the box…


“That’s unfortunate”, as Kriste put it.  Yes, it’s unfortunate for any piece of furniture to have a broken leg before life even begins.

I called Kohl’s, expecting I would have to go through the pain of boxing it back up, scheduling a package pick-up, etc.  To my surprise, they told me to keep the broken chair and they would send out a new one right away.  It was sort of a bonus that this happened, so I was able to write about their great customer service.  That’s how it’s done.

Jeff thinks he can repair the broken leg, but we might be moving back into the territory where the leg could give out at some point and you just hope you’re not the one sitting on it when it does.


I also bought a beautiful copper colander.  I have quite of a bit of copper hanging from the pot rack in my kitchen and I already had a mid-sized and small colander and this large one works with them perfectly.  (The two nesting inside are ones I already owned.)



It looks gorgeous hanging from my pot rack now.


I also picked up more SimpleVera towels for our bathrooms.  I had eight already, but our family of four goes through them pretty quickly in a week, so I added a few more for our bathroom and the guest bath.  It’s nice to have the same style of towel throughout the house.


They are fluffy, absorbent, and I love the simple striping at the ends.  We don’t have large linen cupboards, so I prefer to have pretty white towels that can be stored out in the open.


And I got a round bathmat with a pretty scalloped detail

mms-4118 mms-4116

…and a new wicker wastebasket….


There’s a game Jeff likes to play and it’s called “how much can I stuff in that tiny bathroom trashcan before the sides split open” and our last wastebasket, picked up at a yard sale years ago, was really suffering for it.  The sides were literally splitting.

This one is tightly woven and will stand up to a pair of worn jeans being stuffed inside, followed by mis-matched socks, a large coffee cup, a banana peal and a ratty pair of tennis shoes.  Just to be fair, I don’t think he’s ever stuffed a pair of shoes inside the bathroom trash, but I think the rest is true.

To his credit, it is in the wastebasket and I suppose that’s a small victory for a man.  (Kidding!  Only kidding.  I read this to Jeff and we had a good laugh together.)

Anyway, moving on.  I bought wooden hangers for my closet.  (I shared them a few weeks ago.)  It’s a small thing, but I love how tidy it makes my closet look.  I’m now a big fan of wood hangers.  It may be my favorite purchase of the bunch.


Would you believe I got all of that, even the chair, for $654.62 total?  Between sales and coupon codes, I did it!  (Kohl’s supplied me with a $500 gift card and I paid for the rest out of pocket.)

AND, because it’s Kohl’s, I received $110 in Kohl’s Cash and was able to buy a few more towels, hangers for Jeff’s side of the closet and some Chaps bedsheets (that are quite possibly the comfiest sheets I’ve ever slept in.)  The are generously sized, so the fitted sheet actually fits our deep mattress and there’s a nice allowance on both sides of the flat sheet.


If you saw something that caught your eye and would like to do a bit of shopping, I’m giving away a $100 gift card to Kohl’s that you can use online or in their stores.

To enter, simply leave a comment!

The giveaway will close Wednesday, January 27, 2016, at midnight PST.  A winner will be randomly chosen and announced shortly after.

Good luck!

And, to those on the east coast, stay snug in all of this snow!  We could get up to two feet in my neck of the woods.


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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kohl’s.  They sent me a $500 gift card to spend in their home department and a $100 gift card to give away as compensation for this post.  I personally selected all of the items shared and all opinions are my own.  Especially the joke about men not putting trash in trashcans.  Kohl’s had nothing to do with that one.

$100 Kohl’s Home Giveaway

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1,476 Comments on “$100 Kohl’s Home Giveaway”

  1. Ditto! I had no idea ! Love that chair and I will be looking at Kohls soon! Love everything!

  2. I love your picks! I’m a fan of white towels, too. They look so spa-like and I never wonder if they’re really clean!

  3. I didn’t know Kohl’s sold furniture, guess I’ll have to look for it. Love the towels you bought and the bath mat.

  4. I love Kohl’s especially when I can use a 30% off coupon. Check out their Luminara brand of flameless candles. They are great to put inside an enclosed hurricane jar.

  5. What a lovely array of goodies you have chosen from Kohl’s. I so enjoy shopping there because I think I get a good value for the money and they have such a wide array of merchandise.

  6. I love Kohl’s, but didn’t realize they had such great home furnishings. They were smart to have you shop and share it with us! You picked perfect items for your home.

  7. I’ve never seen furniture at my kohl’s either. Going to check it out after all this snow melts!

  8. Great post that shows how to incorporate new and practical with vintage goodness. Who knew Kohl’s was a place to find home goods that look that good?

  9. I also love Kohls. They have great sales and more often then not Kohls cash. I would put $100 to good use.

  10. I had no idea Kohl’s sold furniture! We’re having our first baby this year and have nothing for the baby’s room and it looks like they even have nursery furniture! I’ll definitely be checking them out.

  11. My husband swears that if Kohl’s had a platinum card, I’d be the first on in line to get one! Oh, and in our house, we affectionately call Kohl’s cash Kohl’s crack because it makes you addicted to Kohl’s.

  12. I’ve been a long time Kohl’s shopper and had no idea they sold furniture. I could find a 100 ways to spend $100 at Kohl’s.

  13. I love the chair! I always seem to forget about Kohls when I’m on the hunt for a household item!!

  14. Kohl’s is one of the few choices we have in my small town to shop. I would love to win! Loooooove the colander!

  15. I always seem to find something in the kitchen department. Now, I’ll have to look online at their furniture.

  16. Kohl’s is great and I’ve found a lot of good things for the house there. I can think of many items to spend a $100 gift card on!

  17. Love the copper, and home stuff is one of the things I shop Kohl’s for, glad you’ve found it out too.

  18. LOVE the chair and towels! Kohl’s is a fun store to expore – their sales are great and I always find some unique treasure for myself or the house! A gift card would be just that….”a fun gift to use for exploring” (smile)

  19. Cute bath rug! Love that it’s round. Do some Kohl’s have furniture in stores or is it all order on line?

  20. I love this!! Can’t believe you got all that at such a great price!! I would love to win as we are finally redoing our living room!!!

  21. I can’t believe that chair came from Kohl’s….they’ve really upped their game! I’d love to buy some new towels. Somehow I always put off new towels for things that are more fun.

  22. I love Kohl’s! We don’t have one nearby, but I shop there online quite a bit. I didn’t even realize they sold furniture. I would love to win!

  23. This was a great idea on Kohl’s part because I would not have thought to look for those types of items~ They are really nice and I am going to check out those sheets!

  24. Mebbe all of the legs could be replaced on that chair? It would be sad to throw it away…

    Love the copper colander!

  25. Love me some Kohl’s cash! Did quite a bit of Christmas shopping there and it made a big difference in the budget!

  26. I shop online at Kohl’s for clothing, and have admired a few things in their home department. A gift certificate would be a lot of fun to use! The chair you picked out really fits your style! Thanks for offering this!

  27. Love the bath mat and I know what you mean about bath towels….I have all white and it makes life so much easier!

  28. I personally have a thing for fiestaware and Kohl’s carries that ( made in the USA, very sturdy, colorful like skittles plates). I have not had as much luck as friends have with the Kohl’s Cash and all but hey if I win I’ll try!

  29. Love shopping at Kohls. While waiting for this blizzard to pass, I’ll take a look online in case luck falls my way.

  30. Look forward to seeing their new furniture in the home department. Great lines on that chair. Thanks for introducing!

  31. I love Kohl’s and had no idea they have furniture! I appreciate their customer service as well, I’ve never been disappointed!

  32. I like Kohl’s and feel sure I could find something to use a gift card for. Thank you for the opportunity!

  33. It’s hard to beat a Kohls sale, especially when you can find a 30% off coupon code and earn Kohl’s Cash!

  34. Kohl’s is one of my stores of choice to shop at. I can always get what I’m looking for at a great price. Love the Kohl’s Bucks program. It helps me to be able to splurge on some extra special items at Christmastime; I would not have been able to do this otherwise. Love my Kohl’s.

  35. I always buy my towels at Kohl’s. I love their selection. Didn’t know they carried furniture. More fun things to look for.

  36. I enjoy your website and have found many ideas and gained knowledge to work on some fun decorating projects. I would love to win the $100 Kohl’s giftcard.

  37. Those chairs….swoon~worthy! We have been looking for chairs for our bedroom…these would be really pretty.

  38. Kohl’s is close to my house and I love shopping there for both clothing and items for the home. I would love to win the gift card!

  39. I love the chair and what great deals you found… I truly love Kohls they always have good bargains….

    Thank you for a awesome giveaway…


  40. Leaving a comment for the Kohl’s giveaway! I just bought some Cuddleduds flannel sheets there, red with a Scandinavian look. Love them!

  41. Love Kohl’s especially when they have a sale, you can’t beat the prices. Really like the look of that chair interested to see what other styles of furniture they are selling.

  42. I didn’t know they had furniture either, but I love that chair! I could spend $100 there.
    Thanks for sharing.


  43. I did not know Kohls sold furniture. I do like the chair you picked out. I’m going to check out their website for some of the items you purchased.

  44. did not know they carried furniture, love it! and the white towels also, I’m an all white towel person also!! two feet of snow expected in my neck of the woods outside Richmond, VA BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  45. Love your blog. Love Kohl’s! You are such an inspiration to so many. Stay warm we are heading towards the 10 mark for snow in Fincastle VA as well.

  46. Love your new chair…and white towels are a must…run through wash with a little bleach once in a while and they look brand new, and go w any accent color. Love Kohl’s and what a great win this would be…

  47. I love kohls, but don’t recall seeing much furniture. That’s a great chair, and would buy it too had I seen it.

  48. I would love to get some new sheets for our bed as well- I hope I win! Kohl’s gift cards are great.

  49. I have to agree with everyone else…I didn’t know Kohl’s sold furniture like that! I love wooden hangers, too, and am always looking to buy a few more so all our closets have them one day. 🙂

  50. I love Kohl’s…didn’t know they have furniture like chairs. I am going to have to check it out. Also, loved the Vera Wang towels…definitely could use some….can always use towels. Thank you for the giveaway.

  51. We have a new Kohls opening in our town soon. It will be fun to see the great things they carry! Love the chair!

  52. Lovely stuff! I would have never guessed the chair was from Kohls!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed and feeling lucky!

  53. Such beautiful additions to your home! Thank you and thank Kohl’s for great ideas and great products!

  54. I love Kohl’s. I can always find something there that I like. I really like the chair. I will have to check that out.

  55. I love that Kohl’s carries Chaps bedding. They also have Laura Ashley bedding both have looks I gravitate to. I was unaware they carried furniture thanks for sharing that Marian.

  56. I love that Kohl’s carries Chaps bedding. They also have Laura Ashley bedding both have looks I gravitate to. I was unaware they carried furniture thanks for sharing that Marian. Love that copper colander she’s a beauty.

  57. Stay safe Marian. We’re looking at a long weekend at home here in Arlington, Va. Love me some Kohl’s!

  58. Have always loved browsing around in Kohls! Reasonable prices, quality merchandise and great Sales!

  59. I just remembered I have some miniature copper molds packed away somewhere…. off to find them! Your copper compliments everything in your home so beautifully… love it.

  60. I love Kohls towels! The towels I am using are ten years old from Kohls and still have a lot of use left.

  61. I had no idea Kohl’s sold furniture and really nice furniture at that. I love the chair and I also love the Vera Wang towels. I have several white ones that I bought after your last Kohl’s post. They are very long lasting,fluffy, absorbent towels that I hope Kohl’s will carry for a long time. Love Kohl’s.

  62. I went to Kohl’s this evening just as the snow storm was starting in Chambersburg PA. Loved my time there scoping out all the great deals on the clearance section. Plus I had a 30% off and $10 rewards. 🙂 Spent $38 and saved $56 !! Big score. I love Kohl’s and can’t wait to check out the furniture line I lo shopping a Kohl’s !

  63. Going by my local Kohls and having a look around tomorrow. I noticed the Chaps sheets came in full. It’s hard to find full sheets for my antique bed. I like others am taken with the bath mat. Thanks for sharing your Kohl finds.

  64. I could use some new sheets…don’t shop Kohl’s very much, so nice to hear your positive comments. I’ll give them a second look. Thanks!

  65. I would be curious to know if anyone has tried Kohl’s percale sheets. I have looked everywhere for a set like we used to buy years ago, but have had no luck.

  66. Would you believe, I’ve never been to Kohl’s., but, seeing all those great things you bought there, I’m going tomorrow!

  67. Im a Kohl’s fan as well! You love Chaps sheets… – a friend told me about Kohl’s Cuddle Duds fleece sheets- you should try them as well! They are so soft and a nice winter compliment to flannel sheets.

  68. Nice haul! I love how tidy your closet looks with the wood hangers as well. Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop!

  69. I love me some Kohls shopping! I’m fairly certain all of the bedding for ours and our oldest’s beds is from Kohls

  70. I love shopping at Kohls! I especially like their decor items, such as picture frames! And you are right, their customer service is superb!

  71. Hi, Kohls is one of my favorites stores! I have the round bath rug. I would love to get the Chaps bedsheets. Thank you for the opportunity. Blanca

  72. You found some really cool items that fit your style well! I’d love a gift card to purchase some new towels. Ours are getting quite ratty!

  73. I would never think of Kohl’s as a place to shop for furniture either but I love the chair you got. If I won the $100 I would definitely buy that chair!

  74. You found great items to add to your home! I a big fan of Kohl’s, especially their home department.

  75. You found wonderful things! I had no idea Kohl’s has furniture. I shop there for clothes and the occasional gift, but will be visiting the home section soon. That rug is so cute, and I love the towels, too. Thank you for sharing!

  76. I did not realize Kohl’s sold furniture. I will have to check that out. Thanks for sharing your ideas as always!

  77. I love shopping at Kohls but would have never thought about buying furniture from them, and yet that chair looks wonderful! Actually, everything you purchased is great, and the Kohls cas is a great bonus. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  78. I too tend to prefer “previously loved” over new in most things & have found that big box stores in general typically don’t have furniture readily available that “speaks” to me. I want my furniture to possess legit quality in construction, have character & be something that I love & genuinely WANT to have in my home. Not an easy ask for any big retailer & I totally get that- But, in mins I found sev. pieces on the Kohl’s site that I really do like & truthfully, b/c of your endorsement (which I TOTALLY trust!) -would buy.
    What I found to be most impressive, was your customer service experience–
    b/c it feels like that is lacking so much these days almost anywhere that you go & I find it to be SO frustrating & just plain sad!!!
    Good Customer Service is priceless anymore & is worth it’s weight in gold to me…literally! That is often all it takes to gain me as a long-time customer & I will (& do in many instances) have long-term relationships & do repeated business w/co’s that have good Customer Service. I do feel like that should be a given if you want to have (& stay!) in business…but it just isn’t in more cases than not unfortunately. In almost all of the aforementioned circumstances, I could save $ by going elsewhere, & in a couple, quite a bit– but, I stick w/them, based solely on how they treat their customers. To me, it’s of paramount importance to having a successful co. & I simply can’t bring myself to trade that for $ anymore! Life is just too short I guess & stress is in far too much abundance everywhere one turns it seems to willing welcome more in where it can easily be avoided…(@least for me.) Plus, doing good should be rewarded! Lol 😉 (I really do hope that your experience is their true std. & not just an “exception to the rule” b/c you’re well…YOU!
    B/c, let’s just be honest, that would be a bummer!)
    W/ that being said, I’m really impressed/surprised w/what all they have to offer & appreciate the FYI! I really enjoy reading everything that you write & look forward to each & every new post. (& “might” secretly stalk you daily “just in case” you’ve put something new up since I last checked…yesterday…”maybe”…ahem…)
    Anyhow, I have pulled countless tidbits of info/ numerous (& so very well explained I might add! So thanks yet again!) Full-blown Tutorials & everything in between; plus, too many recommendations (which have ALL been EXACTLY as you’ve described of course!) Plus, in a blogging world that I’ve watched evolve A LOT & in a not so good way sadly w/ so much pressure & everyone having to try to out do everyone else—seeing you proudly do & be YOU, is simply AWESOME! Your candidness is refreshing & your spirit shines through in every post that you write. You are such an inspiration & so highly encouraging…& humble! I am so, so very appreciative of it all! You’ve been a real BLESSINGS to me in some VERY difficult & discouraging times & I couldn’t be more thankful for you & ALL that you do! So thank you so very, very MUCH! God bless & STAY WARM!!!

  79. Marion-This blog is my “take me away” destination. Thank you! And I love the scalloped bath mat!

  80. I have loved shopping at Kohl’s for years. They go have great apparel, footwear and jewelry as well. The Kohl’s cash deals and membership incentives make this store affordable!

  81. Kohls has always been a favorite place of mine to shop. Love that chair! I’m in PA also and woke up to a good foot or more of snow already and it’s still coming down⛄️

  82. I recently purchased items for my home office and guest bedroom from Kohl’s. Everything I bought is perfect. All my bathroom towels are from Kohl’s and i love the white, breezy curtains I got there.

  83. This would be a great blizzard treat. The blizzard is treat in itself, but this would be a bonus!

  84. wow! great finds at Kohls. I love their Jennifer Lopez bed sheets too, the fabric is soft and beautiful to start and gets even better after washing, like an expensive set that has been worn in for years.

  85. As always thank you for inspiring me.Now I will tell my husband that I must go to Kohl’s,I tell him MMS told me so. First we have to dig out from the snow.I love your home!

  86. This giveaway is just in time! I am undertaking a bathroom redo for my girls…. the scalloped edge bath mat will set the tone for the room.

    Thanks so much!

  87. I love Kohls! With all of their deals and codes I end up buying the majority of our clothes and shoes there (6 kids–I always am looking for a deal!). ?

  88. I love Kohl’s too! They have some great industrial farmhouse style decor at my store. I didn’t know about the furniture though.

  89. Is there anything better than fluffy towels and comfy sheets? I’m a big fan of them, as well. Love the chair, Marian. I look forward to your blog each day; a great way to start my morning.

  90. I’m so happy that Kohls has an even larger selection of home goods. They are first I turn to when shopping for clothes (price vs quality) and now I can shop for my home furnishings,too. That’s a win, win situation.

  91. Kohl’s has really done a great job with choosing what to carry for Home Decor. It seems like an odd place to get stuff, but it’s great!!

  92. I’ve always wanted to buy some of the cute things I see in the Kohl’s Home Department, but I’ve never had the extra cash to do so. This gift card would be so fun!

  93. I would love to be blessed with such a generous gift! It’s always fun to feather our nest, especially during winter.

  94. I love shopping at Kohl’s!! Whoever does their buying for their home department does an excellent job! You picked out such lovely things!!! Made me want to go right out and shop. lol!! A gift card would be really helpful!!

  95. Shopping at Kohls is a pleasure! I really love your choices too. The chair is beautiful!

    I find the best deals there and I even find items my picky college girls love!

  96. Wow. I’ve never shopped at Kohl’s, even though there are two nearby, but I’m going to this afternoon, if the snow holds off.

    Who knew they had such pretty things? Not me.

    Enter me for the gift card.

  97. I’ve been shopping at Kohl’s for years. Love their deals and customer service! I find their items to be a great value.

  98. I would love a chance to win $100 Kohl’s gift card! I did not know they sold furniture…really love the chair! Good Luck to all!

  99. I always shop at Kohls for casual clothes but I never knew they sold furniture. Love your chair and it looks more expensive than the price. How is the quality?

  100. I unfortunately had a very bad customer service experience with Kohl’s in the past, hoping it was a one time thing.

  101. Like you, I tend to like older items. I have found your post about Kohl’s very inspiring. I immediately checked out their website and could spend that money in a heartbeat!! I hope I win!

  102. Ooh! I love the cute round bathmat! Have never used their sheets, but am happy to know they are good quality as I need a new set. Who doesn’t love Kohl’s cash?

  103. I am so thankful for your post! I would have never considered Kohl’s a place to find nice things to go with vintage style. Thank you!

  104. What a great haul! I’m trying to be more intentional with things we put and use in our home, especially the utilitarian things like hangers that I don’t normally think about buying. This giftcard would be awesome!!

  105. I love all your choices. I would surely go over the gift budget myself. That chair is really lovely.

  106. Love the colander and chair – Kohl’s is a go-to store for yourself or your home. Going there today to get my MIL BD present.

  107. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I shop at Kohl’s regularly, but never knew they carry home goods such as your beautiful chair!

  108. We are updating my daughters’ bathroom. A visit to Kohl’s is in order! Thanks for the change to win a gift card.

  109. I really need new sheets! I too never thought Kohls had chairs, if Jeff can’t fix the chair It would make a very cute farmhouse style dog bed, just cut off all the legs. LOL

  110. Wow, would have never thought that they had things one could use in a “Mustardized” home; everything looks great! I like their clothing sales, but if I won the gift card, I would definitely shop for home items.
    Have always cracked up at the term, “occasional chair/table” . What does a chair that’s only “occasionally” a chair do when it’s not being a chair? (I already know why it’s called that, so please, commenters, don’t answer—this is just an observance on the irony of language).
    Thanks for the giveaway and your honesty, Marian!

  111. I love to shop at Kohl’s , we unfortunately do not have one in our area so only able to go when visiting other cities. However I do shop on line with them so will for sure be checking out the furniture which I had not done before. Wish me luck, I am starting the painting of my kitchen cabinets with Mora milk paint on the lower ones!

  112. I love towels from Kohl’s, and I think most of the ones I have purchased since being married 12 years ago have come from there. I think many of their things mix perfectly with the older items in my home.

  113. I get there often for the good clothing sales, but I’m now interested in checking the furniture online!

  114. I would love to win. There is a Kohl’s nearby the school that I work but I have not tried shopping there. I know people love their Kohl’s cash but I just haven’t checked it out yet. The chair is beautiful!

  115. Kohl’s has great buys, but I don’t get to shop there as often as I like. We don’t have one locally.

  116. I too love shopping at Kohl’s !
    Photography is my passion..
    their frames are beutiful and reasonably priced!

  117. Wow… Love your selections. I didn’t know they carried furniture, checking the site now!

  118. Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores. Great selection and prices! Thanks for such a generous give away opportunity.

  119. Love, love, love that chair!! Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop. Lucky for me, there is one just minutes away from our new house!

  120. Love everything you purchased. It’s rare that I go to Kohl’s and leave with nothing. Love the idea of only using white towels, so simple but very practical. I would love to win the $100 spree. Thanks, and stay safe in the blizzard. =)

  121. I have just recently also learned how much Kohls has to offer. They are always sending out coupons or have Kohls Cash so you hardly ever have to worry about paying full price for anything.

  122. I adore shopping Kohl’s! My mom & I love perusing their sales, using our Kohl’s Cash & other sales & coupons all together, which is lovely of them to allow. It really lets us stretch our budgets, which is especially nice for her as she’s retired.

  123. I don’t think of Kohl’s for home decorating, but now you’ve convinced me to take a second look! A handy gift card would sweeten the deal!

  124. Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop, especially for things for our home! I love the things you found at Kohl’s and the idea of only using white towels. I also love your bathroom storage/bookshelf…what a great idea! Thanks for sharing….

  125. I just did a major decluttering and need new towels, and ooh that chair! Have never shopped at Kohl’s but want to after reading your blog.

  126. I agree with many of the posts, Kohl’s is a wonderful place to shop. It has many unique items not found in other stores. I find many items there for both, bridal and baby, showers. I need to find something to store all my kiddos toys that seem to “live” all over my house. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with the awesome items from Kohl’s.

  127. Kohls is about the only “nice” place nearby I can shop without having to drive an hour, so we buy a lot of gifts there.

  128. It’s funny because I never thought of Kohl’s as a place to decorate my home either, but I went in there to purchase some snow pants for the kiddos and looked around…they have ADORABLE decor and many other items, I ended up spending quite some time (and money) in there and I was so pleasantly surprised by their selection, prices, etc. Needless to say, I found a new store to find some goodies in, much to my husband’s dismay. Hahah.

    Now I am off to search for that chair, and I just have to take a second to tell you how much I adore you and your blog, products, opinions and taste. You are such an inspiration and a lovely person. Even if you never read this, it feels good to say it.

    Warmest regards from a longtime reader, Ariel

  129. Well other than also being a fan of Kohl’s, January 27th is my birthday! Winning the gift card would be a great Happy Birthday to me LOL. It would also help in bringing g some new goodies since I also just got married Christmas day.
    I loved all the items you bought. I’m so glad you posted this because I don’t think a lot of people know they do have other items besides clothes.
    Thank you for giving all of us a chance to win

  130. I haven’t really shopped at Kohl’s…but it seems like every time I tell my friend “I love those dishes, or towels, or rug” she tells me she bought it at Kohl’s. You made beautiful choices..as usual 🙂

  131. You learn something new every day! I did not know Kohl’s had furniture. Love that chair!

  132. I love shopping kohl’s-their Kohl’s Cash can’t be beat especially when you combine them with sale prices ! I’m going to have to make a run for mine with fingers crossed it has those beautiful chairs!

  133. If I won the $ for Kohl’s, I would be in the market for a new bed covering………….a quilt or comforter.
    It would be fun!

  134. Those Chaps sheets sound nice. I’m always on the lookout for comfortable sheets and especially those that come highly recommended! The card to help purchase would be so nice!!!

  135. I love Kohl’s, I always use my Kohls cash as well as coupons that give me up to 30 percent off. The chair you purchased is amazing, I didn’t know they sold furniture, I might have to have one. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, $100 goes a long ways at Kohl’s.

  136. We don’t have a Kohls here in Canada but I live close to the border and with the Canadian dollar at an all-time low, the only way that I could afford to shop down there is with a gift card!

  137. I have always lived Kohl’s. They have many great things from Home Goods to children’s clothes !!

  138. I also recently went to Kohl’s looking for home deco because it is right next to Home Goods. I was very pleasantly surprised by the selection of items!

  139. Wow, that chair is lovely! I had no idea they sold such items! And all of your other treasures were fabulous finds too! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  140. Who knew that Kohl’s carried furniture? I never shop there because it just didn’t have the type of merchandise I gravitate towards. I will go and give them another look- because the chair is wonderful!

  141. My absolute favorite sheets are from Kohls, Vera Wang 800 thread count are my favorite luxury. It’s actually time for a new set even though they last a very long time

  142. I love Kohl’s too and didn’t have any idea they had all that wonderful furniture as well! I just go for the great sales on clothing and the Kohl’s cash! Now I’ll be on the lookout for some home decor stuff as well…not sure that is a good thing?!

  143. I’m impressed with your finds. I also find great stuff at kohls time to time. I didn’t know they had furniture. Good to know!

  144. I love to shop at Kohl’s. My big problem with it is that I always find more than I intend to buy and have to reshuffle my budget! I really love the chairs you got and the bath mat. I have those white towels in my bathrooms too. They are so thick and comfy after a bath or shower.

  145. Loved the chair story! So happy that you shared the scalloped rug pic. I’ve been looking for something that sweet for our bathroom. Off to hunt some deals at Kohl’s. Thanks for the chance to win!

  146. I love Kohl’s, especially their bed and bath. Their return policy of no questions asked is awesome.

  147. Always find something cool at Kohl’s…though I didn’t know they have upholstered furniture on line! Love that chair!!

  148. I’m going to check out Kohl’s for sheets that actually fit deep mattresses like they say they will! Love Kohl’s cash too!

  149. How fun to find a new place to shop. You made some nice choices. Love the chair, colander and rug and who doesn’t need to replenish their towels and sheets from time to time. Thanks for hosting the Kohl’s giveaway.

  150. Awesome post. I love Kohl’s too and have been pleased with many items in their kitchen department.

  151. Your house is beautiful. So many great decorating ideas…thanks. Kohls is fabulous, I’ve shopped there for years. I didn’t know they had furniture..our store doesn’t…Love the french chair…

  152. Love shopping Kohls!!! Seem to always find something useful, beautiful and certainly thrifty during end of season sales. Greatly appreciate their cash back policy! Can’t beat that!

  153. I really need a new set of sheets for our queen bed. I would love to try a set of Chaps sheets from Kohls!

  154. Like you, Kohl’s hasn’t been a ace I thought of for home goods. Thanks for changing that.

  155. I like Kohls! I bought sweatshirts for all the men one Christmas that they love! Good quality and holding up well. I did not know they sell towels, have to buy some soon! Thanks Marian and Kohls!

  156. Hi Marian~ Thank you for sharing this giveaway with us. Kohls has always been my “go-to” store for just about everything for the home. The closest store to us is about 1 hour away and is worth the drive every time.

  157. Coupons for extra % off. promo codes, Kohl’s cash and great customer service– it doesn’t get much better than that. Kohl’s has been a favorite for years and I wouldn’t have any problem finding lots of home dec goodies on which I could use that Gift Card!

  158. I shop Kohl’s all the time. Love the coupons and Kohl’s cash. i need to check out that chair also.

  159. My whole family lives Kohls, we love the quality, prices, friendly atmosphere, great people that work there, very helpful, one wish of mine tho is that they put in electric carts for the elderly, my mom would shop there more often. And we love the Kohls cash too!! Thanks Kohls, we love your store!!!

  160. Love all of your choices and appreciate how you showcased them in your lovely home! Thank you and Kohl’s for this opportunity!

  161. That comment about men and bathroom waste baskets…….I love that I am not alone there! A pet peeve for sure. I keep saying, go find the larger waste baskets for big stuff! Ah well.

  162. Who would have thought all those goodies were from Kohl’s!! I want to run over there now and I would if I wasn’t snowed in! Wait…..online shopping?? ?

  163. I enjoy shopping at Kohl’s and didn’t realize that they carried furniture. They do have great customer service, though. And, of course, I truly enjoy your blog! Thank you!

  164. Ok, I know your post was about Kohl’s but just going through all the pictures I kept thinking “Oh, I would love that. Hummm, where could I use that, I’ve got to have it”. I had no clue that Kohl’s could be so interesting. I’ve only bought clothes there and never bothered to look around at anything else. Well, I guess now I will. Amazing! Thanks.

  165. I’ve been looking (and waiting) for just the right bathroom basket and just love the one you selected. Thanks for sharing!

  166. You got beautiful things!! I love the chair! I would love to win your gift card to put it tours one of those beautiful chairs!!! I didn’t know Khols sells furniture!!
    Thanks so much for this info!! I’m writing from MA as we are getting a ton of snow!! ❄️❄️❄️☃☃☃
    Have a great weekend!!

  167. Kohls is my favorite department store and I didn’t know they had chairs. And I love the items you picked out also.

  168. Wow! Kohls’ home goods are beautiful! I love Kohls but always think of it as a great place to find clothes and fun jewelry. Not to mention the $5 books they offer with the Kohls Cares program, which are my fave thing of all! Thanks for helping me see another side of Kohls!

  169. Like everything you bought. Would have never guessed you bought that chair at Kohl’s. We actually have a Kohl’s in our little town. May have to make a trip there today.

  170. I just placed an order for several different styles and sizes of black leggings from Kohl’s. Free shipping, far more selection than available at my local Kohl’s, and when they show up I will try them on at home. Keep the best and return the rest to the store. Love Kohl’s.

  171. Wow! What a beautiful chair! I love khols’ coupons they’re so abundant and generous. They’ve got great clothes too!

  172. Great that they sent another chair. I had a similar incident with Joss and Main I bough these gorgeous chandelier lamps and one came bend pretty bad and leaning, I called Joss and Main and they told me to keep,the broken lamp and sent me a new one. Well hubby banged the dents out and made it stand straight i have a gorgeous pair whe I only wanted one. Joss and Main customer service was awesome and so nice.

  173. You have beautiful style. I love your blog posts. I just might have to pick up a few (or all if I am being truthful :-)) of the items you selected.

  174. I think you did a great job with this article on promoting more than just the Home department at Kohl’s.

  175. Indeed, that was fun reading about all your purchases – gave me a couple of ideas for items to pick up from Kohl’s too.

  176. Such lovely stuff! I love that accent chair! Absolutely gorgeous! I’m going to visit our Kohls really soon!

  177. I love the copper. It looks great in your blue cabinet. The bath mat is pretty too. I’m a kohls shopper so I will have to check these next time I’m there.

  178. I love Kohls! I would use the gift card to purchase a set of queen size bedsheets by Chaps that you were talking about. I need new sheets for my bed and ones with deep pockets are rather pricey so I would definately use the gift card on comfy sheets!

  179. I am eyeing that copper colander. (I am a copper freak) There is a store very close to me, so it would be no problem at all to just hop right over there and spend it! I could use new towels, too, come to think of it.

  180. Hi Marian, We love Kohl’s….I can always get everything on my list when I shop there! Beautiful post…I have some old copper ware and would love to add to my collection….or I could just use the gift card on the “Adorables”- my little grandaughters !!! So kind and generous of you…. Love love your inspirational blog…thanks for all you do for us ! Anne

  181. Thanks Marian for being honest about shopping at Kohls for “new” things. I feel the same way that you do, older things just have a soft spot in my heart. There’s definitely something about owning something that someone else once loved and to give life to it again. With that being said, you do need to buy prices that are functional for your home but still look pretty! I’m sure I can find a few things that will add to my home but still be in sync with my preferences for the “old”!
    I’m hunkering down in eastern Pa, dreaming of a simple life and enjoying the beautiful snow! Stay safe and have fun!

  182. I love there towels, too! That bath mat is a keeper! I always find great prices on colorful fiesta ware.

  183. I love the chair! I’m definitely going online to take a look at their furniture! My bed set is Chaps from Kohls and I love it!

  184. Kohl’s is fun! I always find more than one “something” in each department! Love your stuff! The chair is so pretty!

  185. I love that chair! Wouldn’t have thought that came from Kohl’s! It’s been a while, I will have to check Kohl’s out again.

  186. We frequently shop Kohls and have never found another business that is so customer friendly. On the rare occasion that I have had to make a return or exchange, their customer service has been more than accommodating. My husband loves to shop there as well. I have to show him this chair! Thanks for sharing and love your blog!

  187. Love your choices from Kohl’s, everything complements your house so well,especially the French chair!
    Thanks for sharing it on your blog!

  188. I like the chair! Also, where in the world did you get the wallpaper and matching shower curtain for the bedroom? Gorgeous. And a side note, does anyone else have trouble with this website? The constant popping up of ads and audio messes with my computer. Lots of restarts! And I hate that because I love this site!

  189. I love to shop at Kohl’s and I am in need of so many things…. new rugs for all 3 bathrooms, cushy rugs for my kitchen and new bed sheets for the master!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  190. you did find some great stuff, I always say I am going in for one thing…..$100 later. Kohls has some great deal. Thanks for the chance to win the $100.

  191. Mixing new and old, blending sales, second hands, and full price splurges are one of the adventures of decorating a home. Kohl’s offers more than clothes. A gift certificate would be wonderful for a splurge opportunity! Thanks for posting items Kohl’s offers for the home and for bragging on their excellent customer service!

  192. Wow I had no idea you could buy that chair at kohl’s I do need some new both towels or maybe a comforters hmmmm what would I buy

  193. Can you believe I have been getting Kohl’s bucks for years and never knew what they were? Asking might have helped! I thought they were some sort of coupon, but didn’t know how to use it. I need new sheets and will check them out!

  194. I am obsessed with the veta wang towels and white chaps sheets. I am a true believer that after you’ve been married for a certain amount of time (20+) years you should get a shower for new sheets and towels! Thanks for sharing!

  195. Recently a Kohl’s opened less than 5 miles from me. Love it!! Love your blog as well – I wasn’t sure if I even had a style until I found it

  196. I love Kohl’s, their sales and Kohl’s cash! I have never had a problem returning anything….now I love Miss Mustard Seed. Keep up the good work, both of you!

  197. I LOVE Kohls! I did 95% of my Christmas shopping online with them. They have fabulous customer service too. I love those Chaps sheets too! I have them on every bed in our house! And I had no idea they had furniture like that! I adore that chair!

  198. have always loved the deals i get at kohls, esp things for the grandkids. would just love to wind something, as i usually don’t!! love following you!

  199. I love Kohl’s and shop there often. I’d love to start collecting the Fiesta dishes with my 100:))

  200. When I decided new everyday dishes were in order, Kohl’s had the best prices on Fiestaware! And with Kohl’s cash and sale coupons, I was able to get serving pieces and all! I didn’t know they had furniture! Will check it out! Love your blog! Thanks!

  201. I agree with you Marion, Kohls’ has a amazing return / customer service dept. They cheerfully credit your account, no questions asked.
    In addition, they have a wide variety of designer clothing, price point is great and flipping better with their almost never ending coupons.

  202. I can’t believe they have chairs! I would love that. Also, that bathmat is super cute. Hope I win!

  203. Love the chair and looking for something like that and will be looking on the Kohl’s site after i send this comment. Thanks!

  204. I’ve recently been mixing my antique/vintage style with great reproduction pieces from Kohl’s. Makes a great look in my house and some nice savings in my wallet. Also… Past 24 inches of snow here. Plenty of time for cruising Kohl’s online for new goodies!

  205. You found some beautiful things! Love the chair! I’m sure Jeff can fix the chair, it can be done. Then you’ll have a nice pair! Looks like I need to check out Kohl’s and see what they have new!

  206. Oh how I love kohl’s!! It may just be the downfall to my budgeting…lol. I have kohl’s cash to spend too…a gift card could just calm the hubby.

  207. Love your selections and I too enjoy shopping at Kohls! Best bargain shopping I know of for new stuff?

  208. Thanks to both you and Kohl’s! We have a store here in our town now and I am just starting to get things from there – This would be wonderful to win!

  209. Our house has been a “Kohl’s House” for many years now. The 30% off coupons are my gateway to shopping heaven with the added bonus of Kohl’s Cash! I also love their Chaps linens and the great athletic wear. You made a wise choice becoming a partner with Kohl’s!

  210. Thanks for this opportunity to win! You had me at Chaps Bed Sheets…Prima cotton, 500 count. I would love them!

  211. I always have great luck finding things I love at Kohls – now you’ve given me even more reasons to shop there!! Thank you for your great posts!!

  212. I would like to try the Kohl’s fitted sheet. The ones I have are always popping off on the corners. It would be nice to have something that fit my bed correctly.

  213. LOVE everything you got!!! I love Kohl”s and always had luck with them. Yes, those sheets are
    nice and cozy!!! I sure could use some new towels.

  214. I shop at Kohl’s all the time. However, I had no idea they sold furniture like this. I do know I’ve seen some outdoor furniture but never this type. I love those Vera Wang towels but need to replenish my wash cloths.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win

  215. I received a Kohl’s gift card ($25) for my birthday and just a week ago ventured in with the hopes of buying a much needed pair of slippers and socks. I’m retired and live on a tight budget so I was delighted to find just what I was looking for (Isotoner) light grey slippers that are machine washable and soooo comfortable for my senior citizen feet that are used to walking on my hard floors bare…summer and winter. In addition they had quality ankle socks in a color pack that suited my taste (medium grey and soft turquoise). I only paid $6 over my gift card. I was delighted. I would love to win that $100 because I moved into my very first home November 2014 and could use kitchenware, linens and maybe even some basic lingerie.

    You made some wise selections. I am one of the astonished to see that the barrel-back French chair came from Kohl’s.

    Congratulations to whoever wins the $100 gift card.

  216. We are taking my in-laws on a cruise to celebrate their 60th anniversary!!! And our ever-growing kids will need something to wear. $100 Kohl’s card will go a long way! Thanks.

  217. Have only been once and that was years ago to buy a dress for granddaughter, but plan to go as soon as it warms up a bit. I have seen those bath mats, way cute, but I did not know where they were purchased.

  218. I love it all! I especially like the bath mat though, which would fit perfectly in our teeny tiny bathroom!
    Thanks for sharing.

  219. I had no idea that you could buy things like that pretty chair at Kohl’s, thanks for sharing this. And how great about the customer service.

  220. What a great post. I love mixing old and new. One of my favorite Kohls purchases was a navy plaid Chaps blanket that we keep in an old metal wire bucket by the sofa for chilly nights. I loved seeing what you selected and how you are using them in your home. Stay warm and safe!

  221. Even though I now live in Canada Kohl’s has always been one of my favourite stores!! Even time I back in the USA It is one of the first stops I make. I soooo wish they’d open some stores up here…

  222. I like kohl’s but have never seen any furniture that looked like the Frenvh chair you got. Great style!!!

  223. great hunting! love the idea of new white towels and cozy sheets. heading right over – after the snow stops of course!

  224. I had NO idea Kohl’s had furniture! I do love the Vera Wang towels. I guess I’ll have to check them out!

  225. I shop at the Kohls in Hanover quite often but wasn’t aware that they had a furniture line. I will have to check it out online!

  226. I love that chair and the round bath mat. Wow, I didn’t realize Khols had so much to offer. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  227. Kohl’s has sooo many great home items! I would love to win the gift card. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  228. Oh, that copper colander! It’s so pretty…although I’d probably use to hold fruit on the kitchen counter.

  229. I, like you have never been much of a new, or kohls shopper. I love what you found! I’m a copper fanatic and never would have dreamed to find any at kohls. You have open many eyes to the possibilities that await! Kudos and enjoy your new treasures!

  230. Have always enjoyed my Kohl’s purchases; have never seen your gorgeous chair! Makes me want to make the drive to our closet store; I will wait until the contest is over!??
    So nice of Kohl’s to do this!

  231. What a terrific offer…who doesn’t need (or want) a few things from Kohl’s…can’t believe that chair is from Kohl’s! I am in desperate need of pots and pans…love the copper colander! And wooden hangers…a splurge…you have me tempted~

  232. I love Kohl’s great prices and variety. Had no idea they were selling furniture now. Perhaps not in stores by me? Love that tub chair! I’m looking for dining room chairs, will have to give a look!
    BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE the shower curtain fabric print. Where did you get it, do you have a pattern name? Thanks from blizzard country on Long Island.

  233. I had no idea Kohls had furniture and that chair is so nice looking. And I shop at Kohls all the time for clothes, especially work out wear.

  234. Very nice purchases! I am a Kohl’s shopper. I know they have great things! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  235. I shop Kohls too. They have a great varity if items, not just the basics. Used to shop a lot at Target, but they just don’t have enough variety, too many departments with less choices than Kohls

  236. Prices at Kohls can be good when items are on Clearance and use of a 30% off coupon. FREE is always the best. Congratulations on your gift card.

  237. I have never been inside a Kohl’s store! I thought they only sold clothes. Now that I know they stock home items, I’ll have to stop in!

  238. I’m going for the copper, not the gold, and I love that chair. A Miss Mustard Seed look-alike, always inspirational. How’s the snow where you are? Almost a blizzard here in NY.

  239. Kohl’s is my go-to place for clothes, home decor, etc. Their sales are usually good and good products.

  240. Kohl’s is my very favorite store…and I’m not being paid to say that 🙂 I seriously shop there all the time but would never have thought to look for furniture there…I love that chair! I will have no problem finding things I love at kohl’s to spend the $100.00 gift card on (very positive thinking going on here) but I will have to wait till the snow stops as I’m in the middle of a blizzard here outside of Philadelphia. Thank you!

  241. I really like Kohls, but like some of the other comments, I didn’t know that they sell furniture..Thanks for the chance to win…

  242. This is not a duplicate comment so stop telling me it is –

    Looking for a sturdy wicker basket and really like what you chose. I’ll have to stop in at my local Kohl’s.

  243. I love Kohl’s and have often shopped there but have never seen that great chair or the beautiful copper. I need to look more carefully!!

  244. I don’t get to Kohl’s very often but I love their home department! Hope I win…I’m redoing my bathroom with an antique dresser as my vanity, my shower curtain is being made by a friend that can sew and I am searching for great accessories!

  245. Thanks for sharing your finds. I enjoy shopping at Kohl’s especially with my grangirls. They make all things even more exciting.

  246. Since Kohl’s came to the Atlanta area I have been a loyal fan. I have purchased from every department. I LOVE their housewares! Both my bathrooms sport towels, rugs and shower curtains from Kohl’s. I use celery green as a pop of color with my neutrals. I have placemats and Fiesta ware in that color and a linen stool with nailhead trim and a removable top (to store throws). I have accent couch pillows from Kohl’s. Clothes, jewelry, purses, makeup, toys and clothes for my grandson….I could go on and on. I have even purchased clearance items to sell in my booth at a local Antiques and home decor shop. Both of my adult daughters are regular customers as well.

  247. I love Kohl’s …. I always try and pair my purchases with when they are offering Kohl’s cash. It’s the best bang for your buck!

  248. Who knew? I love Koh’ls for great prices on clothes and I’ve bought a few decorative accessories there but I didn’t know about their furniture. This chair is lovely. I hope they will expand to offer more items in this style.

    Also, I am a big fan of your blog. It is very inspirational! I especially liked the Christmas video you posted with your family and friends singing together. Thank you and Happy New Year!!!

  249. Love all your goodies. Kohls is a fun place to shop. Can’t go today but will check out their furniture and linens soon. Stay warm

  250. I love the great sales at Kohls and they make returns so easy. Glad to hear you are working with them. Love the chair! It’s just your style!

  251. I have to have that bathmat – can’t find one that fits in my tiny space and I really never thought to check Kohl’s.

  252. The French chair is beautiful! And it looks right at home with your decor/style, which I have to say I admire immensely! Thank you for letting us know that they carry such items and for the gift card opportunity!