10 minute ideas | cherry chocolate ice cream

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It’s time for another 10 minute idea!  My previous 10 minute ideas were teacup topiaries and making an “antique” bread board.

This month, the challenge was to share a 10 minute no-bake dessert.

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I immediately knew what I was going to share, because it’s my very favorite summer treat…

…homemade cherry chocolate ice cream.

cherry chocolate chip ice cream | miss mustard seed

I love cherries and look forward to them with great anticipation each May.  And I mourn their departure in September.

 So, I squeeze cherries in every meal, snack and treat I can when they are in season.

fresh cherries | miss mustard seed

For this dessert, I cut the cherries off of the pit and then chop them into bite-sized pieces.  (My fingernail beds are pretty much permanently stained from cutting cherries during the summer, but some things are worth it!)

pitting cherries | miss mustard seed

I use Breyer’s Natural Vanilla ice cream as the “base.”  It’s the only vanilla I’ve been able to find in my grocery store that doesn’t have a bunch of corn syrup and unpronounceable ingredients added.   (This isn’t a sponsored post, FYI.)


And then I top it with the chopped fresh cherries and organic shaved dark chocolate.  I usually load up on the cherries and go a little lighter on the ice cream and chocolate to make it a low-guilt treat.
cherry chocolate chip ice cream | miss mustard seed

It’s super simple and super yummy.

PS – I ate this at 10:00 in the morning after the photo shoot.

A blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do.


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10 minute ideas | cherry chocolate ice cream

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17 Comments on “10 minute ideas | cherry chocolate ice cream”

  1. Sounds like you should invest in a cherry putter! They cost between $10 and $20 and make putting cherries so easy.

  2. Sounds like you should invest in a cherry pitter. They cost between $10 and $20 and make pitting cherries so easy.

  3. Did you know that cherries are delicious when frozen? Love them on a hot summer’s day ! Sadly, no more cherries to be found in the markets here in NJ

  4. Looks decadent and easy! Win/win. A quick way to pit cherries is to push an ordinary straw through the cherry starting at the stem end. Your boys would love helping with this!

  5. Yum!! Looks delicious. As someone who grew up in Traverse City, Michgsan (Cherry Capital of the World) and spent my summers eating cherries I would suggest you invest in a cherry pitter. Your nails will thank you 😉

  6. Wow! This looks really YUMMY! Chocolates and ice cream is my thing. Topped it with cherries, it becomes deliciously healthy. 🙂

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