workshop preview & farmhouse style ramblings

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Today was a big day.  We hosted our very first workshop in the Mustard Seed Studio!  Twelve delightful ladies attended and I think it’s safe to say that we all had an amazing time.  Here are a few pictures as a preview, but I’ll be sharing more, of course.





 For Design Ramblings this week, we decided to chat about another trend prominent on blogs, Pinterest and in magazines – Farmhouse style.


Why do we think this is so popular and what are some ways you can bring that look to your house…

workshop preview & farmhouse style ramblings

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17 Comments on “workshop preview & farmhouse style ramblings”

  1. I loved your comments about evolving style. That is an area I am struggling with as I move to transform our home from a classic Williamsburg style to the more casual style. It would be so great to be able to submit photos of a space and have you ramble about your ideas for the space, adding ideas about what to keep, what to add and what to eliminate. If this is something you would consider I would definitely submit my photos. I have used antique furniture in my decorating from the time I graduated from college, which was 40 years ago. Your blog is always daily reading.

  2. Ladies, I enjoyed watching your Farmhouse style ramblings…its definitely a popular design trend. Sometimes, when the word “trend” is used we think of something that comes and goes fairly quick but not all trends fall into that category such as stainless steel and granite.

    What I love about the farmhouse style is that it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on whether you like a more industrial look or like myself prefer a more French farmhouse style. Regardless, it has a clean, neutral and uncluttered look which appeals to me.

  3. I am really enjoying your Ramblings. As someone in my late 60s, it is wonderful to get such fresh perspectives from you two young women. I have one suggestion, and it isn’t about content, as you are doing an exemplary job being both informative and entertaining. I am wondering if you two would consider orienting your chairs toward each other a little, rather than facing straight ahead. I just think that since it is truly a dialog, it might be nice to have you facing each other a bit. Maybe moving out from behind the table. I am not sure what would work, but I just see Design Ramblings evolving into such a nice interaction between you, it seems that you should be angled a bit more toward each other, without turning completely away from your audience, of course. Do I have control issues?

  4. I was one of the 12 that was privileged to be at your first workshop at your new studio. I learned so much about applying milk paint to furniture. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful workspace and your talents!

  5. I enjoy your ramblings, they are always so much fun. I love farmhouse, mixed with French Nordic and a little industrial. I wish I could attend a workshop, I think that would be a blast. I’ll just enjoy looking at the pics for now and live vicariously through them. I cant wait to see the rest of the photos.

  6. I live in a 100+ year old farm house. We completely remodeled it in1996. It belonged to my husband’s great-grandparents. We love it here and we love the farmhouse style. It is nice to have modern conveniences but have the feel of the antique farmhouse. However, I will never own chickens.

  7. Our little house was built in 1917 in a cherry orchard on a knoll in Capitola, CA. The orchard is long gone but the lovely house still stands. When I first saw it I said it was an old farmhouse and that was my vision for remodeling it. Blending with nature, keeping things inside organic and simple makes me feel comfortable.
    I look forward to your blogs. Thanks

  8. Love this rambling post! I have inherited furniture from family that are not my first choice but of course so grateful for. I love how you describe where to start. Neutral. I am currently in the phase of trying to make my home into what I have always loved. French Country. I have also always loved the classic clean white neutral look. I am excited to finally feel like I am ready to move mountains in my home and make the changes I have always dreamed about! I guess I didn’t know where to start until I realized I need more faith in my design choice and new passion for milk paint and what it and I can do!!

    You two have been so inspiring for me!!

  9. I have enjoyed all of your ramblings, but this one was my favorite. I like to get a cup of coffee and pretend we’re all chatting together. I live just outside of Pittsburgh, so once winter gives up a bit, I am going to make the trip over to take a workshop. So looking forward to it – I’ll bring the coffee!

  10. How nice of you to mention Vintage Whites Instagram. I was a shopper at their first Vintage Whites Market and then a vendor for many years after that before I opened my own store. They started in their garage and gave me the inspiration to start my business in my garage. And now, they’re hob-knobbing with the big guns….Country Living, etc. Good on them and so cool that you mentioned them!

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