What now?

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This seems to happen every year.   I take down all of my Christmas stuff and I cannot remember what I had where.  It seems like all of the accessories have disappeared over the holidays and I’m left with bare tables.  I know things have wandered to other parts of the house, so I’m left looking at my living and dining rooms and I’m at a loss.  Does anyone else have this problem?

 So, I just grabbed a few things and put them out until I can really work on it.



Yawn.  I’m definitely not a minimalist, so this doesn’t work for me.



…and I have a big hole where the Christmas tree was in my living room.



Nice cords.  I moved the desk that was there previously into my family room and I love it there, so I need to find something new for the living room.  I almost feel like I want to rearrange everything.



Am I alone in this?

One last thing.  Lorene Halfmann is the winner of the Wuslu tray and Mary (merryhenke) is the winner of the Wuslu candle holder.  Congratulations, ladies!

What now?

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