vintage-style leather sketchbook & giveaway!

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If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I love having beautiful supplies and tools.  I’m always casually on the hunt for new or new-to-me things that will make working, creating, or making even more enjoyable.  Well, a couple of weeks before Christmas, I found this beautiful vintage-style leather sketchbook from a small shop that sells on Amazon – Leather Village.

These vintage-style leather sketchbooks come in several different sizes and a few color options for the leather cover.

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

I generally like to have a larger work area, so I have the 10 x 7 in Red Brown (above) and Weed Green (below.)  I also have the 13 x 8 in Red Brown.  Sadly, the Weed Green is completely sold out at the moment, but they will hopefully restock soon.

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

I bought one of these sketchbooks initially because I loved the paper with the deckled edges.  I was looking for some paper with deckled edges and, in my search, discovered it would be a better bargain to buy one of these vintage-style sketchbooks instead of the paper alone.

And I have loved the paper!  It has some texture and tooth to it, which I like.  It almost feels more like fabric.  I have used it for sketching with graphite…

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

…as well as charcoal…

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

…and I have used clear gesso on pages so that I can use oil paint on them.  The pages don’t buckle when the gesso is applied, so it will accept a light wash, acrylics, etc.

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

I love the tone of the paper, too.

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

And, the binding is so pretty as well!  The only downside to this vintage-style sketchbook is the sizes smaller than the 13 x 8 are so thick that they won’t lay flat when open towards the front or back of the sketchbook.  I have to use binder clips to hold the pages open.  The 13 x 8 will lay flat.  I prefer sketchbooks and notebooks to lay flat, but, in the case of these sketchbooks, I don’t mind having to use binder clips.  I like that they are fat and have a ton of pages.

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

Each sketchbook has a brass button to hold the leather wrap closure in place.  It’s nice for a sketchbook, especially if you like to tuck things inside.

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

And, they look great on a shelf!  I hope to fill out a bunch of them and have a whole row of sketchbooks at some point in the future.

vintage style sketchbook | art studio | miss mustard seed

vintage style sketchbook | miss mustard seed

I know this sounds like a sponsored post, but it isn’t!  I bought these sketchbooks at full pricee and the company doesn’t know I exist (although they may wonder why there has been a recent rush on their journals after I shared them on Instagram a few times.)

Since I love this vintage-style sketchbook so much, I’d like to give one away to one of my blog readers. This giveaway is for the 10 x 7 in vintage-style sketchbook Mocha.

To enter, just subscribe to receive my blog posts and leave a comment letting me know you have (or already are) subscribed.  That’s it!  I’ll pick a winner randomly from the comments.  The giveaway will close Monday, January 25, 2021, at midnight PST.  Unfortunately, I have to restrict this giveaway to US followers only.  I usually open to it to everyone, but I just shipped a padded envelope of books to the UK and it was over $70!  So sorry to my international followers.

Good luck on winning the vintage-style sketchbook!

Oh, and for those looking for a good notebook for writing, taking notes, and sketching (with line, bullet, and blank paper refille options), THIS NOTEBOOK is my favorite.

vintage-style leather sketchbook & giveaway!

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574 Comments on “vintage-style leather sketchbook & giveaway!”

  1. Subscribed! I have been eyeing these books myself for sketching and watercolors. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  2. I am an avid reader of your blog posts and they are treasures for sure. Thanks for the give away and I will cross my fingers 🙂

  3. Hi…. I love the notebook and follow you daily. I should be subscribed but never received a confirmation… here goes and keeping my fingers crossed I am selected… but if not… prayers to the winner!🙏🥰❤️ 3003 Piney Pointe St Louis Mo 63129

  4. I have been following you for so long, and I am amazed at everything that you do! I actually met you when you came to New Hampshire and I was like a starstruck fan!!!😂😂😂… Love the giveaway, fingers crossed🤞🤞!!!

  5. I have subscribed. I have really enjoyed watching how your paintings have grown as you have painted more and more.

  6. Subscribed! Just had a baby, but as soon as we establish ANY sleep I’ll be working on your painting tutorials! They’re so beautiful.

  7. I’ve been subscribed for forever. 😄.And you have totally wrapped me into learning new artistic adventures, this journal would be fantastic. Thanks, Marian for continuing to inspire.

  8. Wow, these sketch books look wonderful. Your art work🥰😍! So amazing! You are an inspiration! Thanks

  9. I’m already a subscriber. I would simply love to win the sketchbook. I started painting after retirement and think it would be very inspiring to own.

  10. I Subscribed recently. Your emails updates are the light of my dismal and cluttered inbox. The only subscription I actually read as soon as it comes out and love every word! Thank you!
    God bless.

  11. I just subscribed though I have followed you for years via Facebook and IG. Your work is stunning, and I don’t mean just your paintings! My daughter is an artist–would love to gift her with the sketchbook! Thank you.

  12. Greetings from Knoxville, TN.
    When I grow up I want to be as talented and as organized as you. Thank you, from a 68 year old grandmother of an aspiring artist.

  13. Those are gorgeous – what a great find! I’ve subscribed – and would love to win! Just dabbling in watercolors a bit and learning so much!

  14. These are gorgeous; you have lovely taste, Marian!
    I’ve been subscribed for a short time and am so mad at myself for not finding your blog sooner.

  15. I’ve been a long-time subscriber. Learning to sketch/paint is on my goal list this year as well as making books like these 🙂

  16. A subscriber who is as vintage as this lovely journal looks.
    It would be lovely for journaling in many ways. Thank you
    for making me aware.

  17. Such a cool piece! I appreciate the time and effort put into it, and also the craftsmanship.

    I’ve been a subscriber for a while and love your style!

    Thank you for having a raffle.

  18. Marion, I am looking for this precise binder to put my paint color combinations in as a reference. I am tired of painting and can’t recall the exact color paints I use to create that certain color. Was painting yesterday and decided that I must start journaling my color combinations. I would love this binder and will put it to good use. Love your blog. I’ve been following for years.

  19. Thanks for your reply on my FB comment – I’ll subscribe and see if I get lucky and win the sketch WITH the sketchbook!

  20. Subscribed! I adore everything you touch! I would love the sketchbook. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  21. Love your blog and the creative exponent! This journal is exactly what I need to restart my adventures in creating!

  22. Hi Marian!
    I already subscribe. I’m a bit behind in reading the blog, but so glad I read this one just in time to enter the drawing. I love these notebooks, so I’ll have to order one if I don’t win! 😉

  23. I found your blog over a year ago and have been subscribed ever since. I love everything you do! We have a lot in common. I too love art (I am an art teacher!), I love to decorate, and I am very tidy! You have no idea how many of your posts have inspired things in my home. In fact I ordered the rug you have in your living room last week and I love it! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  24. Hello Marian, Thank you for a chance to win one of these lovely sketch books. I am subscribed. Having retired, I have more time and have started following your blog and instagram. I am a knitter and it has been years since I have done any crochet, but after watching your post and video, I am on my second dish cloth and I love it!! Next thing, I want to take one of your painting classes. I have not had my oils out in years but I am anxious to paint with you. Thank you for your enormous generosity in sharing your talents with your readers! It has been a pleasure to follow you. I look forward to going through all of your old posts.

  25. I think I’ve been reading your blog since the very beginning, and I’ve love watching you grow and change along the way. You always find the most unique items, and this sketchbook is another wonderful highlight.

  26. Well I didn’t see this comment box:( I commented on your actual Instagram page. Oh well, These books are lovely. Your work is lovely. You were mentioned to me by a friend and she has one of the sketchbooks. I love watercolor and sketching. I have always loved Impressionism now I can enjoy it even more through you:)

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