“vintage chalkboard” highboy

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Before I hop into the post, I wanted to share that I listed soaps (Savon de Marseille block & liquid lavender) and brushes (German dish, vegetable and flowerpot brushes) in the online shop as promised!


I also have put the Look Book as well as my book, Inspired You, on sale.


Sooo, I’ve been on a bit of a roll with the “vintage chalkboard” milk paint recipe.  It really has made me fall in love with chalkboards all over again.

When Kriste and I spotted this small antique highboy during a recent shopping trip, I immediately imagined it wearing that vintage chalkboard paint.  It was a similar color to start with, so it was easy to envision.


I used the same recipe I used for the two chalkboards I painted –  MMSMP 2 parts Artissimo to 3 parts Boxwood.


Kriste lightly sanded the piece and then painted the dresser in two coats of the not-so-secret color recipe directly onto the old paint.  I then seasoned by rubbing a piece of chalk over the entire surface of the painted dresser and wiped it off with a dry cloth.

This dresser is petite in size, even though it’s a highboy, so I styled it for a nursery/kid’s room…


The fun thing about a chalkboard dresser in a kid’s room is that they can interact with it and it can be changed as they grow and their tastes change.


I didn’t want the knobs to compete with any chalk art on the dresser, so I stuck with simple, antique-style glass knobs.


There was a bit of chipping around the bottom that showed the yellow color underneath.  I think it really works with the overall piece and adds even more depth and character.


It was missing a caster when I bought it, but I have a stash of random hardware and wheels and I just happened to have one that was a perfect fit.



I also picked up this chippy white basket on a recent shopping trip.  It was just too awesome to not come home with me!


I still have a backlog of furniture makeovers to share!

Coming up –

A pie safe gets rebuilt, a furniture makeover with just Hemp Oil, and a table we already painted once get’s a second look…


And, before I go, there are some pretty cool dough bowls available for sale on Antique Farmhouse today…


I had the chance to photograph it and it’s a beautiful piece!


“vintage chalkboard” highboy

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23 Comments on ““vintage chalkboard” highboy”

  1. Absolutely astonishing, Marian! Your creative mojo is definitely on a roll… I would love some insight as to how your brain conjures up all these masterpieces! Your creative flair is just awe inspiring to say the least…. I sooo admire you!!!

  2. Hi Marian, Could you please tell me if your stool covers are still available? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Thanks!

  3. That looks fab Marian. Love the basket too.
    Question for you : if I was to paint a wardrobe and it chipped in a way I didn’t like it, can I repaint it with the bonding agent?

  4. This is great, Marian. Love your style SO much, but also enjoy seeing you do something a bit different from time to time!

  5. This is so cute!! I just am continually amazed at the unique things you come up with.

    When is Look Book Two coming out?

  6. Love this – It would be darling in a nursery or child’s room! Just curious, how do you get rid of the smell that often comes along with older furniture, especially dressers and drawers?

  7. Well I missed the items in your online shop once again. I don’t just sit at the computer and by the time I see that you have items for sale, sadly they are all sold out.

  8. Simply SWEET! Perfectly sweet! You have an amazing mind for the simplest yet most pretty ideas! So many are looking to complicate and over do but you….just right!

    The Curator’s Collection & Making Broken Beautiful (Thursdays)

  9. I bought a wonderful old frame all chipped and plan on putting a chalk board in it. I’m thinking with your paint recipe I can get a board to fit the opening and make my own,

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