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Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Brooklinen.  As always, all opinions and words are honest and my own.

I’ve shared about Brooklinen many times over the years and I continue to partner with them because their bedding and towels are just that awesome.  I started using their towels five years ago and have been hooked on their oversized bath sheets that are so luxurious and sinkable soft that other towels feel inferior.  I’ve used their lightweight feather comforter for that same amount of time and it is a go-to when I need an extra layer.  And I’ve used their linen and cotton sheets and linen quilt on my bed for a couple of years and they are beautiful, comfortable, and just keep getting better with age.

I’m highlighting them this week because they are running their biggest sale of the year, so it’s the perfect time to refresh, upgrade, update, and/or gift sheets, duvets, quilts, and towels.  ALL of the products on Brooklinen’s site are 20% off.

brooklinen bedding | miss mustard seed

If you’re new to Brooklinen and yummy linens, allow me to guide you to a few of my favorites that might be a good place to start…

Linen Core Sheet Set – This set includes my favorite washed linen sheets (1 flat, 1 fitted) and two pillowcases.  The texture of linen sheets is just so heavenly and they get softer with wear and washing.  I also appreciate thoughtful details like short side/long side tags on the fitted sheets and envelope closures on the pillowcases to keep them from slipping off.  Those little touches make life just a little easier.

(As a funny little side story, I have always been picky about my sheets and loved wash day when my mom put fresh, crisp sheets on the bed.  I would actually giggle on those nights.  When we had to come up with an invention for a sixth-grade science fair, I decided to invent a contraption that would keep your sheet corners from popping off the corner of the mattress.  It was a wire X with alligator clips on each corner to clip the sheet in place.  All of this to say, I’m a bit of a sheet snob!)

Linen Quilt Set – I have had a lot of quilts and coverlets over the years.  I love nice textiles and enjoy having a linen closet filled with some nice options that are different weights and textures.  Since getting this Linen Quilt Set, though, it’s what has lived on my bed because it’s such a great weight and it washes and wears like a champ.  The diamond detail looks both classic and modern, so it can work with any decorating style.

brooklinen bedding | miss mustard seed

My final recommendation is Brooklinen’s Super-Plush Bath Sheet.  This is the comfiest, coziest, most absorbent bath sheet I’ve ever used.  I love it so much that I gifted it to my dad and brother, who are both tall guys who could use some extra square footage on their towel.  This happens to be my favorite towel, too.

brooklinen towels | miss mustard seed

When it comes to home, I’ve shared many times that I like to take a splurge and save approach.  I can save by doing some of the work myself, buying a lot of pieces secondhand, and looking for coupon codes and sales to name a few things.  One of the areas where I’m willing to splurge is on comfortable, soft, beautiful bedding that washes well, lasts for years, and helps me to get the best night’s sleep.

Each night, when I sink into these linen sheets by Brooklinen and pull on the quilt, I can’t help but smile and let out a happy sigh.  Those are the kinds of linens you want on your bed and I hope you have that or will treat yourself to that kind of experience.

brooklinen bedding | miss mustard seed

The Brooklinen Black Friday sale lasts through November 30, 2022, so don’t miss it!  It is their biggest site-wide sale of the year.


  1. Betsy

    Thanks so much for a chance to see the beautiful linens. But sadly it’s nowhere near what my budget can handle.

    • elle

      Same here – even with a discount!

  2. Teddee Grace

    Apparently, to get this discount you need to not only provide your e-mail address, but phone number.

  3. Vicki

    As pretty as they are – way too expensive for my budget. Not sure how anyone can afford.

  4. Joan

    Yes they are pretty but in today’s world, if I need to refresh my bedding, I strip the sheets and throw them in the wash. As a family, any extra $ we have is going towards helping folks with Thanksgiving food, buying extra food for the local animal shelter, and contributing to the various children’s Christmas gifts drives.

  5. Linda

    I bought 4 sets of Brooklinen sheets in percale for queen and king size beds. I washed as instructions said and didn’t dry fully. They shrunk a lot, unfortunately and I was so disappointed since these are not inexpensive sheets. I would not buy them again.

    • susan

      Linda, I suggest contacting their customer service–They are remarkable!: I reported a problem with 1 sheet & they sent me an entire set!

      • beverlee

        wow, that is really good to know. Thank you.

  6. beverlee

    I am old. I am also a sheet snob. But, for percale, real percale and they offer them. So, I am considering it. My bed size is changing, and when I am certain about the size, I am going to try. They are not unaffordable, considering the Shabby Chic brand I have used. Thank you. It’s a choice. And, I am happy to have it.

  7. Andrea

    Last year for a treat we purchased the Classic Percale for our bed. The sheets are great quality, so crisp and smooth. This year we invested in the linen after reading the recommendations from Marian. We are so happy with them! Our first time with linen sheets and it is a treat to get into bed each night. Previously we purchased sheets from big box and/or department stores and they wouldn’t last a year. I appreciate the splurge save approach as well and have learned to appreciate the investment in good sheets. Thank you for your blog! I enjoy seeing pictures and the fruit of your labors!

  8. Fleur

    Ive had a look online and I am in Nz. The price of the sheets is amazing for Linen. Sheets in Nz are so expensive. Jealous

    • grace.deborah@gmail.com

      Fleur. I’m also in NZ and the sheet sets here are either just expensive and bad quality, or just bad quality. I save up to splurge on good quality sheets, and as my MIL will say “They’ll see me out!

  9. Kathryn Casey

    I’d love to know your care routine for your sheets!

  10. SueA

    I bought the linen sheets when you suggested them the last time and they are indeed heavenly. My problem is my husband’s feet are like sandpaper and they tore the bottom sheet to shreds. So it’s back to percale for the bottom sheet as it is less fragile. But the top sheet and linen pillowcases are absolutely dreamy–summer and winter. Yes I do splurge on sheets.

  11. Michelle

    LandsEnd makes wonderful linen sheets at a much better price point and they so often have 40% off sales! That’s my go-to place for linens and their towels are equally wonderful.

  12. monique

    Just back from France to the Big Apple yesterday. What a huge add you offer
    Brooklinen! Last spring I needed a king size duvet cover and visited several stores and touching lots of fabric, nothing appeal to me, nothing on line pleased me either. I biked to a Brooklinen in Williamsburgh ( Brooklyn, my borough ) along the East River.
    Their shop was very airy, nice staff, and many types of fabric samples you
    can touch, hold, handle, which is the best way to fill the quality. I bought a
    white cotton with the week sale’s price. At home, I opened the large cover and was surprised how see through it was, so I packed it and bicycled back the day after. The exchange was streamline, I realized that the fabric sample pieces were double folded and the young woman understood the problem and unfolded the samples, I got a heavier quality, it is all white and has a satin finish. If I could afford it and splurge ( can’t do ), the real linen were so beautiful, the colors too and the prices very high. A week later, I visiting a Japanese store called MUJI where every item is well designed and affordable; all the bed linens were on super discount, including the true linen for bedding, too late. Check it out, great store.

  13. Cindy Williams

    Marian, Where did you get that beautiful warm-gold curtain rod and the blue plaid curtains hanging from it?


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