The Mustard Seed Workshop & the Bagster Bag

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For some crazy reason, my husband and I felt like we needed to get our basement organized, cleaned and functional right after the Lucketts Antique Market and before my Milk Paint launch.  I don’t know what we were thinking, but it’s been nice to see things coming together.  I don’t know about you, but I feel stressed out when things are messy, so organizing is a way I can regain some control over my house (and a little bit over my life.)

We ended up with a lot of trash and we were just piling it up in the back yard (our neighbors loves it, I’m sure.)  The plan was to drive it out to the dump when we were finished.  Then, I received an e-mail from Waste Management, the company who makes the Bagster Bag.  I’ve heard of the Bagster Bag and I’ve even seen people using them, but I never thought to use one myself.  They asked if I would like to try one out.  What perfect timing!  I have a pile of garbage sitting in my backyard right now!  I had looked into getting a small dumpster, but the cost was outrageous, so bring on the Bagster Bag.  (Isn’t blogging great?)



My husband got it while I was at Haven.  He was able to purchase it from Home Depot for about $40.  He spread it open on our drive way and filled it with the garbage from our basement.


When I got home, I was pretty impressed with the amount of stuff that thing would hold.  We’re going to squeeze a bit more in it and then call to have it collected next week, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

The basement is looking amazing!  I’m not going to show too much, because my husband wants to show it off himself, but here’s a preview…




It isn’t the prettiest room in our house, but it’s really a very functional workshop now.  My husband painted the floor to cover all of my paint splashes and spills.  It looks great, but he said, “Miss Mustard Seed needs to start using drop cloths now.”  Bummer. I’m sure other husbands of furniture-painting-wives will appreciate his desire to have a splatter-free floor.  (I must admit it looks so much better.)  More on the workshop later…

I received a free Bagster Bag and compensation for sharing my experiences.  All opinions are my own.   I think this is a very cool product for small home renovations and organizing projects and was happy to have the opportunity to share about it.

PS – Everyone can calm down about the screen door.  🙂  I’ve pulled it out and found it a good home with Jennifer Carroll.

The Mustard Seed Workshop & the Bagster Bag

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