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As many of you know, I discovered the joy of houseplants in the spring of 2015.  I went a wee bit overboard and bought way too many plants for my house throughout the spring and summer, but it ended up being a good thing.  I was able to see which plants thrived in my house and which ones didn’t.

Many were lost along the way.

A moment of silence for those who fell.

I learned that some plants just aren’t suited to live in my house.  Or in the place I put them in my house and, once they were moved, they really thrived.

This is probably my biggest success story…


This plant just loves my living room.

Here’s how it looked seven months ago…


And now…


It’s taking over.

It is potted directly in an ironstone tureen, but there is gravel at the bottom for drainage.  I usually water it twice a week with about 1/2 cup water.  (Oh, and there is a little bit of English ivy mixed in and it’s doing well, too.)


These little baby tears also do well in my living room.  They just keep growing and growing.  I suppose at some point I will have to replant them in a bigger pot…


I think this succulent is the heartiest plant.  It seems to do well wherever it is and never asks anything of me.  I splash some water on it when I’m watering the other plants, just to keep the soil moist, but not too wet.  It, too, is potted directly in the tureen with some gravel at the bottom for drainage.  If you haven’t had luck with houseplants in the past, you might want to try this variety.  You can find them at Home Depot.


I tried a couple others varieties of “strings of peals”, but they didn’t make it.  This one, though, is doing very well in my family room, which doesn’t get a ton of light, so I’ve had a bit of trouble finding which plants are happy there.  This one has been in the family room for about five months and it still looks healthy and has a lot of new growth.  (I didn’t have a current picture of it.  Obviously, this was taken in the fall! It pretty much looks the same, but it’s a bit bigger and fuller.)


And, my favorite, are the lemon cypress topiaries.  I lost the myrtles that were in my dining room (I’m going to try them again next year), but I’ve been watering these faithfully and have left them where they get a lot of sun and they seem happy.  I was told that lots of sun and lots of water are what they need, so I’ve been trying to give them that.  (It’s amazing what happens when you follow instructions…)


These lemon cypress topiaries were in my family room and that definitely did not offer enough sun for them.


Confession time, I probably let them dry out a bit too much, too.

Sorry little guys.

And, as much as I want rosemary topiaries next to my kitchen sink, they are just not liking it there.  One has turned almost all black and the other one is threatening to do the same.  Can you revive them once they have started turning black?  Any tips on growing rosemary inside?


I’m enjoying the winter and the snow, but I am looking forward to when the nurseries are full of houseplants again and I can try out some new varieties…

Any houseplants that you find really easy to care for?

PS – I really need to get back (and stick with) healthy eating, exercise and pushing towards some fitness goals.  I’m thinking about starting a Facebook group for accountability.  Anyone interested?


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