soft landscape dresser | part three

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I loved reading all of the feedback and suggestions shared on my post yesterday.  Some of you overestimate my abilities, I think!

All of the different suggestions were an encouragement to me, though.  Each one of you had a different vision of how it could be finished and isn’t that just how art is?  And there are no wrong answers.  Just different interpretations.  (My brother suggested I add robots, which made me laugh.)

In the end, I did decide to add to what I shared yesterday.  While I liked the simplicity of the barn, it felt unfinished to me.  (Kriste said the barn had “doorways to the depths of the barn’s soul” and it needed some doors!)  So, I added barn doors, a mountain ridge, a fence, a couple of bushes, and a couple of sheep.


Here’s a video showing the process…

 And, if you didn’t notice, I selected the green knobs.  Again, there wasn’t a wrong answer, but these looked perfect to my design eye.


As I shared yesterday, I wasn’t sure I wanted this piece to chip, but once I started distressing the piece, I loved it.  I was oo-ing and ah-ing in the studio as I was working on it.  There’s something about it that just works.


Tomorrow, I’ll seal it with Tough Coat, get the hardware installed properly, and style it all pretty.

When I haven’t been doodling on this dresser dresser, I have been working on some other exciting projects.  There are a few things I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time and all of the sudden, literally all in the same week, it’s all starting to happen.  It’s the kind of work that’s right in my sweet spot and I’m looking forward to when I can share all of the details with you.

soft landscape dresser | part three

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