soft landscape dresser | part 1

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I came into the studio on Monday morning like a tight ball of stress.  The studio is my “happy place”, but I was struggling to step away from the “businessy” things and create.  I finally had to force myself.  I needed it.  I needed to mix some paint, dip a brush in, watch a transformation in progress, feel myself relax with each stroke.

I pulled out this little pine dresser and decided to start a new landscape on it.


The last one I did had vibrant, playful colors.  I wanted this one to be soft.


The MMS Milk Paint colors I mixed up are (from the top, clockwise) – Layla’s Mint + Boxwood, Eulalie’s Sky + Shutter Gray + Farmhouse White, Farmhouse White, and Layla’s Mint + Lucketts Green.  I loved the palette just sitting on the table.  I was already enjoying the benefits of a creative endeavor.

Since it’s easier to show you the process, here’s a quick video of me painting the piece…

And yes, I almost always paint a piece while the drawers are inside.  I really need to leave the drawers in, anyway, for a piece like this, so the pattern is consistent.

The sky is painted in the Eulalie’s Sky + Shutter Gray + Farmhouse White mix.  I brushed in some Farmhouse White here and there to start some “clouds”.


The grass is painted in the two custom greens I mixed.  Adding Layla’s Mint to both Lucketts Green and Boxwood really muted the colors, giving them the softness I was after.


I was hoping to get a little further on this piece, but I got sidetracked on some other creative projects.  By the end of the day, I was humming along to my music and the stresses of the morning, that really aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, didn’t feel as acute or pressing.

This sweet little dresser and I are going to have another therapy session tomorrow…

soft landscape dresser | part 1

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