project progress & more happy mail…

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The tail end of last week and the weekend were again filled with projects around the home and yard.  I did take time to rest and relax, too, but I want to keep things moving when I’m on a roll.  I can see the finish line on a few of the projects I’m bouncing between and I’m ready to get them checked off my list.

So, this weekend, I spent some more time painting the trim we installed a couple of weeks ago.  I finished the caulking, priming, and painting in the master bedroom on Saturday and it looks so good!  I’ll share the final results soon.

I also got a coat of primer and the first coat of paint on two walls in the sewing room, including the wall with the windows.  Painting window casings is such a pain, so I’m glad to just have one more coat to do and the most annoying part of painting the sewing room will be done!  There is still a lot to do in that room – caulking, priming, painting the trim and doors, patching a hole in the wall that was cut when we did some plumbing work in the boy’s bathroom, and then installing the starched fabric wall treatment.  That room will be in upheaval for a while.

On Thursday, I cleaned, primed, and painted the patio under the deck…

…and then I set up the patio and put furniture in place on Friday and Saturday.  This space is now finished!  It has been transformed from a junky spot I avoided to one that is inviting and comfortable.  I’ll be sharing all about the process and the full makeover in another post, but here is a little peek…

I’ve also still been receiving happy mail over the past few weeks.  Each package has been a bright spot…a connection with a friend or a fellow creative entrepreneur I met on Instagram or through my mentoring group.  Some of the happy mail was simply extras tucked into an order I placed.

I received pillowcases and napkins from JSH Home Essentials.  She makes the prettiest cotton home goods.  I put one of the pillowcases on the chair in my studio.  It works perfectly with the Boxwood green doors and footstool.

I love the little pleated detail on the corner of the flange…

I got three others…one ended up in my master bedroom on the chaise I’m in the process slipcovering…

It’s a perfect little accent to the other fabrics I am using in the master bedroom…

…and the other two ended up in the dining room (and I used them outside while photographing the patio).  I’ll be featuring her pillows and the napkins in a future post.

I ordered a couple more baskets from Maria of Dreamy Whites when she was having a sale and she included a few extras…

She also sent some antique French linen for me to use for my oil paintings.  I’ve loved painting on clear-primed rough linen lately.  The texture is so pretty under the oil paints and it forces me to loosen up when I’m sketching.

I also received a stack of goodies from Vintage Linens Birmingham.  I tell you…they have my number.  Blue and white chambray, ticking, toile, notions, woven ribbon, embroidery, tatting, old linen…

I spent a good 30 minutes “playing” with the fabrics…unfolding them, thinking about how I could use them, studying the details, folding them up again…

They certainly came to the right home.

I’ve received more happy mail that I’ll be sharing about in future posts… a beautiful hand-made needlebook, matchboxes shaped like little historic houses, a cross-stitched pillow made in my colors, monogrammed coasters, and a stack of antique books.  Each week, I receive one or two gifts and it’s been a delight.  I hope I’m spreading a little cheer with the gifts I’ve been sending out, too.

And speaking of, here are the winners of my homemade crocheted dishcloths…

Belinda Gibson (bgibby), Susan Irene B (patcol206), Valori Cralley (vlcralley), Ce Ce (carolshopkins), Sue Abramowski, Wendy (basketshack), Roberta Cordell (wnrcordell), Peggy Born, Rondell (rondell1951), Teri Morfenski (terimorf).   Congrats to all and thank you for all who entered.
What projects have you been working on lately?  Have you been sending and/or receiving any happy mail?
project progress & more happy mail…

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18 Comments on “project progress & more happy mail…”

  1. Love your posts, I love everything you do. I have some Happy Mail to send you, if you can’t use it, you can pass it along in another happy mail from you, but I think you will be able to use it.
    How do we send Happy Mail to you?
    Thank you,
    Diane Orciuoli

  2. Can;’t wait to see the whole patio! I’ve been giving out crocheted dish cloths based on your pattern and my husband has been turning resin and wood wine bottle coasters and gifting them to our wonderful neighbors who have been leaving little gifts on our front stoop during the quarantine. QUESTION: I want to get a sewing machine. I don’t have great plans but do want to make some cushions for my porch and also be able to sew up things that need repair, etc. Who knows I might have a quilt in me one day. So far I’m between a Janome and a Husqvarna. Any recommendations? Thank you.

    1. Debbie,
      Husqvarna is my dream machine!!! They are workhorses!!! Don’t “under” buy and don’t “over” buy!!! you probably don’t need 100 decorative stitches….but a few are nice to have. Once you get going you will be surprised at how addictive it is. There are some very useful mid-range machines that have a lot to offer in the “Huskie” line. Good Luck!!!!

    2. Debbie – if you want a simple machine to start sewing, there is an $80 Brother sewing machine at Walmart that is a workhorse.! I’ve made a slipcover for my sofa using drop clothes from HD, and it sewed through six thicknesses at times, like a dream. I’ve also made coasters, market bags, pillow covers out of the drop cloth – all made with my $80 Brother. I’m 71 and decided to start sewing again and had given my singer to my sister. So in case my ‘wanting to sew again’ was a passing whim, I bought a cheap(er) machine and have not regretted it one day! BTW, I do sew using other material besides drop cloths – it works on those fabrics too! Good luck and happy sewing – no matter what machine you purchase!

  3. Debbie, Both are excellent brands. If your looking to eventually quilt you need one that has a walking foot, a free motion quilting foot, and some different stitches. Many of these machines have all of these features or can easily be bought. If you haven’t sewn before or it’s been awhile I would suggest a less complicated machine. One that isn’t quite so computerized, as it can discourage you. For example, my mother-in-law has an embroidery machine that is so complicated that she has never used it! The manual is probably an inch and a half thick. Have fun picking that new machine out! As a quilter, it’s always fun to buy a new machine!

  4. Hello Marion! I am curious about the paint you used for your back patio. Is it made especially for use on cement? And what did you prime the cement with? Do you think it will peel in time and/or show scratches when items are moved about? I am considering a covering for an outdoor cement patio and haven’t found an answer just yet. Thanks!

  5. Marian, please tell me the name of the paint you used on your patio. I have a patio myself plus a front door stoop that needs to be painted.
    Everything looks gorgeous as usual.

  6. So fun to be doing projects and see what your up to. I love the wall color above the new wainscoting! It’s so clean and fresh ! And I can’t thank you enough for the last paint on fridays it was so nice of you to take time to do that for all of us!

  7. I’m jealous that you know your aesthetic, that you can narrow it down. I love that. Hopefully, one day for me.

  8. You are amazing! I can’t say I have EVER got any Happy Mail. The closest I come is Amazon because by the time it comes I can’t remember what I ordered!!!!

  9. Love all your fabrics! Everything looks so pretty. Am so excited about the linen you received too. We would all love to get Happy Mail. I did hear from a friend today & Humana!! LOL Enjoy your pretties!!!

  10. Looks beautiful. I received happy mail from The Laundress and also The Grove Collaborative. Maria’s market bags are wonderful. We still can’t use our bags for shopping in Wa state but I can tuck them in my car. Can’t wait to see the full reveal.

  11. Hi Marian! I saw the picture of your chaise lounge in this post. I am considering using the same linen. Can you see the striped pattern on the chaise through the linen slipcover? Also, (dumb question) I will need 10 yards of fabric. How do you prewash that much fabric? Should I try to judge what size of pieces I need for the slipcover and cut before washing? Love all your slipcovers! Thanks!

    1. No, the stripes do not show through. 🙂 As far as prewashing the fabric, I cut it into two pieces and washed each one separately.

  12. I just got an email from (where Marian gets the linen) and they have her favorite 4C22 Natural linen on sale (I now get their sales emailed to me). It’s only good for three days (today 6/16 is the first day) the fabric drops to $6 a yard. Not sure how much you have to buy but I think at least 5 yards. Give it a try…..I ordered a yard and it is truly scrumptious fabric!

  13. I’ve been working on some Happy Mail projects that have blossomed into even more projects. I’ll just blame you, okay???? And the fabric pillows you received – such fab fabrics!

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