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I’ve tried to write a post about Lucketts and I keep staring at a blank page or I write something and then delete it.  It was a very overwhelming weekend and I don’t even know how to write about it.  I feel like I need to stop the clock and write about 30 posts to really capture it all.  As I was setting up my booth, a woman came over and hugged me and told me a bit of her story.  I was in get-the-booth-set-up-before-the-crowd-descends mode and I wasn’t prepared for it.  I started getting all teary and choked up.  I had a few other moments like that.  When I add it all together…the teary moments, the fact that my family was there to support me fully and execute my (sometimes frantic) requests, how quickly my stuff sold, how many people bought my t-shirts and loved the tags Jami made, the thoughtful gifts people brought me and how much I love doing what I’m doing…it’s just too much.  I think that’s why I’m so tired post-Lucketts this year.  It wasn’t just the heat and the physical work.  It was everything.

When I started my business one ordinary day after a teary breakdown on my sofa and a conversation with my mom, I didn’t have any large plans.  I never envisioned a mobbed booth, a book, a paint line, HGTV, Nate, Lucketts, BHG, FMS…   I just wanted to earn $200/month to help out with groceries and diapers.  So, standing in a booth only three years later and hearing a woman’s story that sounds so much like my own…it is overwhelming and amazing and wonderful and hard to describe all at one time.

I feel like I just need to tuck it away for now and enjoy those conversations and those hugs and I don’t need to write about it.

Thank you so much to Heather H, Mary Ann S, Deborah C, Christine G, Roxie H, Barb M, Jackie M, Mary J, Lauren L, Beth H, Joanna C, Kelly M, Susie E, Meagan K, Lynn S, Julianne B, Cami P, Amy B, Laura P, Cecilia C, Susan H, Constance D, Diane D, Linda N, Robin C, Cathy W, Jill L, Teresa H, Lorraine A, Denise T, Kim H, Mary S, Amy M, Angie A, Becky V, Terry V, Jennifer J, Chris A, Pat M, Pam B, Debbie V, Amanda & Karla E, Liz M, Leann Z, Kerry M, Ashley, Lisa A, Kathy F, Pauline & Dana G, Haydee L, Terri L, Susan D, Jennifer M, Michelle W, Katie T, Amanda H for visiting my space and signing my guest book.

 Judy from French Laundry is the “I’m sad I can’t come to Lucketts” Giveaway!  Congratulations!

I also want to give some awesome hubby awards to Bob H (who snuck in the gates early to find my booth for his lovely wife Jill), Trinity’s husband who has driven up with his beautiful wife from North Carolina for my last three shows, and Diana’s husband who allowed her to rent a truck to get one of my pieces of painted furniture home with her.  I think we should have a support group for our husbands…


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