other pieces to paint & favorite finds

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I hit a lucky streak on craigslist last week and I also scored some great finds when I was out shopping.  So, the studio is full of pieces waiting for their makeovers.

And giving furniture a makeover is like therapy for me.  I put on some loud music and paint and it does me good.

One of the pieces I’m really excited about is an antique step-back cupboard.  I got it for a good deal, because it was dirty and had some cosmetic issues, like a missing bottom shelf, a rotted back, etc.  It was otherwise sturdy and the fixes were well within my capabilities.

Here’s the bottom of it…


…and the top…


It was a built-in piece, so it’s missing a back, but my dad cut the piece of bead board to attach to it once it’s painted.  I am planning to match that pretty robins’ egg color with a custom mix of Layla’s Mint and Eulalie’s Sky.

I found this wardrobe on craigslist…


We’re going to install a bead board back to hide the ugly, chipped cedar veneer, and add a couple of shelves.  The entire piece will then get painted, inside and out.

Another craigslist find was this love seat.  It was really cheap and had a nice shape, so I thought it was a good candidate for a slipcover.  I assumed it was something akin to what you would find in a dentist’s waiting room, but it’s actually a very well-made piece of furniture.  The cushion is a full down cushion and it’s a very heavy piece.  It was quite a surprising score.


I have a roll of toweling laid over it to”try it on” for the slipcover.

I still need to finish the settee behind it as well!  I’ve been working on that one for ages.  The cushions are finished and we have all of the pieces cut, so I just need to assemble it all.  I already have a buyer for it, so I need to get to it.

Another fun find was this amazing dress form!  I have never seen one quite like it.


I still need to fiddle with it to get it all adjusted, but you can see how cool the cage-bottom and all of the other details are.

mms-5520 mms-5521

As of now, I’m planning to keep this one and sell two, possible three others that I already have.

And here’s a quick look at the rest of my haul…


…ticking pillows, metal bins, quilts, ironstone, books, and a very cool German grain sack stencil…

mms-5515 mms-5516

…and a giant cottage cheese tin.  I hate the texture of cottage cheese, so just the thought of that much of it all in one place makes my stomach turn!  But, I love the tin and the design on it.  It was just too cool to pass up.


I’ll be saving all of this for the Lucketts Spring Market, but I just listed some goodies in the online shop.  There are a few antiques as well as lots of craft supplies from our studio purging.

other pieces to paint & favorite finds

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16 Comments on “other pieces to paint & favorite finds”

  1. Excited to see what you do with the slipcover on the love seat. I just brought home an almost identical peice from my mom’s house. We bought it at an estate sale together several years ago. When she became ill and homebound it was her special place to sit everyday until she passed away last year. Needless to say, it’s highly sentimental, but the upholstery is thrashed and an ugly print. (She covered it with a quilt). I’m planning on using your tutorials to give it a slipcover/face lift since I can’t bear to part with it yet.

  2. I LOVE the cottage cheese tin. I like cottage cheese and most cheeses. I have a lot of tins in my kitchen and the most I have spent on one is $20. I wish I could buy it but I will just have to look where I live and see if I can fine one some time.

  3. You’ve found some great pieces! I have that cottage cheese tin! It’s hanging out on a shelf in my storage room….I might just have to find it a place in my kitchen.

  4. That dress form!!!!! Oh my goodness, just hit my weakness there. If Alaska weren’t so far to drive I’d be the first one at Lucketts picking that up. I absolutely LOVE it! I always love 99% of what you sell, but that is beyond, beyond!!! ❤️Cheryl

  5. SIGH! My favorite posts, shopping! And there is such a regional difference. I’m in Seattle, huge Asian population, so lots of Asian antiques, Your German/Amish antiques fascinate me!

  6. You really did acquire some wonderful finds!! That dress form is very unusual! Can’t wait to see the settee all finished, I know it will be beautiful like all your other things you’ve done!

  7. Congratulations on such fabulous finds! I collect antique ballgowns and display them on antique and vintage dress forms. Your dress form is amazing ( I would probably leave her without clothes) and should you decide to sell her I would love the opportunity to purchase it! Blessings to you and your family, Marian.

  8. As a novice quilter, that beautiful blue and white quilt caught my eye for it’s unique pattern. I have never seen seen a design like that. I am totally jealous of all your quilt finds. One in particular caught my eye several years ago and I was compelled to replicate it. I may have to do the same with this one,

  9. It’s all about location. You can never find Ironstone in the South. Only a few occasions have I spotted it out but very few times!! UGH!!!!

  10. For some reason Pennsylvania has a lot of Ironstone. I am such a big fan and I have favorite Antique malls, mills and shops that could spend hours in debating on what to buy. I find the expensive and inexpensive and everytime I pick a piece, my boyfriend says “where are you putting that?” So he built me a shelf to put a lot of in on. I can’t wait until its finished. I also have a lot of luck finding inexpensive quilts. So my point is……if you want to find it, look in this direction, I give you some names of some places and you can shop your heart out.

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