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In recent years, I have enjoyed making most of my Christmas decorations from natural elements.  This year, I was inspired to make orange pomanders by Mrs. Meyer’s Orange & Clove holiday scent.

I’ve been wanting to make them for a while, but this promotion gave me a good excuse.

That’s right…  It’s that time, again!  If you’ve been thinking about joining Grove Collaborative and taking advantage of their FREE Mrs. Meyer’s promotion, here is another chance to do just that!

If you haven’t heard of Grove Collaborative, let me share.  They are a company committed to carrying products that are uncompromisingly healthy, beautifully effective, sustainably minded, and amazingly affordable.  I started working with Grove as a blog sponsor, but I have since become a regular customer.  They carry products I use and love (like Tom’s toothpaste and Mrs. Meyer’s laundry detergent) and I can have them delivered to my door for less (or the same) as I would pay at a local store.

They also continually add great Grove exclusive products, like reusable canvas shopping bags, dish brushes, reusable food storage bags, essential oils, concentrated cleaners, glass spray bottles, and more.

It is a site that works on a subscription, but you can manage how often you receive shipments as well as what you receive in them from your dashboard.  For example, we need Jäson body wash refills more often than we need glass cleaner.  I’ve never been sent something I didn’t order.

If you sign up to be a new Grove Collaborative customer between Nov 9-14, 2017, you will receive…

  • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday hand soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday dish soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday multi surface spray
  • Grove Collaborative apron

…for FREE with your first order of $20 or more.  And you can choose your favorite Mrs. Meyer’s holiday scent bundle.

If you’re an existing customer, follow THIS LINK to get Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges.

If you’re interested in making orange pomanders, they are super easy and they smell amazing.  Simply press whole cloves into fresh oranges.  You can use a knitting needle, large nail, sharpened pencil, or something similarly-shaped to poke the holes first to save your fingers.

They can be hung (just attach a ribbon with some straight pins) made into a fruit topiary, or simply put in a bowl or compote.

I’ll let you know how long mine last, but they are supposed to last several weeks.  The more cloves you use, the longer they are supposed to last.  You can also cure the oranges in a mix of spice, so they will last months and even years.

Bringing in some smells of the season is a great way to ease into the holidays before you’re ready to break out the tree!

Disclosure: The links contained in this post are affiliate links.  All opinions expressed are my own and I am, as I said, a paying customer and fan of Grove Collaborative.

orange clove pomanders & free mrs. meyers

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24 Comments on “orange clove pomanders & free mrs. meyers”

  1. I love Grove Collaborative. I was hesitant to provide info and secure an account, but they are great. They put my account on and off hold whenever I need it done. I don’t need monthly supplies sent to me, but I do love the holiday scents. So if anyone is hesitant, don’t be.

  2. I’ve wanted to try Mrs Meyer’s products for a long time, what a great opportunity to get to know them. However, I’m having trouble ordering on the website, regardless of the items I cross off, my total keeps coming in at over $100. Is it just me?


  3. I made them and used spices mixed with orris root poweder and they were delightful and lasted for months and months! They are always beautiful to see!

  4. I know this makes me a party pooper, even though I love pomanders and have made them in the past, I have reached a point in my place on the planet where the idea of using food as ornamentation when there are millions starving in the world bothers me. Some would say this is not the time or place to make that comment, but if not now, when? One can actually make paper mache pomanders that will last longer.
    Just my personal opinion.

    1. Marilee,
      I do understand what you mean with using lots of oranges as decorations as nice as they are, but to be honest I think I would still do a few each year if my food budget allowed for such beautiful waste. For some people it replaces 4L of milk…

    2. That’s kind of like being told to finish your dinner because of the starving people in China. Your unfinished dinner will never reach China. And the orange and cloves are better used being appreciated for the beautiful scent ( God didn’t just make them to contain Vitamin C and taste good, but to smell good). If this bothers you so much I would encourage you to look into the copious amounts of food that grocery stores and restaurants in your area throw away each day. Now that is truly waste that could go to the hungry.

  5. I love the pomanders. Hubby and I used to make them every year. They make the house smell yummy for months. But the price of whole cloves in our area has skyrocketed.

    1. Connie, if there are any ethnic markets near you, check there for cloves. I find spices to be much cheaper at our local Asian market than the grocery store.

  6. I made these many years ago when I was a young woman and they lasted for years, hanging in my wardrobe. But I made them again last year and, within days, started growing mould on them and the inside turned squishy. They just became furry green balls of squishy putridity! I was so disappointed! Anyone have any ideas as to how to combat this?
    Thank you, Liz.

  7. Thank you for the information about Grove….

    I have such fond memories of making pomanders as a child. We would wrap them in mesh and hang them in our closets. The oranges would completely dry out but they kept the moths away and made the closets smell great. Pre-punching the hole does save the fingertips!

    Love your pictures of them too!

  8. I joined a while back and have enjoyed the products. And been introduced to new products/brands. Thanks for reminding me about the oranges and cloves🙋

  9. Really! A few oranges for decor at holiday time and you are complaining Marilee!? How many children did you have that contributed to the environment
    Using all the valuable resources and making trash and solid waste? You could have contributed to saving the earth by not reproducing and adding more mouths to feed! I think a few oranges is not going to Cause more children to starve! Marian and her husband do more for children in their ministry than you can imagine. What are you doing?

  10. I am so dismayed by those who attack another’s opinion. Surely we should be able to respect another’s opinion. I’m sure that Mariam does not expect everyone to agree with everything she does! No need to defend her! Let’s act like adults!

  11. I think Marilee was expressing an opinion and not attacking Marian or anyone else.
    Since I use fruit for decorations on occasion, I thought about her comment. To me, using the oranges in pomanders is an appropriate choice that actually cuts back on waste and using produced, maybe toxic air fresheners, etc.
    But that’s my opinion and choice and I very much appreciate how closely ones like Marilee are looking at their choices and the impact of them.
    It’s a wonderful thing that we can have different opinions and each still be caring about our impact on the earth and on each other with no one having to be completely Right or Wrong, but thoughtful and caring about important issues.

  12. Maureen, I was referring to Shelly’s snarky remarks to Marilee, which I do feel were attacking her.

  13. My grandmother used to make these and I totally forgot about them until seeing your post! She just moved into a nursing home last week and these will totally brighten her holidays! Thank you for yet another great idea MMS!!

  14. Megan thank you for sharing your great idea for your grandmother! My mother is also in a home and my sister and I are always trying to come up with something new for her in her limited space.

  15. I remember making these when I was young! I might have to make a few this year just to make my house smell nice, naturally!

  16. Just my final comment on this subject. My comment was intended to voice my opinion about something that I feel strongly, but one that doesn’t often get expressed in a forum such as this. I attacked nobody, but I’ve been on this planet for 78 years and realized when I spoke up that a number would disagree with me.
    However, I was surprised that someone would assume that I was either attacking Marian or being a hypocrite and I feel that it’s fair to address that assumption. Personally, I am an advocate of Zero Population growth and only contributed two offspring to the 7-plus billion earthly population and between them have only two grandchildren. I am fortunate enough to live in a city (Eugene, OR) that recycles, reuses and repurposes. Nearly every restaurant, grocery store, food processor and farm donates leftovers to either the local food distribution non-profit (Food for Lane County) or the local mission — and yes, I expect that they take a tax deduction. We also have a number of individual groups that have sprouted up who take it upon themselves to every week get together to prepare and distribute food to those in need. I live on Social Security but I am still able to financially donate to them from time to time for which I am thankful. The point I am trying to make is that people can make a difference, perhaps not across the greater spectrum of the planet — although I don’t believe that to be so — simply by examining their priorities. If Marian thought I was attacking her, I apologize. That was not my intent. That said, I still believe in the mantra, “be the change you want to see.” Or as Jesus said, “Do unto others.”

  17. That is beautiful Marilee – you are “talking the talk AND walking the walk” 🙂 We all can do something to better our world, my something may be different than yours but it all helps!

    Thank you to Connie for reminding us that a difference of opinion is surely NOT an attack if done with the right spirit. I so wish we could all remember that more.

  18. HELP Me from the far left who feel that human life is a waste of resources !
    As for me , I am Definately using oranges and such in my holiday display thanks to this post .

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