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My new lenses finally arrived late Wednesday evening.  It was after 7:00 pm and I was the last stop on the UPS route.  I practically hugged the delivery guy.  “I’ve been waiting for you ALL DAY LONG!!”  He apologized and I grabbed the package, signed for it, dashed to the back of the house and sat on the floor to open the long-awaited package.  
It was really dark, which is not good for the kind of pictures I wanted to take.  The lenses were so cold from sitting in the truck since 4 AM, so they fogged from the warmth of my house.  I was not going to get to play with them right away, so I had to wait until morning. 
As soon as the sun broke the next day, I was snapping pictures.  (I get to see a lot of sunrises with my 2 1/2 year old…) 
Anyway, I thought I would share some shots with you.  I have really loved playing with the “depth of field” on my 35mm lens.  The following pictures are straight from the camera.  No PhotoShop or adjusting exposure.  Just straight from my camera to the screen (with only the addition of my watermark.) 
This is a closeup of a leg on one of the French Chairs in my living room. 
This is a little sneak peek from when I was “playing Donna” this morning.  I actually made a video…it’s going to be a lot of fun. 

And I took this one as I was shooting some of my Christmas projects for  I love the “bokeh effect” of the Christmas tree lights in the background.   (Thanks, Sherry, I didn’t know that is what it was called!) 

Anyway, I am having a blast playing with my new toys.  Expensive toys, but very fun toys. 
Do you wonder why I was “playing Donna” this morning?  Read all about the Copy Me Challenge and make sure you get in on the fun! 

Copy Me Challenge

Miss Mustard Seed


  1. Sherry

    Ohhh! I got a new lens for Christmas too and it is wonderful! Love your closeup of that French chair leg. Bokeh is the lights on your Christmas tree. I love that effect.

  2. Nita {ModVintageLife}

    Those photos are gorgeous. Looks like your new lenses really do the trick.

  3. Nancy's Notes

    Oh my, now that is what I call fun!! Lucky you!


  4. Missy Luukkonen

    I must know, what lenses did you get??? Great shots!!!

  5. lvroftiques

    Just gorgeous pictures! Worth waiting for *winks* I'm with Missy, could you give us the run down on your camera set up? I'm ready to throw mine in the garbage right now! Vanna

  6. Lori

    Beautiful photos, I too would like to know what lens you bought and where. I received a new Canon T2i for Christmas and a lens or two.

  7. christi

    Those photos are awesome! I looked back through your posts because I thought you talked about the two lenses you ordered…. but I couldn't find it. Could you share those? Inquiring minds want to know.

    ps… loved your tutorial on the glazed paint finish on your chairs and mirror! Can't wait to hear more about your custom glaze!

  8. The White Farmhouse

    I love my new camera. You took some awesome pics with yours. I am still in the playing stage with mine. I almost have it mastered to not use the flash even at night. I can't wait to see what you are up to Donna style!

  9. Dana

    Great pictures! I definitely need to invest in a new lense.

  10. Dixie Sargent Redmond

    I want a new camera. Your pictures are beautiful. I probably need to take a photography class to know what the heck I'm doing. Says the "artist" 😉

  11. The Domestic Fox

    Woohoo!! I love getting new stuff for my camera (my third child). 😀

    Great pics! Just wait until spring – when the flowers start coming on – I can't help but be out there in the middle of them snapping away.

  12. Karen

    Amazing what a difference the right equipment makes,those pictures are fantastic!

  13. Sommer

    <---- this is me trying not to be totally jealous. I don't know when it will ever be in our budget for me to have the camera of my dreams. But I make due with the one I have, heck I just figured out the macro setting today! lol. My husbands cousin is the most incredible photographer I know. He taught me about bokeh =)

  14. Megan

    beautiful, beautiful, beauiful! Cant wait for mroe new shots with your AWESOME new lenses!!!!

  15. Stormy

    Wow ~ great shots!

  16. Busy as a Bee in Paris

    GORGEOUS photos, love the lighting the angles and the depth of field "bokeh" effects! On top of everything else you are an amazing photographer!! Talented lady!

  17. Amy @MaisonDecor

    Those pics are really amazing, so clear and defined. Enjoy the lenses, we will on this end!

  18. Prairie Girl Studio

    lucky girl to have such a lovely toy!
    awesome images … love your dof, pov
    and the bokeh is sparkling delight!
    i can tell you are going to play
    a lot with this one!
    enjoy, enjoy!
    : )

  19. Nutbird

    Inspiring! But this is not a toy for you. This is a real live tool for your profession. And they are tax deductible. I know I am a real pain in the butt, but why don't you get ivory trim to match your drop cloths instead of really white (not soutache, not braid, I am memory impaired, ) trim? You use it so much now you could buy a huge card of it somewhere. Ann

  20. Alyssa

    The photos are great; so crisp! Looks like the new lenses are a hit. Have a wonderful time with your new tools. 🙂

  21. lori diane

    the new photos are GREAT! What were the new lenses again? I am lusting after having one for my own.

  22. Gypsy Heart

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Maybe when I grow up, I'll have a camera like that. 🙂

    Would LOVE to have those chairs in MY living room!

    Have a great weekend ~

  23. Kim @ Cheap Chic Home

    Wow, if that's your test drive, you're photos already look like a $million! It looks like the lenses are paying off already.

  24. SueAnn

    Woot! Woot! on your new lens!! That is super and the shots you have taken with it are fabulous!

  25. Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic

    All I can say is WOW! The photos are stunning! I only have a point and shoot and have no plans to get anything better, but I still truly appreciate gorgeous photos like these. Thanks for sharing them. Can't wait to see what you come up with for copying Donna. This is a really great concept you girls came up with this time. What fun!

  26. Heather

    PRETTY PLEASE share the new lenses? I just got a brand new Nikon DSLR and I'm trying to learn what lenses do what! I'd love if you would share!



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