more Lucketts goodies…

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I thought I would share a few more goodies I acquired for Lucketts this week.

Wooden spoons, more Bakelite, and lots of ironstone!  Platters, pitchers…

…sweet little creamers and gravy boats…

…and this very unique brush box…

At least, it’s the shape of a brush box, but I’ve never seen ones with holes in the lid.  Usually, those are there to let out steam, so I’m not sure what purpose they would serve in a brush box.  It’s also a little wider.  Maybe it was for a steamed veggie, like asparagus?  Any ideas?

And, one of my pickers has hit a streak of these canning sets and she found another one…

We also got in another shipment of Savon de Marseille soaps.

That bowl was heavy!!  Kriste took a few pictures while I held it and, when we were done, she said, “Good for you for that!”  And I even did it with a sore bicep from my immunization shots I had to get for my upcoming trip.  I felt it, though.  I’m going to have to get back to P90x to work up those muscles again.

Oh, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Anyway, I have decided that it’s a shame to have these soaps and linens sit around until May, so I am going to list them in an online sale next week and I’ll just order more.

Be on the lookout for that sale soon…

more Lucketts goodies…

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38 Comments on “more Lucketts goodies…”

  1. Marian,
    Are those blue stripe linens in the first photo part of what you are offering for sale online next week? ?

    Do brush boxes normally have the two ridges like in the bottom of this box? Just making a guess… know nothing about stoneware… but those ridges make me think the contents were being held above possible liquids… like steamed asparagus as you mentioned.

    I looked at the Lucketts page with its map of the new site for the sale… saw your spot. Looks like this is going to be a great venue. Best wishes…


  2. Perhaps razors were stored in the “brush” box. Raised ridges and steam holes to prevent rusting

  3. I’m soooo excited about Luckettts,, this year !! I get giddy when I see your vintage linens,,, wonderful beginning’s for your show..

    1. This is what apparently they were used for (according to Etsy and some other sites). They were common in the 1860’s or so and are quite rare to find them unbroken.

  4. Marian –
    your box was intended for a toothbrush or a razor. The ridges in the bottom kept either implement out of sitting water (so no rust or mold) and the holds on top also helped water evaporate and so helpied to prevent mold developing. I have a number of these boxes, some with the holes on the top, some without. Yours has a particularly lovely finial!

  5. I think the brush box is for storing a wet razor or a toothbrush. The holes in the lid allow air to circulate so things will dry off yet stay clean

  6. Marian, I saw a similar covered bowl online that has the raised ribs inside. They labeled it as a razor or toothbrush dish. Makes sense. And those French soaps have the BEST lather!

  7. Marian, just love all the things you have for Lucketts! I love all things white and blue! Wish we lived closer as I would just love to be able to attend and shop! Your booth would definitely be my first stop!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  8. FYI there is an exhibition called American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Article in today’s WSJ.

  9. Oh will you please sell those ironstone pitchers online? Or somebody please tell me where I can find them in LA? I’ve seen some on eBay but they’re not as nice as Marians.

  10. I need a gravy boat that is a combination of gravy boat and those soap dishes that have strainers…for the lumps! LOL!

  11. Toothbrush box, holes allow air in to dry it brushes and the ridges keep the wet brushes off the bottom and also allow air to circulate.

  12. Your brush box is actually a covered soap dish. I have a few of these. It would have been part of a set with the pitcher and bowl for bathing brush and comb box small pitcher and cup for shaving and of course the ‘potty’ part aka the chamber pot…

  13. ?? I have a beautiful blue & white (with gold around the rim) set vanity ensemble: large round wash bowl, chamber pot, round soap dish (3 pcs.-lid, strainer, dish), AND the toothbrush set (long dish w/ridges & lid). Mine doesn’t have holes in the lid, but it was used for toothbrush. It was a gift from a friend and I couldn’t believe it when she gave it to me (from an antique store). I wish I could attach pictures to show you!

  14. Marian,
    Your covered dish came from a washbowl set made before running water and is meant to hold soap. I see them all the time and use one at work…to hold soap.

  15. Have husband with Parkinsons so can’t go to Lucketts so I’m happy when you put stuff online. Have’nt been lucky getting ironstone yet but will keep trying. You are an inspiration to me when Iget down. I have your book and have used your paints mostly on small things. I am one of your older follower{74} but we are out here!!

  16. A toothbrush holder! I never would have guessed that.

    I am curious to know what those yummy-looking soaps have in them. Is there information on the ingredients? There are certain chemical ingredients that I steer clear of.

    1. Here’s what I found on it…

      – 100% natural
      – Olive oil
      – Coconut oil
      – No colouring, no added fragrances, no preservatives
      – No chemical additives
      – No palm oil, guaranteed
      Ingredients (INCI) : Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Aqua, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide
      – For washing hands.
      – For washing the face and body
      – Can also be used as laundry soap

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