Megan’s office makeover | slipcovered armchair

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If you saw the Craig’s List wardrobe makeover yesterday, you caught a peek at the slipcovered armchair…

megan's office makeover | slipcovered armchair | miss mustard seed

As I’ve shared before, sewing is not my very favorite thing ever in the world to do.  I do it out of necessity, thriftiness, and the desire to customize.

Such is the case with slipcovers.  Unless I wanted to eat up our entire budget having this chair professionally slipcovered, I needed to do it myself in order to give Megan a cute and comfy armchair for her office.

I got it done, but I did drag my feet.  This chair was staring me down for a while.  I told Megan that and she said she was glad it was staring someone else down for a change!

I know how that is.  Something languishes in your stash and you know it can be really great, but you just don’t want to deal with it.

So, even though I left it until the end, I was really glad to take this project off Megan’s hands and get it done for her.  Here’s how the chair started…


It was a $15 Craig’s List purchase.  It’s cute and sturdy and in nice condition.  Megan tried painting the upholstery, but gave up on it.  And I think that was a good decision.  I know a lot of people have successfully painted upholstery and lived to tell the tale, but I’m not a fan of it in most cases.

In this particular case, with a couple more coats, this chair probably would’ve looked okay, but the painted portion felt “crunchy”.  I don’t know about you, but “crunchy” is not an adjective I want to describe an armchair that I plan to sit in.

So, I made a slipcover for it out of Megan’s cream cotton curtains…

megan's office makeover | slipcovered armchair | miss mustard seed

It’s fitted but casual.  And definitely not perfect.  I don’t do perfect.

megan's office makeover | slipcovered armchair | miss mustard seed

I made it using the same methods I teach in the six part video slipcover series I made a few years ago.  This one was a little easier, because I only used piping on the cushion and along the skirt.

I sort of liked the fabric on the chair for this space, so I kept the back cushion uncovered.  It will add a vintage/eclectic touch to the room without being too loud.

And I added a fun little surprise to the back with some scraps of the curtain fabric…

megan's office makeover | slipcovered armchair | miss mustard seed

You’ll probably get a peek of the back of the chair from the entrance to the room, so it was worth the time to add that little detail.

megan's office makeover | slipcovered armchair | miss mustard seed

Yes, mom.  I know I should’ve ironed this before the photo shoot!  It was the end of the day and I was in a rush, but we’ll iron it before the final pictures and that’ll make the pleats look sharper and the fabric lay nice a straight.

megan's office makeover | slipcovered armchair | miss mustard seed

In other Megan’s-office-makeover-news, the light fixture arrived!  I wanted something really unique and I was picturing a pendant fixture hanging from a chain, but I didn’t find anything I was in love with that was also priced right.  When I was browsing Etsy one night, I found this light and thought it was perfect!  Just the thing to add some farmhouse flair to the space.


We swapped out one of the pipes to make it the right measurements to cast the light right on Megan’s work surface and now it’s perfect.  I’m going to convert it to a fixture that plugs into an outlet, so we don’t have to mess with hardwiring it.  I’ll show you how easy that is!

We also got the window frame cleaned up and hemp oiled, so it’s ready to become a magnetic inspiration board.  Of course, I’ll show how we do that, too.



And, lastly, we were planning to use a vintage wire wastebasket for the space, but I received an e-mail from one of my buddies, Carrie of the Etsy shop Copper & Tin, who had an old trashcan that she thought would be perfect for Megan’s space.  And she’s right!  It’s a pretty, soft green with a galvanized liner and a cute little pedal….



(photo via Copper & Tin)

Carrie thought it was so perfect, that she’s giving it to Megan as a gift.

I’m telling you…this makeover is so fun!!

A few of you mentioned you’re looking forward to the reveal, but will be a little sad when it’s over, too.  I feel the same way, except, I have about ten other room makeovers in the hopper, so we’ll dive right into another one.


If you need to catch up on this series, here are all of the links…

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part 2 | the “franken-chair”

part 3| the plan

part 4 | wall colors & design elements

part 5 | the slipcovered desk chair reveal

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  1. Kim

    Glad you mentioned ironing it. You are right that was my first thought when I saw the chair. It is cute and wrinkled :). Thanks for assuring me it will be ironed. Love Mom. Proud of you and excited for Megan.

  2. Karen

    Such a nice gift from Carrie! The room is coming together nicely. I will be sad to see the project end.

  3. maggie

    I’m loving this whole makeover thing!

  4. Susan

    I agree, I really like this makeover series!

  5. Toni

    love, love love! So glad to hear there are more makeovers. I have found this so enjoyable!

  6. Terri

    I really like the ties on the chair back of this and other chairs you have done.

  7. Marsha Kern

    I love your quote “I don’t do perfect!” You do such a wonderful job at so many things but it is nice to know that perfection is not one of them! Me Too!!!

  8. Ann

    It’s looking amazing! I can’t wait to see the reveal! You are so talented & so unselfish to share your know how with everyone. Thank you! I’m always inspired:)

  9. Sarah Phillipps

    Yep, that’s my new quote now. “I don’t do perfect” when it comes to slipcovers! Love the fun little surprises on the back of the chair!

  10. Ashlea

    Ok I have to say I adore the ruffles! I have 2 wing backs I have been waiting to tackle (my first slip cover projects!) and this little chair has given me such inspiration. I have a question- I bought a drop cloth and bleached it for a looooong time- but it still has colorful flecks. Upon closer examination it also seems like the fabric is almost blotchy? I know you have talked a ton about this- and I read your other posts related to drop cloths, but I am not sure what went wrong. Is this normal with drop cloth fabric- and it isn’t too noticable or should I maybe get another brand…?
    Thank you for sharing this makeover, looking forward to all of the details!

  11. Jackie

    Thanks for letting us follow along as you work your magic on this space. I think it’s often too easy to forget all the time and effort that goes into those before and after photos we see all over the internet. And since the majority of us, in our own spaces, need to realize it does take planning, tweaking, and most importantly time before we can call it done. That is if there ever really is a done!

  12. Becky

    Im loving this makeover. I can’t wait to see it all finished. It’s turning out beautifully.

  13. Janine R

    Marion, I was one of the ladies who left several critisims when you asked for comments. I have to say , from the changes I’ve seen these last few weeks-well done. Really liking the direction your blog has taken. Feel like the “old” Miss Mustard Seed is back.

    • marian

      Thanks, Janine!

  14. Stephanie

    I’m jealous of your life! I would love to tag along sometime & see your designs come to life. Room makeovers is my passion but it hasn’t turned into a job yet. Maybe someday. I think my favorite part of Meagan’s room is the old chair fabric paired with the curtain material. They just work so well together! Looking forward to the reveal.

  15. Pam

    Your chair slipcover is just wonderful beyond words!
    Lovvvvve the ties!
    Perfection is frequently over rated!

  16. Liz

    You did a GREAT job on the slipcover. Especially for someone who really doesn’t enjoy sewing. I predict you will be the next Martha!!

  17. Alicia

    Dear Marian,

    I was so tickled by the chair back ties. I love those little sparks of creativity in a piece that makes it unique. Even though sewing is not your favorite thing your creativity always comes through!!! My first slipcover, after watching your armchair tutorial, was with a striped pattern and I like to refer to it as “charming” and “full of character.” And I am now a fan of “don’t do perfect.”

    With love, I do admit that I had become one of those unspoken critics that would not read every posting. It takes courage and humility to do what you did – ask for a critique. With grace you have turned a new corner and I’m a fan of the makeover chapter in MMS!

    Soon I will be using your milk paints for the very first furniture “makeover.” I will send you before and after pics. I’m very close, having been inspired and “taught” by you for several years from your postings, to beginning a business/blog…and at 67!!! My style is influenced by coastal and French Country…and like you…I’m a fan of blue.

    I continue to applaud your spirit. It is so selfless. You draw other selfless entrepreneurs (Carrie) onto your stage and we are all blessed. It’s contagious!

    I enjoy watching how God continues to bless you as you continue to follow His lead.

  18. Sandie

    You are AMAZING! It gives me hope for my little house and even smaller budget. <3

  19. Cindy in Oklahoma

    Darling chair! Super storage piece! Quirky light! What more could an office want?

  20. Naomi S.

    I think you are doing a wonderful make-over of Meagan’s office. I say this as I sit here in my cluttered, disorganized, crammed full of papers, papers, papers office! Even if I could bring you to Michigan to do over this room, I would still have to sort and pitch a whole lot of stuff before you could start! I just can’t get up the energy or find the time to make a dent in it. (Sorry, that sounded pretty whiney.) But what I want to say is that seeing what you are doing always gives me hope and inspiration. I know that my progress is slow, but I also know that it can be done. (Perhaps after the grandchildren are grown!)

    Regarding the makeovers and up-dates you’ve done in Meagan’s office, I particularly LOVE that old cupboard! The color is beautiful and it is such a great piece for display and for storage. The desk chair legs switch and slipcover is so much more attractive than just an “undressed ” chair would be. And I love the large-check green/white curtain fabric. The only thing that doesn’t please my eye so far is the back cushion of the little chair being left showing the design/colors of the ’70’s that the chair was upholstered with originally. To my eye it is jarring amidst all the other soft colors. I understand the idea of using a pop of color in a space with more muted tones, but that cushion would not be the right pop for me! Cover it with the curtain fabric or find something with deeper tones of the colors you are already using. Just my opinion. If you love it, keep it the way it is, of course!

  21. MaryLisa Noyes

    I’m inspired to try to do a chair slipcover. Your instructional videos will be my best friends. Thanks for posting to link to the Etsy shop of Carrie’s. I love the trash can!

  22. Cindy

    Oh my god, that chair is so cute i could die. I have a little thing for chairs, and this one is just about as charming as it gets with the little bows in the back. I love that you kept the pillow in the original fabric. It’s amazing how cute it is now that the chair is covered.


  23. Lauren Baxter

    I love that arm chair, and those ties on the back perfect, and ties in with the space perfectly. I can’t wait to see what you do with that frame!!

    That trash can is perfect and is the perfect shade for the office as well. That light?! I love it, so much farm house flair, I just can’t get enough! I am so excited to see this reveal 🙂

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor


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