Lucketts 2015 day two | what’s left

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Day two of our first three day Lucketts Spring Market is done.  Whew!  The day started at 4:30 am, which is not my finest hour.  My stomach hurts when I’m up that early, but I’m willing to do it for Lucketts!  We arrived at our space about 6:45 am and fluffed the space, so it looked nice for our Saturday morning shoppers. The additional day and early 8:00 am opening resulted in much more relaxed crowds that were spread throughout the day, instead of hitting all at once.  I think it made for an overall more pleasant shopping experience, but it was so different from the frenzy of previous years.

Things sold all throughout the day, despite the heat and humidity that was pretty stifling in the afternoon.  I loved meeting new people and seeing a lot of return shoppers as well.  It’s like a reunion with old friends.  We hug and take a few minutes to catch up and chat about furniture and paint and blogs.  It’s always such an encouragement to me!

In the afternoon, Jeff kept looking at the radar, insisting that rain was on the way, so we started moving things into the tent, wrapping up furniture that’s been purchased, etc.  The skies were still sunny and everyone was making a bit of a joke out of Jeff and his super doppler.  Well, the breeze picked up, the clouds rolled in and the rain came.  Our tarp started flapping wildly, threatening to knock over all of the ironstone on pieces of furniture in the tent.  Kriste and I ran around, putting the ironstone on the ground to keep it from toppling.  Jeff secured the tarp.  We all got drenched, but everything inside the tent was saved.  We did end up with a river running through our booth, so I’m going to have quite a mess to clean up tomorrow, but that’s just one of the things you have to deal with when you’re doing an event outside.

I finally got a hot shower and meal and I’m ready to fall into bed, but I wanted to share the furniture pieces that are left, in case you’re coming out tomorrow (or interested in purchasing them after the event.)

The balloon-back chairs with the ticking skirts, $250/pair (I am totally at peace if these don’t sell)…


…a shoe cart, $200…


…really old work/farm table, $525…


…balloon-back checked chairs, $175/pair, I think…


…Boxwood highboy, $285…


..Boxwood desk/vanity, $225…


…cottage dresser, $425…


…yellow-backed, checked chair, $225…


…glass-front cabinet, $225…


…Boxwood empire, $425…


…hand painted Mora empire, $425…


Those are the prices on the ticket now (from memory, so I think they’re right), but I’ll be wheeling and dealing and putting things on sale tomorrow.  The booth might be a bit of a mess tomorrow, but we’ll do our best to clean things up and make it look awesome.

Hope to see you tomorrow and I can’t wait to share a full recap of Lucketts 2015.

But now…sleep.

Lucketts 2015 day two | what’s left

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16 Comments on “Lucketts 2015 day two | what’s left”

  1. So great to meet you today and see all of your amazing things in person! I thought about you during that rain storm. Sorry you had that stress to deal with!! Enjoy your last day and hopefully you will pamper yourself next week after all your hard work. 🙂

  2. Jeff saved the day! I am sure that everyone is so excited to be there that a little disarray is no problem and it looks like it has been a huge success for you! Congratulations! If by chance the K.E. Chair (single or set) did/does not sell than I would love to hear from you. Best of luck on you last day at Lucketts!

  3. Please keep me posted if the shoe cart doesn’t sell. (If I could pick it up back in PA)

  4. Marian,
    It was nice seeing you on Saturday and I just love the ironstone sugar bowl and small pitcher that I bought from you. Your father can pack a piece of ironstone like nobody’s business! I also enjoyed chatting with your Mom at checkout as she and my stepfather are both Petersburg High alumni.

    Let me say firsthand, that this years event compared to last years, was like night and day. I am glad the vendors noticed the change as well and hopefully the organizers will stick to this new format. Like you said, it didn’t have all the frenzy of previous years. Good luck on Sunday and I hope the weather will cooperate.

  5. So awesome!!! Those pieces that is.. Not the fact that yall had to fight the rain off of that ironstone lol. I do have an idea though.. If there are ANY primitive bread boards and ironstone that you have left over, I would gladly take them off of your hands in a heartbeat!! I would drive all the way from Tuscaloosa, Al if I had to.. It’s all your fault Marian. This obsession started after I purchased your book..

  6. Love all of your stuff…especially love your glass front cabinet…you do such an awesome job. Have a great week!

  7. Hi There,
    I am so jealous that there are shows like Lucketts so close to everyone but me! Round Top spring festival was wonderful, but a big distance from Utah.
    Please list the items that are left for sale.
    Maybe Lucketts will have to be on the to- do list next year.

  8. Oh, also your balloon back checked chairs. Two of your clocks shown if av. And any linens left. Please pm me

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