Love it. Buy it?

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Those of us who have the collecting/thrifting/junking gene know that it’s hard not to buy something we love, especially when it has a great price tag.  Then, we all end up at the same place…too much stuff, not enough space, but we still want to buy more.  Right?  So, what is one with this dilemma to do?  Here are some good principles to follow…

First of all, clear things out of your home that you don’t love.  Have a yard sale, have a swap, take it to auction, put it on Craig’s List, give it to someone who does love and need it.  Just clear out the stuff you don’t love.  This will be a gradual process for most, so don’t clear things out to the point where you’re sitting on the floor and eating off trays!  Also, let you’re family know what you’re doing, so they can expect some changes and let you know if something is off limits for removal. 

Make a trade-up policy for yourself.  One thing comes in, one thing leaves.  Gail and I were discussing this a few weeks ago and laughing at trying to cheat this policy.  A table comes in, a coffee mug leaves.  No, no.  A chair comes in, a chair leaves. 

Restrict your shopping trips.  You won’t be tempted to buy if you’re not looking.  Only go when you’re looking for something to keep yourself from getting into trouble.

It’s OK to love something and not buy it.  You can love a piece and it can be a fantastic price, but you don’t need to own it.  If you really NEED to, then use the trade-up policy. 

Make it a business.  If you just can’t resist…if you must hunt, find, buy, and fix it up, then make it a business.  That way you can continue to do it and you’re home won’t look like an episode of “Hoarders” (minus the cat skeletons, I hope.)

That’s what I did. 
And you have no idea where it could lead.
Miss Mustard Seed
Love it.  Buy it?

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29 Comments on “Love it. Buy it?”

  1. This post is certainly speaking to me :-{ Your points are good ones…if only it were that easy to follow. I do tell my self not to stop at the thrift store just because I'm driving by. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! Your last paragraph is one I have considered….I really should try selling some of these great finds. It certainly did work for you, didn't it?! 🙂


  2. I just didn't shop for 5 years once…no tag sales, no fleas, no thrift stores, equals no temptation….I seem to be making up for it these past couple of years though! LOL

  3. Love this post. My best pal and I have been talking about this very thing for the past few months and decided to get serious about it. Our very first booth at an antique mall opens in December. We're starting small but filling it up with stuff from our house that we no longer need or love.

  4. I'm definitely ready for the next swap. I came home from the first one and noticed a bunch of things that I should have brought but didn't even think to bring! Any thoughts on when the next one might be?

  5. I have always loved the dresser in the first picture, if your tired of it, I'll take it. If only we lived closer to you!!!!

    Location, location, location. You are lucky to be located in a great area for your type of business. There are unique shops that are in demand for your products.

  6. There is a lot of truth to your post. Collecting can be a double edged sword. I have started an etsy shop (peppersplacedesigns) recently and found that after a decade of collecting, it can be rewarding for both me and my basement to let things go. Thanks for the post!

  7. I totally get this. The trouble with my deal…the furniture…is it does take up a lot of room. I've done major downsizing the past few months. I love the extra space. The only thing is, sometimes you know it's vintage, one of a kind, and you'll never see anything like it again. So… it! And take it home. I do try to get it out of the house quick, with a new look and a few hundred dollars in my pocket! It is an addiction. And now a business!

  8. I practice not going shopping if I don't need anything. Just Saturday a friend asked if I minded running in a Thrift Shop with her because she wanted to see what was new. I agreed and sure enough I found things I don't need but they were such a good deal I brought them home. There was one big thing….that I told myself I didn't need and didn't get and now I'm thinking…I'm headed back there tomorrow to see if it is still there and will get it.

    That is why…I don't go thrifting just for fun. Because I'll drag things home.

    That said…I think I might really need the thing I am going after tomorrow. he he

  9. Wonderful post! I practice the trade up rule; if anything comes in something equivalent must go. I also use the theory if I haven't used it in six months (not including holiday decor) I won't miss it and out it goes.


  10. That is exactly how I started my business! I loved to buy beautiful antique and vintage pieces for my home but after a while I just didn't need any more.What a more wonderful job could you have? Not to mention the fact of being able to change things up at a whim!

  11. You have so inspired me again! I'm starting (slowly) to dip my toe in this water. It's scary, but even though I've yet to make a dime, it feels SO right. I got the nerve to start because of you, and I thank you for your inspiration!

  12. So true! I loved going to auctions and repainting furniture and reselling it: it's how I made my money when first married. Now it's scaled WAY back while I'm schooling the kids, but I'm looking to take it in a different route now. But yes, it is sooo fun to be able to buy stuff that is a great deal, knowing you can swap it up if you just can't get the "love" to stop. 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh. I saw the cat skeleton episode! I can't imagine. Those poor cats and people. My heart hurts for them. Anyhow, Great tips. I'm anti clutter so I go through a serious purge every six months and just give things to those who want it or need it. Last month, I gave one of my favorite Pottery Barn shower curtains to my baby sis but asked for it back after realizing that I could just paint the stripes another color. I just couldn't part with it. (I totally hooked her up with other things though.)

    Enjoy your time with family,

  14. I am definitely ready to trade up. I just haven't decided how I am going to clear out! Craigs' list or some way else!
    Good suggestions!

  15. hahahah you are SOO right… it's about time for me to start selling … as my garage is too full :-))
    By the way, I / Modern Country Lady has just been asked to guest-blog.. on a site that has 30.000 folllowers and 16.000 on Twitter !!!! EEEEEEEeekkkkkk hahahaha
    All thanks to you – as you were my original inspiration to get out there and get going XD XXXXXXX

  16. Well I am totally with you on the trading up theory and have practiced that for just about forever.The problem comes when you try to make it a business!Now I'm buying all kinds of stuff to sell (which I wouldn't normally purchase due to taste and space restrictions) and there's no room at the inn.This is a particularly bad time of year because I'm out of shows until Spring but the stuff keeps coming in.Just got the car back in the garage, company is coming and there are three more bags from the thrift store.UGH!!!I am so out of room for product.

  17. I think "Hoarders" is a great way to keep yourself in check at the thrift store! I was giddy like a kid when Geralin Thomas, one of the organizers from the show, sent me a message regarding a comment I made on Facebook :)That show is addicting…

  18. Must keep reminding myself about the golden rule for dealers! One comes in, one goes out!
    I have mountains of stuff I'm trying to get in my webstore for the holidays and my home IS starting to look like an episode of Hoarders minus the kitty skeletons. I have 3 kitties and count them daily to make sure no one gets lost in the mess!

  19. I love this post. I cannot give up thrifting it's a disease, so I'm doing exactly what you have suggested – I have my first craft sale in two weeks time!

  20. How opportune that I should find your blog right after moving to a home that inspires my imagination. How inopportune that I should be nine months pregnant and [realistically speaking] past the point of taking on any more large projects at the same time!

    I'm looking forward to spending more time here :).

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