little victories…

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When you have an entire house and business to pack up, you have to celebrate the little victories.

As I’ve been working through the house, I realize that I’ve done so much and there is so much to do that I keep going back to the same cabinets, drawers and closets, not remembering that I already emptied them.

I decided I needed a system that didn’t involve keeping all of my cabinet doors perpetually open; a Sixth Sense moment in my kitchen.  So, I came up with a solution, using what was handy in the house.  When I finished packing up a cabinet and it’s empty, I stick a piece of green Frog Tape on it.

It’s already been such a great visual cue for me to see what is done and what still needs to be done.

And each time Jeff or I stick on a piece of green tape, we high five.

It’s a small victory.

I also used tape to mark the pieces that are conveying with the house.  I wrote STAY on those and I’ll remove the green “victory” tape from the rest of the cabinets, etc. when we’re done packing to avoid confusion.

Amid the chaos of packing, it’s a bit of organization to keep me straight!

I’m also still working on lightening the load for the move.  I sold my Gustavian sofa to a friend and I’ve decided to put my industrial cart coffee table up for sale as well.

I really debated with myself on this one, but I think I’m going to move away from this industrial vibe in our next home.  And Jeff stubs his toes on the wheels all the time, so he won’t miss it!  If you’re interested, just send me an e-mail (  The price is $225.

My yard sale is tomorrow and I’ll share some tips on putting together one that is sure to be a success…

little victories…

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14 Comments on “little victories…”

  1. Very helpful hints, if done that same thing when moving go back to the drawers cabinets I already packed, almost double checking myself. Next time I will do the frog tape !

  2. I’ve found the easiest for me is to do one room at a time. Don’t keep going back and forth, room to room.

    1. That’s what I did. I started with the enclosed porch, guest and college kids’ rooms, emptied those and started stacking packed boxes in them. The final room was the kitchen. Since one usually unpacks by room, that makes the most sense.

  3. love your look, the white, the rustic wood, the industrial touch.
    We all need change. I went from very primitive to the rustic farmhouse look, whites, old wood and industrial …. Lol

  4. Sounds like you have it all under control. Good.

    I bought the same door at an antique store and had a mirror installed behind it and it is hanging
    over a buffet that I rehabbed. It has a glass knob. Love it. Keep on trucking……..Mary

  5. I have missed where you are moving to– thought it was just a new home but you say you are packing up your business , too.

  6. You are getting it done little by little. I love the Elizabeth Elliott quote, “Do the next thing.” That is what I have been telling myself all week as we inch closer to opening our new business. Wish I was closer – would love to have that coffee table for the sofa area in my new coffee shop. Blessings as you follow the Lord’s leading!

  7. I found when I moved that it was easier to do one room at a time, box up what I was keeping ,charity and selling at flea markets…I dare not let my husband organize things because that is not a word that is in his dictionary, however he does have strength so can move heavy boxes. Prior to moving down to Portugal we moved to the middle of England and that move was so big that it took us 5 days in all to move 4 truck loads, we hired the biggest truck you can get in the UK and had to drive the 250 miles each day and then back again, may not seem a big distance in US terms but in UK traffic down tiny roads it was a nightmare! The packing for Portugal was a lot easier we were downsizing to an apartment, you have to be ruthless then!

  8. I couldn’t agree more! This whole “stuff ” series speaks to me loud and clear! We moved 2 years ago and went through absolutely everything too! It was wonderful letting go of the “stuff” and keeping just the “treasures”. I watched your video series on finding your design style. It has changed everything for me. The way I shop, the “stuff” I don’t buy anymore, the way I am selectively decorating each and every space in our new house, the simplification of the entire process. I can’t thank you enough. Turns out I’m not into rustic but vintage instead. There’s a huge difference! And modern, vintage, cottage, ranch is definitely a style! Ha… who knew! Good luck on the yard sale! And blessings to your new adventure/begining!!

  9. Oh how I love that industrial cart. I know it will find a great home. Today I tried talking my husband into letting go of stuff especially in our storage unit. I almost think moving is so helpful because it forces the issue…the frog tape is a great idea!

  10. 18 moves in 37 years of marriage…… my story (an Air Force officer’s wife). It does get easier in the sense that the things I choose to keep and take with me have special memories associated with them. Stuff, we all have that. Those are the things that make our life function. We “need’ certain things. We cherish and value others. Sending you hugs as you decide what to pack as you embark on your next adventure. Best wishes and Godspeed in your next adventure

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