Leigha’s Bedroom Update

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Do you remember Leigha’s decorating delimma?  She was the one with the room that looked heavy and dark.  I put a plan together with some ideas for her space, based on what she told me she liked…

Leigha's Bedroom Collage

Here’s how the room looked before…


Here is how it looked after a reset and she painted the walls in a creamy white (she’s still going to swap out the lamps or change the shades)…


…and the ceiling in a pretty blue.  Leigh also changed out the bedding to an inexpensive white matlasse spread and used one of her beloved vintage crochet pieces at the foot.



And she’s still sending me updates!

Her husband didn’t like my initial suggestion of a chandelier, although he was open to taking the ceiling fan down.  So, I suggested a lantern.  Simple, classic and definitely not fru-fru.

Leigha found one for, I think, around $130 online and it looks perfect!  She says they love it.


Her husband was a little overenthusiastic with the bulbs, so Leigha said it looks “like a airport landing strip” at the moment.  They are going to put some softer bulbs in there, so it’s a bit more ambient and less like a helicopter search light.

She also lightened-up and restyled the secretary, which is a family heirloom.  Here’s how it looked before…



…and now…


She’s going to add a few pops of green with some low-maintenance succulents.  The back is covered in panels of fabric that can easily be removed.

And Leigha used some MMSMP in Boxwood on an old side table with a pretty shape…


…and it’s going to be a nice pop of color once it’s finished and in place.  (And I think she’s a new milk paint convert!)


She was considering using a vintage needlepoint pillow on the bed, but the colors were a bit too muted, so she picked a brighter green and white fabric…


I love how fresh that fabric looks and how well it works with the colonial-style of the bed.  It’s also very close to the fabric in our inspiration room.


It’s look fantastic, Leigha, and I can’t wait to see the end result!  Thanks so much to continuing to share your makeover with us.

Are you seeing any inspiration for your own space?

Leigha’s Bedroom Update

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39 Comments on “Leigha’s Bedroom Update”

  1. Gosh, what a difference, it’s really starting to come together. And I love that she’s not spending a fortune just updating what she already has. Love the idea of the fabric in the back of the unit, the difference is amazing.

  2. I know from experience how painful it can be to paint furniture you paid a fortune for…but trust me, you will LOVE it when you do! I painted my bedside tables and it made a HUGE difference…then I painted my high boy and then even my bed. I am upgrading to a king sized bed soon so the head board and footboard are going, but the other pieces I was determined to get rid of are staying put now! The heavy, dark furniture I hated are now some of my favorite pieces! DON”T BE AFRAID TO PAINT A PIECE!

  3. It’s looking AMAZING! I bet she loves walking into her bedroom now 🙂 It’s great how a few small tweaks can make such a huge difference! Go girl!

  4. Thank you — I so needed this laugh today!!

    ** Her husband was a little overenthusiastic with the bulbs, so Leigha said it looks “like a airport landing strip” at the moment. They are going to put some softer bulbs in there, so it’s a bit more ambient and less like a helicopter search light. **

    And the lantern is perfect! Maybe even better than a chandelier?

    So much fun to watch this coming together!

  5. It is looking so different,she’s doing a great job. thanks for allowing us to follow along and see the awesomeness.

  6. I wonder about a blue ceiling with all that green. It’s okay in nature, but makes me a bit antsy. in this room….
    Wondering if they will change to a chandelier eventually,….

    Waiting to see the curtains/draperies y’all choose…….

  7. Perfection! Wouldn’t change a thing except the light bulbs…….Maybe some of those light bulbs that look like candles…………..M.

  8. Marion, that is a definite improvement to the original space. I prefer the light blue on the ceiling but THAT FIXTURE HAS GOT TO GO! Softer bulbs are not the answer. That type of fixture belongs in a foyer or or hallway…definitely not over a marital bed. A chandelier would be much prettier. And as a professional interior designer, I know what I am talking about.

    1. Sorry, but I have to agree about the light. My first thought was “A GIANT SPIDER” from those shadows! It just takes away from the beauty of the pale blue and the architectural detail. There is a better solution out there with so many thousands of choices. Perhaps something softer without being feminine, for her husbands sake.

      1. Kathy, I agree about the lantern. I love lanterns but I think this one is too small for the space. Of course, if it works for this couple that’s all that matters…it’s their house. I would have left the ceiling fan b/c here in the south, it’s a necessity!

    2. Dee, as a professional I would think you would have less harsh comments. Perhaps it is your opinion that the light fixture needs to go. I would hope you would be more tactful in your recommendations to your own clients. Leigha and her husband obviously did what worked for them. This is exactly why I would not hire an interior designer; I am afraid they would all be like you. Harsh comment yes, but I am not claiming to be a professional.

      1. Elyce, when a client employs a professional designer, they are looking for a way to move forward in the decoration of their home. In said process there are thousands of decisions to be made to accomplish this goal. In my opinion, I stated that a chandelier was the better choice over the harsh glare of the lantern fixture. Even the change of bulb would not help. you can’t even purchase a frosted chandelier bulb any longer. Additionally, the fixture is in a black wrought iron finish. Had the client desired a lantern “look” a larger scale Morrocan style lantern in a lighter finish would be more appropriate. The scroll work on such a lantern would create a play of light on the tray/vaulted ceiling and a feeling of playfulness. In a marital bedroom lighting is very important. In the eastern tradition of feng shui a marital bedroom is always painted pink. This is said to enhance the marriage, to create more energy for Love. All of these disciplines are valid in interior design. I take all into consideration while consulting with a client. You should be aware that my comments were not harsh…to the point, yes. Opinionated? Yes. But, that it what I am paid for. A couple, whether married or not wishes for a bedroom which is a retreat for rest, restoration, relaxation, reading and for love-making and in the ‘best light’ as possible for that.
        As far as not wishing to hire an interior designer for fear that they might be like me. I’d say you would be quite fortunate to have me as your designer and I wouldn’t let your “harsh comments” deter me. You certainly are entitled to your opinion and to deliver it passionately! xoxo Dee

    3. Oh, I disagree. I think lanterns are being used all over the house, now and it looks really fitting with the style direction she’s going. To each her own, right? 🙂

  9. I would SO love to update my master bedroom. I just can’t imagine going through this process on my own. (I’m single) But I love how you’re walking us through step by step. It doesn’t seem as intimidating in little chunks. Thanks!

  10. What a great change! Can’t wait to see it completed. Please tell Leigha that they can also install a rheostat/dimmer for the lantern. You’re such a great transformer! 😀

  11. I would have kept the needle point pillow, even though you think the green one is better. It’s just that I love old needle point. The room is terrific anyway.

  12. I like the lantern idea, but in Texas the ceiling fan will have to stay. I’ve been thinking about painting the back of a bookcase, but maybe I’ll just do it with fabric like she did. Good idea! I love how the room is coming together…especially the pops of green and the blue ceiling!

  13. What a difference! It is looking great. I too would love to remove the ceiling fan, but it’s just too hot and uncomfortable in TX without it. You may want to mention to Leigha that succulents will not grow in that secretary, unless, of course they are faux succulents. Succulents need plenty of light to grow.

    1. This is true about the succulents. And some plants need light coming from the top down, especially ferns.

  14. I love what Leigh has done. I hate our fan above our bed but in Texas heat it is really a necessity. Way to go Leigh!

  15. That boxwood green sure is pretty. I think I must find something to try it out on.

    Leigha’s whole bedroom is so much more up-lifting now. The lantern hung from the ceiling is really beautiful. What a good idea that was. It just sets off that blue color and the moldings.

    You’re good, Marian. When are you coming to Michigan to do my living room? Ha,ha.

  16. A suggestion…..Covering the dark portion of the headboard with European square pillows in thick fabric shams, perhaps matelasse, would soften and cut down more of the dark wood. It’s hard to do dark wood mixed with light paint I think, because the contrast is so high. So having just a few dark pieces, well separated, seems to be the way to go. The transformation is happening!!!

  17. I think it is lovely! I agree that the bulbs need to be changed in the lantern however, I like the choice. It is a fresh change from the over-used chandelier.

  18. She’s done a fabulous job so far! I love the fresh light paint color and lantern. The styling in the cabinet is great. I like the plate behind the camera so it isn’t lost.

  19. I just love how she changed out the display in the secretary – putting the cream fabric on the back really lightens it up and makes the items pop -While I do love the 1st tapestry pillow, I can see why she likes the green print I love how they are interpreting your suggestions to their tastes – that’s what design/decorating is all about. Great Job Marian!

  20. Amazing! It looks so much lighter and less dated! I love the changes, and laughed about the light bulbs! The blue on the ceiling was a great idea, and the pop of green is really fresh!


  21. I really like the hanging lantern. She can also replace the wall with with a dimmer and have just the brightness she wants. It is looking terrific!

  22. Would love to know the fabric source or something very similar. I have been looking sights for similar fabrics since I saw this. I have a bedroom that needs to be changed up a bit without a lot of expense and this is very doable for me. Just having a hard time finding the fabric.

  23. Lovely work leigha! It’s looking good 🙂 Loved what you did with the side table and that chandelier is a beaut!

    Can’t wait to see more!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

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