Latest Ironstone Finds

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I don’t try to hide the fact at all that I love ironstone.  I spotted it about 12 years ago in a magazine and the love has remained constant.  I’ve waffled on crazy quilts, baby dresses, milk glass and silver plate, but I have never waffled on ironstone.

My collection has grown to the point that I have to pick and choose what I want to keep and what I want to sell.  When I find a new piece I want to keep, I usually get rid of another.  Here are a few new acquisitions I decided to keep…


I’m into sugar bowls right now.  I’ve been through pitchers and casseroles and now my heart beats fast when I spot a sugar bowl.  I sort of like the chunky ones and I don’t mind if the lid is missing, but I love how dainty this one is.  It’s a keeper.  For now.



I have been selling casseroles lately, because a person only *needs* so many.  This one has a very unique shape and is in great condition.  Keeper.



…and this last piece is really special.  It looks like a little casserole, but the you open it up and see it’s a soap dish!  I haven’t seen a piece like this, so…

…you guessed it…


 I’m heading to Lucketts tomorrow to refill my space (already!)  My pair of French chairs and the green built-in cabinet sold, so I’m bringing down a dresser and some smalls I bought while I was out shopping today.  I’m also picking up some chairs (one was reupholstered in grain sacks and it’s a keeper) and a dresser.  Never a dull moment.

Latest Ironstone Finds

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