late to the greek yogurt party

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by FAGE.  All words and opinions are honest and completely my own.

Truth.  When I was asked if I would be interested in working with FAGE (pronounced fa-yeh), a Greek yogurt company, as a sponsor, I had to pause a minute and think about it.  Hmm…I don’t know.  Is it good?  Well, the only way I could find out was go to the store and buy it myself.  I’m not a big yogurt-eater.  Well, let me clarify.  I used to eat a lot of yogurt years and years ago, but I bought the stuff with artificial sweeteners and a bunch of unidentifiable ingredients.  When I made an effort to clean up my eating, I ditched those.  Jeff and the boys are much bigger yogurt eaters than I am, so I would just buy whatever they requested.

But, if I’m going to write a blog post, I have to actually like the product and want to buy it and use/eat it myself.  I went to the store and bought several varieties of the FAGE Total 2% Split Cups to try.  Jeff and the boys can sniff out something new and interesting in the fridge and pantry like bloodhounds.  They both saw the new yogurt and wanted to try it.  Jeff opened a cherry one to have as a snack.  I pulled out a spoon and insisted on a taste, since “it was for work”.


I realized I have been missing out on really good yogurt all of these years.  I went in for another bite, but Jeff became protective over his cup of yogurt, which he found enjoyable as well.  I assured him, “Don’t worry, I’ll buy more.”  He allowed me another bite before heading off to enjoy his yogurt in peace.

Yes, I’ll have no problem sharing what I like about this yogurt.  Let’s do it.

After trying more varieties, my favorite is a toss-up between blueberry, which surprised me, and cherry, which was a no-brainer for me, since I love cherries.  I look forward to them every summer and I can put away a pound of cherries like nobody’s business.

Here are a few things I like about the FAGE Total 2% Split Cups…  It’s a packaged, easy to eat-on-the-fly food that is weighed and measured out, but it isn’t junk.  It’s protein-rich (contains 12 g), only has 11 grams of sugar and 120-130 calories (for the varieties I tried) for a generous, tummy-filling portion.  In so many articles I’ve read about healthy eating, Greek yogurt comes up again and again as a quick and nutritious suggestion.

It also hits that sweet and creamy note that’s nice for a snack or even dessert.  Jeff and I have added granola and I am going to try dark chocolate chips (I love cherry chocolate ice cream and I think the cherry FAGE would satisfy that craving with less sugar and more nutrition.)

And, with the split cups, I like that the fruit and yogurt are separate, so you can add as much sweetness from the fruit as you want.  It’s like having your dressing on the side, which I always ask for!

(Oh…boys’ fingernails.  Never ending battle.)

Sometimes sponsored posts are about introducing my readers to a product or brand I already use and love.  This one was more about me discovering something I haven’t tried before and sharing that discovery with you!  Of course, I’m pretty late to the Greek yogurt party, so you might be way ahead of me.

I can just add this to the list of things, like avocado and roasted brussel sprouts, that I missed out on for years.


But, that has been remedied.  My fridge is now stocked with FAGE along with my hoard of citrus fruits, so healthy snacking is an unavoidable option when I go rummaging in the fridge.

To learn more about FAGE Total 2% Split Cups, click HERE.  To find where you can buy FAGE Split Cups near you, click HERE.

late to the greek yogurt party

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62 Comments on “late to the greek yogurt party”

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing since I first discovered Fage 0% fat yogurt from a friend about ten or eleven years ago, on that never ending quest to stay thin in LA! I buy the large container, then put some in a bowl and add fresh berries or mango, along with a little bit of honey, and it’s so yummy. I also put about a half cup of the yogurt in a blender, add fresh berries (or frozen raspberries and blueberries), mango, half of a banana, some soy milk, and a little bit of ground flaxseed to make a healthy and delicious smoothie. It’s great to use as a base, combined with some powdered dressing mix (such as ranch) or onion soup mix, for a tasty low fat/calorie dip, to go along with all of your fresh veggies! Enjoy!

      1. You should try roasting a mixture of 1 lb of halved Brussels sprouts, 1 sweet onion diced, 8 oz mushrooms halved or quartered, and 1/4 to 1/2 pound bacon diced….mix everything on a sheet pan, sprinkled with pepper and roast in a 400 degree oven for 30 min, stirring at the 15 min mark. We LOVE this dinner, and serve it over white rice with shredded parmesan and balsamic vinegar.

  1. You and I have the same sterling pattern! It was my Mother’s and the pattern was chosen for her by her grandmother. She received a piece for each birthday and Christmas. It’s a treasure…

    1. Yes, my set is composed of pieces from my mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I used to keep them in a silver chest, but we use them every day.

  2. Buy the plain and stir in some almond butter and blueberries! Lower in sugar and keeps you feeling full all morning!

  3. It is my favorite brand and to me truly the only kind that tastes like real Greek yogurt. My daughter and I went to Greece in 2004–before the whole Greek yogurt rage hit here in the U. S.–it was one of the the most wonderful things I had ever tasted. I was able to get the real thing at some diners in Manhattan and then I started seeing it in the grocery stores! I buy the nonfat plain and add it to my oatmeal or cereal or just eat it with some fresh fruit. AND…if you like sour cream you can make it a pretty good substitute by adding a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to a cup of yogurt.

  4. I never could get with yogurt until I tried greek. Bought regular for kids and hubby for years. I eat Chobani and like it alot. Its the high amount of protein that gives you the full feeling. I haven’t tried Fage because of the price.

    1. As far as price goes, Trader Joe’s has the best Greek yogurt at good prices. Sorry to rain on Marian’s post, but I feel like with Fage you’re paying extra for the gimmick of having the fruit separate. I like to reuse plastic as much as I can and the shape of those little Fage yogurt cups makes them unusable for much of anything. I rinse and save my little TJ’s yogurt cups and use them to start seeds.

  5. Yay for tasty healthy discoveries. I have also recently considered adding dark chocolate chips to my yogurt but haven’t actually done it yet. How was it? and boys fingernails are my nemesis! uggg I promise I make them bathe! LOL

  6. I’m a Fage fan. Love the plain and “doctor” it up myself. Also use it on my tacos in place of sour cream and make various dips out of it. Much healthier! 🙂

  7. My adult son keeps telling me to go to that party and I keep buying the other because I am so stinking frugal but when I think about it why am I not spending a few more cents and putting something healthier in my body….?
    I think the company should hire you to do all of their ad pics….beautiful.
    Thanks for the party invitation,

  8. We all like yogurt in our household, and I buy mostly plain, organic and add fresh fruit into it. However, when we visited Iceland a couple of springs ago, we discovered something even better: skyr. Skyr is a typically Icelandic, yogurt-like product that goes through a special, natural “de-fatting” process, which produces a thick, protein packed treat with 0-1.5% fat (depending on variety and preference – we like 1.5%). 4 cups of milk go to make only 1 cup of skyr. In Iceland, they mix plain skyr with different fruits (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.). It is not very sweet but it’s really delicious. When we returned to the US, we bemoaned the fact that it couldn’t be purchased here. Then, we discovered that, in the bigger cities, some grocery stores carried 2 brands: Siggi’s and Icelandic Provisions. We tried them both, but decided skyr made with milk from NY and WI cows didn’t taste the same as Icelandic skyr (taste of milk depends on the type of grasses cows feed on). So now, Icelandic Provisions skyr (imported from Iceland) is the only one we buy. I’ve also lived in Europe when I was younger, and I can tell you that Bulgarian yogurt you find in stores here doesn’t taste quite like the one in Bulgaria, and Greek yogurt in Greece doesn’t taste the same as the one we can buy in the US… nor do yogurts from different parts of the same country taste the same. So, you’ve got to have a healthy sense of curiosity to find one that suits you the best. On the other hand, being a yogurt taste tester is not a bad job at all. 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s so interesting how things taste different on different continents. I loved German butter and feel like American butter just isn’t the same. I also ate some yogurt when I spent a summer in Russia and it was incredible. It was so thick and creamy!

  9. Love that plain Fage, with fresh fruit always !
    Cutting added sugar everywhere, lol or I use a dab of all fruit spread
    So glad ur enjoying it. Its amazing how.much junk is in some “yogurts”

  10. That is funny, that I just purchased 7 of those split cups this week (on sale!) and really loved them. I usually don’t like pre-sweetened yogurt so I thought I’d give these a try. I was surprised how very creamy and delicious this brand is. Will definitely keep buying these!

  11. Fage is so yummy! Because I like salty foods even more than sweet, I enjoy stirring salt, garlic powder and/or minced onion, and dried herbs (dill, Italian seasoning, etc.) into the plain yogurt to make dips.

  12. Marion, normally I love your columns and am glad that you are making lots of money. However is there a way your readers can distinguish between do it yourself advice, and pure advertising? I’m ok with the milk paint line because that was developed as an aid to decorating. But Yogurt? Really? Please, please don’t waste my limited time with this.

  13. Hi Marian,
    I discovered Cabot Greek Yogurt. Thick, and so good with blueberries, a drizzel of honey and almond slices or granola. Fill me up and not hungry even at lunch time.
    And,,, BTW,,,,, love your new found things – food or otherwise – so please don’t stop telling us about new things you’re trying. There’s always one who is a crabby reader. LOL

  14. and I thought I was in a funk. Someone who complains she doesn’t have time to waste just wasted time posting a nastygram to someone really nice. Shame on you.

    1. Don’t be too harsh. I understand how she feels . . . I signed up for this blog thinking I was getting information about painting furniture in a particularly nice, rather folk-artsy way and was also disappointed to find it is chiefly a bunch of people who just happen to like the blog’s creator, and that promoting products is a major feature. I’m still disappointed (loved those furniture projects with the painting), but have made peace with it. It’s a tad dismaying to be the subject of an ongoing sales campaign for various products . . . but I’m still HERE.

      1. Glad you’re still here! 🙂 I think it boils down to the fact that not all posts, sponsored or otherwise, are going to appeal to all readers. My goal is to encourage and inspire, no matter the topic. Sometimes I’ll miss the mark for some readers, but if the post is coming from a genuine place, sponsored or not, then I’m at peace with that. I have to be or I’ll spend my days chasing my tail hoping to make everyone simultaneously happy.

        I appreciate the feedback!

  15. As a diabetic, Fage has been part of my diet for a long time but only the plain version which I add my own fresh or frozen fruit. It’s more economical and healthy.

  16. This is the only brand I buy — not so much to eat as a snack, but as a replacement for sour cream in a recipe. My tummy doesn’t seem to handle sour cream well, so I was happy to discover this. It makes cakes, etc., very light and delicate.

      1. I acquired a Clostridium difficile infection (incurable) in the hospital when I had cancer surgery, causing me to be permanently unable to tolerate sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, etc. Yoghurt and cheese I can eat, thank goodness, and I regularly use Greek yoghurt as a sour-cream substitute. Our small-town grocery does not stock Fage yoghurt, but I’ll “work on” our grocer! I managed to get him to stock kosher salt (and, as I told him when thanking him, “It only took 10 years”).

  17. Love Fage… the only brand I buy, too! I’m on WW, and I get the 32 oz of the plain nonfat. I add CaraCara oranges to 1/2 cup of Fage, then add a bit of Stevia or Spenda, and I have a wonderful lunch or dessert for ZERO points! It’s my fave lunch!

  18. I love lemons, so I make my own lemon curd (that way I can control the sugar). One of my favorites is plain Greek yogurt with homemade lemon curd. A sprinkling of blueberries would kick it up a notch.

  19. Oh my. Please continue to give your fully disclosed retail advice. Months ago you had a post about some of your favorite products and you noted Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I may never have tried it but for your post. Now it’s my go to foundation. Of course, makeup suggestions are not what brought me to your blog but I appreciate reviews outside of paint and home decor.

  20. The 0% is only 100 calories and 20 grams of protein…..good meal replacement…I have to admit though I have to either mix some real fruit in with it or add a touch of no calorie flavoring. I go in spells with yogurt…

  21. I won’t eat anything but Greek yogurt; however, I tried Fage and did not care for it. There are 2 brands I love and eat every day.

  22. I love greek yogurt, especially the plain as you can do so many different things to it and it be so yummy!
    Have you tried roasting Brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and parsnips together? It’s very good!

  23. Have been a reader since the beginning. The furniture make-overs, the wonderful thrift finds, your love of ironstone, and how you repurposed so many ordinary items, your art, and so much more… all the main reasons I’ve always enjoyed your blog. The new phase of your blog seems to be more about highlighting your new home as you create step by step moves in every room. It almost feels like you are staging a model home for sale or for a movie set. Somehow the creative juices I used to feel are no longer there. Your new blog has lately seemed more like a commercial for various products. I understand sponsors are a large part of keeping a blog viable as a business, but too much commercialism spoils the soup for me. Sorry, but the yogurt commercial is just too much. I would like to see some of the former Marian style return. Sincerely, Linda

  24. Come on ladies…Let’s build up each other instead tearing each other down. If you’re not into a post, why not just click on and continue your day. Kindness matters.

    1. I agree! It states at the beginning of each post what the post is about. If your not interested in today’s topic, move on… tomorrow is another day! Thank you Marian for being you!!

  25. Here’s the thing, no one is forcing anyone to read this blog! If a topic doesn’t appeal to you, just move on. If the entire blog doesn’t appeal to you, just move on. And for those who do continue to read, remember that you are doing so for free! How about a “thank you” instead?

    Tired of the Complainers

  26. I bought Fage because there is a WW recipe to make pizza dough with plain Greek yogurt. IT is great!

  27. After reading the post yesterday found and bought a container of Fage while grocery shopping. Looking forward to trying it today. Thank you Marian for inspiring my life in so many ways! You are so talented/gifted!

  28. I use to eat regular yogurt with the fruit in it just as you mentioned. I started having heartburn issues with it so I stopped eating it. I spoke to my doctor about the issue of heartburn and he said it wasn’t uncommon. He suggested Greek yogurt but said to stick to the basic yogurt and forget the split variety because it’s just more added sugar. I’m trying my best to cut back on any added sugar and I won’t use sugar substitutes. This cold turkey thing is hard but I’m determined.

  29. I’ve been reading MMS since you sold hand painted ornaments while your Mother sat in the car. I’m not interested in sponsored posts either, but I’ll look and just move on; and wait for tomorrow. Not bothered by them and realize you are in charge of your blog; and everyone has a choice to read or not. I’m glad you are now in Minnesota (like me) and I may have a chance to buy some furniture from you. Whoooo hoo!

  30. Marian – speak your truth! I love the fact that you are human just like us and have so many interests! That is something that has attracted me to your blog.

  31. I would hope everyone is trying to reduce single use plastic in their
    lives! We buy the largest container of plain and add fresh berries or a dab of good jam to it. Healthier for us….and the planet!

  32. One great thing about Fage is that it is STRAINED, not thickened. Some of the other brands eager to get on the Greek yoghurt bandwagon are taking the cheap and not as healthy way out by simply adding thickening agents sort of the way we do with flour to thicken gravy. So many great ways to eat Greek yoghurt. I also use the plain as a substitute for mayo and sour cream.

  33. We love plain Fage that we sweeten with honey (for the kids) and stevia (for me and hubby) and pile berries on top (and homemade granola for kids who aren’t in weight loss/weight maintenance mode!). It’s good with a swirl of peanut butter or almond butter, too. Our Costco carries the large, plain Fage tub for a great price. I still pick up a tub when there once a month, but our go-to has become homemade Greek Yogurt with fresh cow’s milk from our neighbor’s cows. It’s easy to make and I have my routine down so it takes no brain power to do (while I do own an Instant Pot, I still use my crock pot for the first step of heating the milk, then cool, add starter culture, and leave in the oven with just the oven light on. I time it to sit in there overnight). 😉 To make it “Greek” you just need to let the whey drip out after the yogurt is ready. I use my jelly strainer (a muslin sack that hangs from a stand). Homemade is even creamier and sweeter! I stick a jar of the whey that dripped off the yogurt into the freezer to thaw and use as ‘starter’ for the next week’s batch. A surprising amount of whey drips off from a batch (we like our Greek yogurt on the thick side, plus keep an eye on our blood sugars and whey is where the carbs are found). The rest of the whey I feed to the farm animals or sometimes use as a hair rinse or facial toner. There are a lot of other ideas online to use leftover whey for.

  34. I’ve been eating Fage yogurt for 10 years, and it is my favorite. I usually just buy the large container of plain and fancy it up myself with some fresh fruit and make a smoothie. I use it in place of sour cream as well. The flavor is great and you can chose your fat level.

  35. Haven’t read all the posts — my glory, there’s a lot of yogurt eaters out there — but I agree with Kate. TJ’s has the best prices and unless your budget allows you to go high end and buy artisanal yogurts, the most bang for your buck. After years of trying all the ones that were advertised for any and all reasons and discarding them for any and all reasons, I settled on TJ’s Zoi, a non-fat plain Greek yogurt, and then I un-plain it. My favorite breakfast is 1/2 cup Zoi to which I add a tablespoon of chia seeds, 1/4 cup dried wild blueberries (from TJ’s) a couple of tablespoons of sliced almonds and a tablespoon of raw pine nuts. I’m trying to avoid starting my day with anything sweet so the blueberries give me a bit of sweetness but mostly are also very good for me. Zoi is also good in salad dressings, just about anything that calls for sour cream, and I even added it to a wimpy vegetable soup for pizazz.

  36. It would be real nice if Fage and other brands use glass instead of plastic containers. All this plastic is getting out of control.

  37. I smash up half of a (low fat) graham cracker, add a little bit of Sweet-n-Low , spritz a little bit of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, pack the graham cracker crust mixture into a teacup, and then add Greek cheesecake yogurt or Keylime yogurt. It’s to die for.

  38. Plain is just like sour cream and mayo… use it anywhere you would those…tacos, soup, sandwiches…

  39. We make our own greek yoghurt, full fat, no sugar.

    I’m in Australia & like the USA we had the low fat craze for the last 2 decades or so & have we seen a reduction in obesity? No, just the opposite.

    It’s not fat that makes you fat, but sugar. Adding choc chips, lots of high sugar fruit sauces (instead of whole berries) or granola just ups the sugar. Sugar makes you crave more but fat without sugar satisfies you.

    If I feel hungry I have just a few spoonfuls of the plain yogurt & I don’t then feel hungry for hours. When I was in the USA staying with friends in Chaska, Minnesota – I was surprised at how much hidden sugar was in basic foods, all the bread tasted sweet to me for example.

    Over the years my husband and I have stayed reasonably thin as we have reached middle age, fat levels in the lean according to the fat measure calipers! LOL But our friends in Minnesota have not. We choose the full fat, low sugar food options & always cook our own meals from scratch (although I have a string sweet tooth) & I use pure Stevia extract to sweeten things as often as possible, not the ones mixed with Erythritol sugar alcohols etc they give me tummy grumbles.

    I still eat chocolate etc most days, but it’s keeping the sugar low & fat content normal in all my other meals that makes the difference.

    Hope this doesn’t sound preachy! Not my intention, but I know this whole low fat thing isn’t the answer, and just wanted to share this idea so others may want to give it go & see if it makes a positive change for them. 🙂

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