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If you missed the final post about this dresser makeover, you can find that post HERE.  In today’s post, I wanted to share some of the details on the things I gathered and used for this Christmasy photo shoot.

I bought the tree from Target last year, but I know they have them again this year in a few different sizes.  They come in a little basket, but I just dropped it into this antique bucket.

It’s a nice size (36″) and it has very realistic needles and poseable branches.

I bought the pom-pom garland from Anthropologie a few years ago and, unfortunately, it’s not available any longer.  I made a couple of tutorials showing how to make them, though…

How to make yarn pom-poms

How to make a yarn pom-pom garland 

If you don’t want to make your own, you can find all sorts of pretty pom-pom garlands on Etsy.

I used ironstone handleless cups to hold some chunky candles.  Moss and mini pinecones are nestled around them to hold them upright and act as filler.

I tucked some live greenery trimmed from trees in my backyard around the candles.  (I think it goes without saying that you have to keep an eye on the candles, so they don’t burn below the moss and pinecones and set them on fire.)

One of my sweet readers made these mittens for me and sent them to me when I moved to Minnesota.  She also made a matching beret!  I do wear the mittens and hat, but they are so pretty that they are begging to be photographed.

The gift boxes are painted with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Shutter Gray.  You can find the tutorial HERE.

The green wrapping paper is by Sugar Paper and is available at Target.

The blue ticking and checked papers were picked up at HomeGoods over the past year.

This faux pine garland is from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target.  I had horrible luck in my MN house with fresh greenery, so I’ve been on the hunt for some realistic looking garlands, picks, and swags.  I’ll do a separate post sharing what I found, but you can find this particular garland HERE.

One find I was excited about was this roll of chunky cream yarn.  It’s by Yarn Bee and it’s very similar to the chunky finger-knit garland from Crate & Barrel, but it comes at a fraction of the price.  You can get it for $14 on sale and there are 30 yards on the roll.   This would be perfect to tie homemade pom-poms on to make a garland.

And it’s a nice size to use as tree garland or to weave into swags.

I am trying to pack as much into this week as I can before things slow down a bit for Thanksgiving.  Today, I finished another portrait (you can see it HERE), started setting up a Christmas tree in the dining room for a photo shoot, and I finished a proposal for an exciting new project…

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layla’s mint photo shoot details

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30 Comments on “layla’s mint photo shoot details”

  1. Your styling is so on point EVERY time. The blues & greens are my fav.

    Happy Thursday, Marian.


  2. Love your picture and your hair style. The Target tree is so cute, and I hope I can find it at my store. Please purchase some faux small pillars. They come with a timer and they are safe.

  3. I’ve seen some pom pom garland at Hobby Lobby and I think Joann’s . It’s not exactly the same but still cute. I love the big pom pom on the lunch box. Super cute! And all this work your doing….well it makes the rest of us look bad! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving! I love the dresser!

  4. Such great holiday inspiration! The different shades of green look amazing together, especially with the hint of black and white buffalo check in your stash of gift wrap 🙂

  5. Marion I bought pom pom garlands similar to yours yesterday at Hobby Lobby. Each was originally $14.99 but all Christmas decor is 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week.

  6. Beautiful vignette. One cautionary note: I stopped using live/lit candles about ten years ago when I almost set the house on fire from a candle being too close to dining room sheers. I use battery operated and love the timers. Some have vanilla scents in them and they are so pretty and safe.

  7. This is just so beautiful Marian. I love how the paint layering on the dresser seems to add history to it. It also seems so much more versatile now that it’s painted, but that could be because if your divine styling. Inspiring!

  8. Ikea has realistic looking garland and small trees. It’s my go-to place. Ordered the yarn, now to dig out the pom pom makers I bought two years ago and haven’t used.

  9. Dillard’s has some Pom Pom garland just like yours in the Christmas/home area. I almost bought some but was waiting for them to go on sale. Everything looks amazing as usual!!

  10. This is perfect! And those mittens are the prettiest mittens I have ever seen. What a treasured gift to receive!

  11. Everything you do is magic. However, whoever made those mittens needs to open an etsy shop. Those are adorable! And I’m green with envy. Not Layla’s Mint green, more a Luckett’s Green.

    1. I know! They are so beautiful and I couldn’t find anything similar on Etsy to link them to. The hat is adorable, too.

  12. Your dresser is dressed up for Christmas very nicely, love those pom pom, thanks and have a great day.

    1. Ha, it does look that way! I happened to use green on this piece because we needed an updated picture of a piece painted in Layla’s Mint. 🙂 I’m still a blue and white girl all the way, but I do like my green accents.

  13. I love this post Marion it’s just very homey and pleasing. And how about the spectacular mittens hand knit just for you! I noticed them right away and love that you appreciated them so much u used them for decoration.

  14. I have a feeling the antique bucket is a former hand-crank ice cream maker bucket with the lower inch or so trimmed off and some white-washing to the wood, which would have been oak—just in case anyone wants to keep their eye out for one at a thrift store or garage sale!

    1. They are similar, but I think this was just a bucket! It’s a bit wider and more flared than the ice cream buckets I’ve seen. Also, the paint is original.

  15. Can you please re-post what camera you use. Thanks! I’m shopping for a “nice” camera for myself for Christmas and I find that I’m a bit lost.

    1. I use two different cameras. One is a Nikon D800 and the other one is a D850. They are both lower end professional cameras, since photography is a part of my job, so they are expensive. They are both wonderful cameras. You might be able to find a refurbished one at a good price.

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