It Won’t Fit In My Suitcase, but…

by | Jun 23, 2010 | Antiques, Favorite Finds | 61 comments

I couldn’t resist checking out a Goodwill while I was in Florida.  The lure of never knowing what I am going to find was just too great.  What if a sweet old lady dropped off a stash of ironstone?  Or someone dropped off some cool farm junk?  Or I found something I’ve wanted for a while?  Well, yesterday, that happened.  Before I share that with you, I’ll show off a couple of my other buys. 
I saw this petit cardboard globe on the shelf and thought it was cool but I set it back in it’s place.  Then, I noticed something.  This globe was not marked in English.  It was German (I grew up in Germany, so I recognized it immediately.)  Upon closer inspection I noticed Russia was the USSR…this globe was not only German, it was vintage.  At $1.99, it went in the cart.
My second find was this pretty glass lamp.  One of the “silver” pieces on the base is broken and I’m not sure about the condition of the wiring, but for $3.99, it went in the cart.
Then…the find.  Can you hear the choir of angels and see the glow around this thing?  Ok, it looks a little dated at the moment, but look at the lines, the caning, the Frenchiness.   I’ve been looking for a frame or headboard for our bed for a while, now, so this was an exciting find for me. 
 It was a little hairy trying to get it into my parent’s Grand Marquis, but I was a girl on a mission and this thing was going in the car.
Won’t it look perfect painted and tucked under my canopy?  
I’m even thinking about upholstering the center panel, but we’ll see. 
…and at $20, it was too big to go in the cart, but it was coming home with me.  Well, it’s going to have to spend a little time at my parent’s house first.  I don’t think they’ll let me stow this in the overhead compartment on the flight home.  My dad is making a trip up north in August, so he’ll deliver it to me then.  This will help me practice patience. 
Miss Mustard Seed


  1. Mikal

    LOVE that headboard! What a find!!

  2. COTTAG3

    Great finds! Can't wait to see what you do with the headboard. I have a pair of lamps similar to the one you bought. I had to rewire mine but it was easy if you haven't done that before. They have a kit you can buy at Home Depot (or someplace similar) and the directions are on the package.

  3. Tania

    The headboard is great, can't wait to see what you do with it

  4. 1 Funky Woman

    Love the globe and that it was German how perfect for you. What a steal at $1.99! Love the lamp too, so pretty! Now that headboard wow! Patience is good, can't wait to see if you upholster the center or not!

  5. Anna

    great finds! love the picture of the headboard in the car, that is like something I would do

  6. Suzanne

    That headboard is fabulous. Just beautiful! I LOVE the glass lamp and the globe too. The globe has a patina to it that is just wonderful!

  7. Van

    I LOVE that globe- what a delicious vintage find. And it's in beautiful shape, too!

  8. Loui♥

    Lucky, lucky you!!
    to make room in my suitcase for GW finds, I simply "donated" some of my sandals and tops back to GW! and since i was flying AA, my baggage did not fly free..luckily , I made it just under the 50# limit!!
    can't wait to see your amazing transformation on the headboard!
    warm sandy hugs..

  9. central bark designs

    Great finds. I know what you mean though. I was in Gulfport MS covering the President's trip – and before I left – I stopped in at the Biloxi Goodwill. Didn't walk away with any treasures – but you never know. Love that headboard!

  10. Robyn

    I couldn't have left that headboard either…reminds me of when I found my end table and I had to try and fit it in the backseat…it WAS going in there one way or another! Ya can't mess with a woman and her GW find on a mission!!!

  11. Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I always find the best things when I am traveling and have learned to take a huge suitcase. Blast the airlines for charging, but it is still cheaper. 🙂

    Love all your finds.

  12. Funky Junk Interiors

    LOL!! I adore that photo of the car loaded up! I've done that countless times with my TRUCK of all things.

    I gasped when I saw the headboard. You are going to have FUUUN with that! Great great find!


  13. Shannon

    What a GREAT globe! It seems that I always find the best stuff when I don't have the room for it!

  14. vignette design

    That headboard is going to be fabulous all painted with the fabric around it. Can't wait to see it all done!
    Love that globe and crystal lamp too.

  15. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely

    GREAT finds, Marian!! Especially that headboard! It's going to be a very testing few months before you dad comes to visit, I'm sure. My hubby lived in Germany for a few years, in Aachen. He's fluent. 🙂 His family's nationality, though, is Luxemburgish, and proud! 😉

  16. Suzanne@Meridian Road

    It will be PERFECT with your canopy! That globe is awesome~you found some great stuff.

  17. Popcorn Served Daily

    Finally someone who understands my mental illness of shopping at G.W. on a daily basis. I'm not alone.

  18. Terrell

    That headboard is just beautiful! I giggled when I saw it wedged in the car….I can't tell you how many times I've done the EXACT same thing saying "I'm gonna make it fit!!" 🙂 What a great find!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  19. Marianne@Songbird

    Yeah isn't it great how the map of Europe keeps changing these days. I have atlasses that you can call vintage now too.
    Love that headboard. Good luck with the patience thing.

  20. Jeralee

    You totally scored! WTG. Love the finds and can't wait to see how you refurbish the headboard in a few months.

  21. Kathy@ Gone North

    Oh My, I know.. I know… we are currently on a trip & I walked 1.5 miles to a thrift store, only to find some really great things that are too big to take home with me…AGH!! How fortunate for you that you have someone to deliver 🙂 Great find!!!

  22. Shannon

    Great finds! I love that headboard. Wish my Goodwill had cool stuff like that.

  23. Nancy Reid

    You scored BIG TIME…love all three acquisitions. That headboard is gorgeous! But DON'T upholster it…ugh

  24. Karen

    I *heart* the German globe!

  25. Jessica @ Decor Adventures

    I stopped at a Goodwill in Portland when I was at a conference for work. It was the fanciest GW I'd been in! But there was a globe, perfect size which I'd been searching for. My only problem was getting it on the plane.

    Thankfully it fit into that free bag I got at the conference and home it came!

  26. Christina

    Amazing finds! At amazing prices!
    I want to go to a flea market like this!
    Can't wait to see the headboard finished!

  27. Melissa

    Love the globe and the lamp!! I can't believe you found such a great globe!! I have to remember to hit goodwill when I am traveling!!

  28. Heather

    Awesome finds, Marian! I love the Frenchiness of the headboard also–can't wait to see how it turns out!

  29. Christine

    Marian- what great finds…makes me want to go to my goodwill and you know maybe I will!!!

  30. Christine

    Marian- what great finds…makes me want to go to my goodwill and you know maybe I will!!!

  31. Empty Nest Full Life

    The globe is wonderful!!!!!I REALLY need to know where in Florida, as I am headed that way Sunday. Jackie

  32. katie

    Oh my goodness that globe is wonderful, great collectable.
    Love the lamp also and the head board you really did score on that one. Had to chuckle at how you had it in the car. When there is a will there is a way. Can't wait to see it in your bedroom.

  33. Jane

    The headboard is a great find and I'm sure you will turn it into something fabulous! My favorite find that you pictured was the little globe. That's an awesome piece.

  34. la maison LaFortune

    Gorgeous! I would definitely paint and add fabric-so very French. You got such a great deal on everything. Way to shop!

  35. Kim @ Cheap Chic Home

    How charming – I can't wait to see it in your room. What a fabulous find.

  36. Karen

    I know you'll make it beautiful…I think upholstering the center panel would look fabulous. Can't wait to see it.

  37. Nita {ModVintageLife}

    That headboard was a huge find! It is going to be perfect with your canopy! What a lucky day you had. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  38. Sixty-Fifth Avenue

    Oh…that is the headboard I am looking for too! Great find! I know you will make it look fabulous and I can't wait to see. Now off I go to check craigslist, you never know, it might be there.

  39. Rustique Gal

    Dear, what lovely goodies. I adore the globe. I have a tiny collection and this is such a unique one. The headboard too! I love the woodgrain in the center, is it real? Enjoy your goodies.

  40. maureen

    I love that headboard. I would have wrestled you for it, had I been there. But, since you have the perfect place for it, I’d have to let you have it. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it in its rightful home.

  41. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here

    Hi Marian, Awesome finds…love the headboard and it will be perfect with your canopy. The little globe is adorable and so is the new lamp. Looks like you have made out pretty good on your trip to Florida.
    xo, Sherry

  42. Sommer

    Oh.. My… Gosh.. my best girlfriend just found that EXACT same headboard on craigs list in Colorado last week! In fact she just posted pictures of her makeover!

  43. The Pennington Point

    I got such a giggle over the picture of the headboard in your car. It will look great no matter what you do to it. You have great taste. I love the bed already! Lisa~

  44. Restyled Vintage

    that picture of the headboard jammed in the car really made me laugh out loud!
    xx Karen

  45. SueAnn

    Love the globe and that headboard is fabulous! I can so see it painted and I like the idea of upholstering that center part. Hmmmmmm!! Ideas are flowing here!
    I know they are there as well

  46. Bonnie@Creative Decorating

    That headboard is just perfect for your space! I love it as it is but I am sure anything you do to it will be great! Oh, to wait until August!

  47. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    What great finds! Can't wait to see the headboard finished and in your home. It is perfect! Good job fitting it in the car. Sometimes it takes some creative packing to fit it all in!

  48. Simply LKJ

    What great finds! Can't wait to see the headboard finished. I think upholstering the center panel would be fabulous!

  49. freckled laundry

    This post made me giggle toseethat headboard in the Marquis…can't believe it fit. I LOVE the frenchiness of it! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I'll have to practice patience, too!

  50. Cindy

    You have some great finds there! I love the headboard, it is really awesome!

  51. Amy @MaisonDecor

    I cannot WAIT to see how you finish off that headboard. Its like reading a good book..a real page turner! I'll be working on redoing an antique trunk on vacation in NH. So excited!

  52. *Chic Provence*

    Really great Goodwilling! Where in Florida? I love the headboard…and the globe!


  53. Time Worn Style

    Well i'm a sucker for old world globes so that has to be my favourite find. Love the headboard, its going to look great with a lick of paint!

  54. Dayka (Life +Style)

    that shot of your headboard in the car is the way my car constantly looks when i'm thrifting. i don't know why i got a sedan when i knew i NEEDED a SUV!!! 🙂

    my favorite find of yours is the globe!


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