…it makes me feel like baking.

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Most of you know I have given my kitchen a fresh new look with paint, paint, more paint and some hardware.  I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it and have experienced some unexpected side effects.  First of all, I want to keep it super clean, which will eventually drive my family nuts.  Second…

…it makes me feel like baking, which is really no good, either.  Well, it’s good…like, yummy good, but not good…like..for my waistline.  Yeah.  Not good.
I couldn’t resist baking up a batch, though.



I safely arrived in Orlando this evening.  I survived the flight with a two year old and four year old.  None of us cried, either, which was a first!  They’re so much easier to travel with, compared to last summer.  Thanks so much for all of the shopping suggestions and I will definitely be hitting those places.  I stopped by Lucketts today and my booth was almost cleared out, so I apologize if you plan on shopping there over the next two weeks.  There’s just not much left to buy!  I have tons “in the works”, so it’ll be a stocked space in mid-July.
Before I left, I snapped lots of pictures and made tons of notes about things to write about while I’m away from my home, so there will still be fresh content here each day.  Here’s a little peek of a makeover I’ll share…


Oh!  And the winner of the John Millen Hardware Milk Paint and Wax Giveaway is…
Anonymous!  (We have an e-mail address, though, so we’re good.)
Congrats and thanks to all who participated.  Speaking of Milk Paint, I have some tips coming soon and I’ll make a video tutorial when I get back.
…it makes me feel like baking.

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37 Comments on “…it makes me feel like baking.”

  1. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! Looks like something right out of Better Homes & Gardens! I can definitely see why you're enjoying cooking more!! Love it!

    I'm truly enjoying your blog! Great tips, inspiration and ideas!!

    Enjoy your time in Orlando!

  2. Love, love, love your new kitchen! The photography of your cookies is great…I can almsot smell them. Are the cookies what kept the kids (and you) from crying on the plane?

  3. The kitchen looks great. I have to say I would be worried about it getting dirtied also…lol. But I can almost smell those yummy looking cookies!

  4. So glad your flight went well. Seeing those cookies made me hungry. I can see why you would want to spend time in your freshly painted kitchen. It turned out lovely.

  5. Oh I am so glad you are getting away! Don't worry about the shop being low, it is what it is, just enjoy yourself, it will still be there when you get home. I can just imagine how you are going to fall in love with your kitchen all over again when you get home, so fresh and new looking, I just love it!

  6. Your kitchen looks great!! I redid mine last summer, painting it Navajo White which is sort of a yellowy white (we had used it in an adjoining room so it was a natural pick in there) and a year later, I still stop and stare at my little kitchen and marvel at what a difference some trim and paint made for it. I love it, even said so to my husband tonight. I find it surprisingly easy to keep clean now that it seems possible. I like the light colored cabinets too – even my husband can't claim he didn't see the drip of red sauce on the cabinet below the sink. 🙂 http://www.buildsewreap.com/2011/02/new-kitchen-part-7-wrap-up_08.html

    Thanks for your great ideas!

  7. Love your kitchen. I'm just working up the courage to revamp mine. Unfortunately I don't think painting the cabinets is going to happen, so I will just have to drool over yours!

    Enjoy your trip!!

  8. Dear Marian…
    As much work as you put out in all your loveliness, I do believe that cookies{lots} are deserved! 🙂 Have a great vaca and I'm STILL jealous of your kitchen! lol It's just beautiful!

  9. The kitchen is gorgeous as are the cookies! Mmmm! Glad to hear no one cried on the flight to Orlando!

    Congrats to the give-away winner! I cannot wait for your tutorial as I am definitely going to buy some milk paint, and want to see what else you have to say about it.



  10. I love how your kitchen turned out it's gorgeous! I'm using your kitchen in my persuasion tactics to convince my hubby we need a white kitchen…he really loved yours! I'm one step closer yay! Have a wonderful vacation!

  11. As the old saying goes. It's nothing like a fresh coat of paint. Your kitchen is looking so bright and fresh! It would make me feel like baking too. My mother use to bake chocolate chip cookies every Friday for me and my brother..brought back a few memories.

  12. Yayyyyy You survived the flight with no tears!! hehe! That is a truly good thing when traveling with kids 🙂 We used to travel alot when our kids were little because my husband is a pilot ~ I remember the days of little kids on airplanes quite well ~
    Have so much fun in Orlando!! I am kind of jealous 🙂


  13. I love a clean kitchen. LOL about the baking. Those cookies look yummy.
    I have a question for you. There is a basket to the right of your sink that looks like it houese paper towels…and what else? cute idea and functional.

  14. Loving your kitchen, and I just cannot believe you're down here…we're here too!! Just finished up a whirlwind Disney trip and we'll be leaving today. In a little while, actually…as soon as my eyeballs don't feel like they're crunching over sandpaper. Had zero time for antiquing, but did hit Ikea and even Pottery Barn for pillow shams (gasp). Have the BEST time visiting family and travel safe!!

  15. I know what you mean…since my kitchen has been finished I have been obsessed with keeping it photo-shoot ready! My kids are gone though so it's actually do-able…with 2 small children it would certainly be a challenge. I'm dying to see those family room curtains…

  16. Welcome to my state! Hope you guys have a great visit. Wear lots of sun screen and drink plenty of water…. It's hot out there!!:) If you are going to Disney….Tip: Go the Fast Pass route……a lifesaver and totally worth the extra dollars. Have fun!

  17. *jumping up and down* you may have survived without having the kiddos throwing a fit, but , now I'm going to have one! I never ,ever, win these giveaways …boohoo…

    I hope you have fun on vaca! We were just in Orlando a week ago! I would have loved to run into you !

  18. Your kitchen looks fabulous and I understand the wanting to keep everything clean. We just did a makeover too, fresh paint, etc, even down to having the ductwork cleaned. I wish it could stay neat and clean and fresh forever. So happy you made it to Orlando safe and sound and happy with two little ones in tow. That's not easy. Happy treasure hunting in Orlando. xo

  19. There are many times in my life when the "keep the kitchen spotless" bug hits me; #1 when i've just cleaned it (duh) #2 before i cook anything my kitchen has to be completely clean #3 when i return home from vacation #4 when i return home from visiting a friend who's home is spotless. The rest of the time it's a daily grind. So…maybe I'll get those cabs painted quicker if I show hubby this post! Whatcha think?

  20. It looks beautiful! If I had that Kitchen I would want to bake too. I love having a clean kitchen before working in it! Enjoy it 🙂

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