the ironstone mold jackpot & don't high five at yard sales

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 I went out shopping on Friday again…one of my last big shopping trips before Lucketts and it was a good one!  I found four French chairs, a dress form, a really cool wood wagon, tons of ironstone and other fun things.  Here’s a look…

…I’ve always had a soft spot for salt and butter crocks, but they are always so expensive.  This one was well priced…


…and an ironstone sugar jar with a gold band…


…some chunky ironstone bowls…


…a pretty blue & white casserole…



…a beautiful small ironstone tureen set…


…and SIX ironstone molds.  I couldn’t believe when I kept finding them.  Usually I find one, maybe two at a time, but I found SIX all in one shopping trip.






I have sort of developed a thing for ironstone molds, so I’m keeping three and selling the other three.

I also found something I’ve been wanting for a long time…  a phonograph.  It’s just a silly thing.  I can’t tell you why I wanted one, but it’s pretty amazing to listen to recorded music on something that’s 100 years old and doesn’t need to be plugged in.  It works, but the case is in rough condition.  It needs to be refinished and some of the veneer needs to be replaced, but it’s doable and it’s going to be beautiful once it’s brought back it it’s former glory.  I basically got it for free with three other furniture pieces I was purchasing for Lucketts.  I cranked it up and listened to “It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More” and some obscure foxtrots.  I couldn’t help but smile.  I’ll show pictures and share the refinishing process soon.

How cool is that?!?

We also hit an awesome yard sale on Saturday.  I bought an antique marble-topped wash stand, three antique barn lights, an old wool blanket, a leather-bound book, an ironstone pitcher and a few other things.  My mom found the ironstone pitcher buried in a box.  She handed it to me with a big smile, obviously proud she found ironstone for me.  Then she gave me a high five and I had to later educate her that high-fiving over ironstone at yard sales should wait until we get in the car, so we don’t give ourselves away!

I’m off to paint and upholster furniture now…

the ironstone mold jackpot & don't high five at yard sales

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43 Comments on “the ironstone mold jackpot & don't high five at yard sales”

  1. OH how exciting! Lucketts is going to be incredible! Still contemplating coming out that weekend… it all depends on the track schedule. If I can get a certain young man to drive out with me then I can bring some lovely finds home with me to include some chairs. 😉 Otherwise I will have to wait as they languish in hubby’s hotel room. ha ha!

  2. So bummed that I am going to miss Lucketts. It’s my youngest birthday and well I should probably spend it with him.

    Seriously where on earth do you shop? I know I have asked this a few other times. I live in your area and I have the hardest time finding ironstone. Your one lucky girl.

    It’s going to be one hun of a good sale.

    1. That’s probably because I buy it all before you get there! 🙂 I shop in some of the local antique malls and almost always spot at least one piece of ironstone.

      1. Lol…your probably right. I just started collecting (your influence) and scored six really pretty little dishes for almost nothing. I saw a guy trying to decide if he wanted them but I reached around him and grabbed them. His wife was watching me and started laughing when I grabbed them.

  3. I have to restrain myself every time I find something great at a yard or estate sale! I usually pretend to look through boxes or a table while scoping out what I’m really there for out of the corner of my eye. Junking is such an acquired talent 😉

  4. Happy dance time, you scored big time. So hard no tot high five when you find the perfect piece. You and your Mom are adorable. Looking forward to seeing you at Lucketts. The count down is on!

  5. Your house may be worth buying just for the yard sale scores & craigslist finds!!! …. I am in NY! :o)

  6. yes, your mom needs to learn to keep her cool- when you get in the car and drive away, high five, whoop, holler! 🙂
    i am not an ironstone gal, but those molds even have me drooling! what a find!

  7. I was wondering, do you use your ironstone (as serving pieces, etc) or is it strictly for display? Or, what I’m really asking is, can one use the ironstone or is it not really food safe? Thanks!

  8. Sometimes its hard to keep your “Poker Face” on when you come upon a great find. My mother always has great luck at yard sales and junk stores. Recently, she found me a beautiful alabaster lamp at a yard sale for $15.00. It would have taken everything I had in me to keep from busting at the seams until I was in the car!

    BTW…Love the old phonograph. Listening to old records is like a time machine to the past and hearing all the scratches and misses really makes the music sound so much purer and genuine.

  9. Hahaha! That’s so funny about the high five! Whoa, those are great finds. Ironstone is just too wonderful, love the molds. Sounds like it was a good shopping day!


  10. Love your relationship with your mom 🙂 Is the dress form going to Luckett’s? Can you post a pic?

  11. I love everything you have and am so bummed because no matter how hard I seem to look here in Southern California I can’t find anything near what you come up with. Do you or any of your readers have any ideas where I can look closer to home, since you are sooooooooooo far away? Please help, I’m so desperate to have a lovely home like yours! Did find a shop in Oceanside with your paint, yeah!! Thanks!

    1. I used to live in So. Calif. It’s a tough place to shop and the prices are so much higher in California than in the east.

      I’ve had some luck finding pieces at the Pasadena Rose Bowl and Long Beach shows. I used to frequent the shops in Orange on a regular basis. Living up north now I go to the Alameda Faire but I just don’t think there is as much ironstone in the west as in the east and when you do find it it’s really expensive.

      Funny but I also used to find some good buys at doll shows. Sometimes they’d throw something on the table hoping to sell it and the vendors tended to be older women and at some show it was a treasure hunt. Never knew what I would come up with at a doll show.

      My all time favorite place to shop was Ventura. Not so much in the last 15 years or so but it used to be a great, great place to find stuff of all types.

      Have fun and good luck.

      1. Forgot to mention that I have found a few pieces in Clovis. You really do need to get out of So. Calif and venture east and north to find interesting pieces. Southern California is so picked over. Make a weekend out of it.

        Also found a few pieces in parts of Oregon. It makes for a nice get away to hop in the car and spend a few days on the road. The anticipation of not know what you might find so much fun.

        1. Thanks, Susan for the info, I’ll keep hunting. Wish I could make the trip to Lucketts for all of those goodies.

    2. When we lived in San Diego (12 years ago) I use to shop in Oceanside and a few shops in La Jolla. The best was the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

      1. Thanks, Michelle, I haven’t hit the Rose Bowl yet, just the Long Beach Antique Faire. I live in Oceanside, no luck here.

  12. living in southern ca. ……don’t “get” the whole ironstone thing….if it is of value,then…..why oh why are you able to acquire sooooo much of it?? and finding the furniture at those prices….not here. go into a thrift store in Not gonna happen! those molds are cute though…but, i am not a girl who cooks…what are they for???

    1. Ironstone itself is not valuable, although some pieces that are rare, very old, in mint condition, etc. can be. I just love it, so I buy it whenever I see it at a good price. I would say it’s more desirable than valuable.

      As far as the molds, I wouldn’t cook with them now, but I just use the for display. I have a basil plant in one in my kitchen, for example. They were used to make puddings.

  13. Can you eat off your ironstone or is it truly a collectible? And if you do use it, I’m guessing it’s hand wash.

  14. I just love that little wheat pattern ironstone tureen. Will it be for sale in your shop? Or is it destined for your own collection?

  15. Hi, Marian–what great finds! There was an old phonograph similar to yours in the ‘upstairs’ of the farm house that I grew up in. I spent hours up there listening to Buttons and Bows and other wonderful tunes on the old 78’s. Doesn’t get any better than that. I’ll bet your boys will love playing the records. Happy listening!

  16. Wow- You have quite the yard sales in your area! I went on Friday too and was excited about some vintage percale pillowcases! 😉

    Actually, I also got two matching provincial style armchairs, a great coffee table (waiting for MMS paint), another smallish table, and a serpentine dresser in need of repair (but made of bird’s eye maple!) ALL for a whopping thirty bucks!

    Good shopping all over the place, I reckon!

  17. Since I live close to you I’m going to somehow find you and follow you to your favorite haunts! (Just kidding!)

  18. I have an old Victrola that I have had for 40 plus years. I remember when my grandmother bought just to have. I’ve dragged it around all these years but really don’t have a spot for it and have been thinking about selling it. Trying to downsize now but am having trouble giving it up. Just because I do love it.

  19. May I just say that I LOVED your Mother “high fiving” you at the garage sale?!? Who could do that and have it be precious except a Mother to her daughter. You are correct to want to preserve your identities and your cache, but it was your MOM, how can you not just love it???

    Anyway, your ironstone takeaway made me weep. I have been searching out old white ironstone forever with little to know luck at all. It seems pretty crazy that I live right smack dab in the middle of Missouri and there is an incredible dearth of tag sales, flea markets, auctions, garage sales, 2nd hand stores…you name it, we have to travel for it. Don’t you find that peculiar? I have been wanting those four great ironstone bowls that you picked up for almost all of my life. There they are, smiling at me from your page, you lucky girl.

    I must say in closing that the phonograph was an elegant victory for you! Oh! I love it and I cannot wait to see it after you’ve put some love onto it. It will be glorious!

  20. You are such a hoot !! Those molds are wonderful. I’m anxious to see how you use them.
    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one. Like the rest of your readers, I’d love to be able to go shopping with YOU!

  21. There’s a wonderful selection of ironstone available for sale on The Mustard Seed Pages, click the red link below.

  22. What a haul Marian! I hope your sale is loads of fun~ sunshine and happy people!
    You continue to inspire me~ Cynthia

  23. When I read the title I thought it would be about you getting some moldy ironstone. As in the green/black fuzzy kind! I wasn’t expecting a happy mold story. 🙂

    I have actually never seen ironstone that I know of so I am really looking forward to our trip to Lucketts to see what the fuss is about.

  24. I found a large yellow ware bowl this past weekend. It was in a “junk” bin. I bought it for less than $3 in a Goodwill store and was absolutely giddy when I got to the counter to pay for it. My sixteen year old granddaughter was with me and was almost as excited as I was. She is a thrifter because of her old grammy. I say train them young!

    1. Suzan, I just had to reply to your comment…I agree with “training” them young! My kids are 10 and 13 and love all things vintage/junk–especially my 10 year old son! He loves to watch American Pickers and Rehab Addict (even when I’m not watching it!). I mentioned I was hitting a few yard sales this past Sat. morning and he wanted to go along. He was so cute checking out all the old stuff. He helped me find an adorable Hitchcock chair and stood by it while I talked to the owner. I love that my whole family is into it! I loved your story about your yellowware bowl! 🙂

    2. Suzan,
      I just had to reply to your post. My oldest daughter is catching the thrift store bug too. She finds Miss Me jeans for apprx $20-$25 (normally close to $100) and loves a good find! As far as ironstone goes, I found two sugar and creamer sets at Goodwill recently, each piece .99! Couldn’t resist.

  25. Maybe a ” low” five would have eased some of the excitement. It was fun to read about your finds. I share the excitement!
    My friend and i sent to a City Wide ( city approx 5,000 pop.) garage sale, arroximately 60 sales. I begged my hubby for the truck and off we go arriving 7:30am, 30 mi away. Didn’t know the streets but have a good eye for signs and gas stations! lol. We came home with the truckload. My hubby helped haul in to his dismay… we had a ball. I did go over a paved street that had creek water running through it at the bottom of the hill before you immediate climb up again, no bridge, just clear clean water! I could see water and river rocks lining the creek to the left and right of the street. I gentlly drove the truck thro and was amazed however, I had to do it again on another street down the way. This time I wasn’t as cautious and it must have been deeper as this time the water splash up to the top of the cab. I have to say it was adventurous and fun.

  26. To add we took my friend’s daughter and her friend , about 16, along, of course they had to driv another car, to load smaller ‘treasures”. They giggled and would run to the sale… it was fun to watch

  27. Ha ha! I was with my husband at a yard sale. He pointed out an armoire. I wanted to talk the seller down so I told her it was in pretty bad condition. He started telling me IN FRONT OF HER that it’ll be really easy to repair! I had to give him a lesson on playing it cool when I’m negotiating. LOL!

  28. WOWZA …..yard sales at your end of the state are much cooler than over at this side.

    You just high-five your momma as much as you want, you are making memories that you will remember fondly someday.

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