Ironstone Attic Heirloom

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When I stumbled across Emma Calls Me Mama’s Heirloom Party today, I was bummed that I didn’t have a post to share. I have so many wonderful heirlooms, so I got out the camera, took some pics, and put this post together, so I could participate. My grandparent’s attic has yielded many wonderful treasures, but this has to be my favorite. One visit I did my usual digging around through the bug infested boxes, the crumpled newspapers, the wasps nests (seriously) and I caught a peek of a white lid. Could this be…ironstone? I pulled out the lid and then dove into the rest of the box to see if the tureen was still there and if it was in one piece. It was. I turned it over to see the mark…ironstone! I could never afford to buy one of these, so I was thrilled to find one. The monetary value is not anywhere near as important to me as the fact that it belonged to my grandmother. It is now a prized piece in my ironstone collection. Is there anyone else out there who loves Ironstone markings as much as I do? I almost wished they were printed on the front insead of the back!

Check out the Heirloom Party today. I think it’s a wonderful idea to pay homage to the beautiful things that were passed down to us from beloved family members.

Ironstone Attic Heirloom

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15 Comments on “Ironstone Attic Heirloom”

  1. Yikes! This a fabulous find!!! And all the better that it was your grandmothers! It looks to be in perfect condition and I just love the shape of it. Yes, those markings are perfection…a real quality piece!

  2. What a spectacular find! Well worth the trek through some of natures worst pests! You're right about the markings, they would fit right in printed on a pillow!

  3. Love the ironstone, lucky you, I cherish the items I received from my grandmother. I also love all your handpainted projects, you are a very talented lady! I took tole painting classes in the early 90's but I'm not as steady as you are at freehand. Adding you to my blog list too.

  4. Your tureen is just beautiful. I have been keeping my eyes open for something similar to keep in the center of my dining room table. How exciting to discover it in your grandparents' attic! I love ironstone too.

  5. I just love, love, love your soup tureen. And the fact you got it for free & it belonged to your Grandma makes it priceless. I'm so jealous. And I too love the maker stamps on ironstone or any old china for that matter.

  6. Hubba Hubba, that piece is B-eautiful! (Feeling kinda dorky because it's Friday night)

    But what a special piece.
    I have never seen an ironstone marking, just gorgeous, looks like a crest.

  7. I'm sorry to post to such an older post but I just found this and I too love ironstone! If a 12 step program is ever developed for it my family will definitely make me join.

    And I too have wondered why, oh why cant the stamp be on the exterior top or front to be seen?

    Love your blog, thank you.


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