Well, here we are in a new year.  Hello, 2017.

As I’m standing here on January 2, looking out over the days ahead, I find myself a little hesitant.  I’m usually ready to plow ahead, but this year is already filled with big things and a lot of unknowns.  This hesitation, thankfully, is balanced with excitement and hopefulness.  The stage is set for 2017 to be the biggest year for Mustard Seed Interiors, yet.

Here is what is slated for 2017 so far…



This month is usually a slow one for me, so I spend time on house-keeping projects as well as planning.  While I’ll be doing some of that, January is already pretty booked up with design work and two product launches for the MMSMP line.  I am also traveling to Memphis, TN on January 27-28 to teach Milk Paint workshops at Me & Mrs. Jones and attend the Fancy Little Flea.

You can view details and purchase tickets for the Friday, Jan 27, workshop HERE.  The Fancy Little Flea will be on Saturday in Germantown, TN, and you can get the details on that event HERE.  (I already spotted some blue and white pottery that will be coming home with me…)


As a little bonus, my blog bestie, Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect, will be there as well!  If you don’t come out to see me, you should at least come out to see her.



The biggest thing on my radar for February is a key design deadline.  I hate it when people say they have exciting news that they can’t share, but this is one of those things that I’ve been hinting at and tiptoeing around for a while.  I will share it as soon as I have the green light.

Also, I need to start planning my space for the Lucketts Spring Market, my biggest retail event of the year.  This year, it’s going to be even bigger!  The event is moving to a new location and my new space is HUGE!


Yeah, that entire barn is my space.  A whole stinkin’ barn!  At first, I thought there was no way in the world I could fill a space that large on my own, but when I thought back to last year and what a congested maze my 20′ x 40′ tent was, I realized the extra space would be a great thing.  There will be plenty of space for people to mingle and shop and pieces can be spread out a bit more.


I’ll start putting my plans together before February, but February is when I’ll start to really pull it together.



Now, March brings my most amazing business trip to date…  I’m going to China!  I can hardly believe it, but I am. I’ve been working on my visa and will soon be purchasing tickets.

I will be going to Fujian and, while this is a business trip, I hope to do some sightseeing.  I never would’ve thought this business would take me to a place like China, but it’s happening!


I’ve also shared that I’ve been working on two book projects.  The first one will be released March 1, 2017.  It’s totally different from anything I’ve done before, but it was one of those projects I was invited to do and I loved the idea, so I accepted.


I designed and hand-drew dozens of “barn quilt squares” for the book, which was a new creative challenge for me.  It involved lots of research, graph paper, and rulers!  The Barn Quilt Coloring Book is available for preorder on Amazon HERE.




May brings about the launch of the second book project I worked on last year and this one was new for me as well, but very much in line with themes addressed in my first book and my blog.  It’s called the Home Design Doodle Book and it’s part journal, part decorating book, part inspirational book.  I created it with the idea that it would be a conversation between me and the owner.  We would work together to discover their style, address decorating dilemmas, rework a space, create mood boards, etc.


Beyond just the nuts and bolts of decorating, this book shares encouragement to help you push through when you feel stuck and to offer some perspective.


I was working on this book shortly after the Haven Conference, where I first started using watercolors, so it was perfectly timed!

You can preorder the doodle book HERE.

And, May is also the month of the Lucketts Spring Market.  This year, it is May 19-21, 2017, and will be located at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Berryville, VA.  As I mentioned, I have a big space to fill and lots of logistics to work out.

While moving all of the furniture and accessories, setting up, etc. is exhausting, I am really looking forward to seeing my design ideas for this year come to life and it’s always fun to shop for goodies to sell.



Typing all of this out makes me realize I will blink and then it will be the summer.

And, on top of all of this, I have other new ideas for the blog, the paint line, my artwork, etc., slated to implement in 2017.  You know.  In my abundance of free time!

It is a nice thing that I like to be busy and I like variety.  Otherwise, I might be crawling into a hole about now!

So, I raise my glass to 2017 and all of the promise it holds…


  1. Karyn

    Wow! Looks like 2017 is going to be an AMAZING year! I’m looking forward to following your journey as always!

  2. Lora

    I’m so excited for everything!! I love how God is using your creativity in so many new ways. It’s an encouragement and an inspiration to me that He will bring me to new places this coming year, too. I’m going to be in Tennessee when you are, but Nashville is a little far from Memphis; bummer:( Would have been fun to meet you in person! Thanks for all your entreprenurial inspiration!

  3. Mary Virlee

    Wow!!! Impressive. I am a teacher and although I teach science, I share your story with my students to give them ideas about creativity, resourcefulness, determination, flexibility and dreaming big! You are my inspiration!

  4. B. Folk

    Wow, Marian, I am overwhelmed just reading about all of your commitments for the first half of the year! If I could accomplish just one of the things you have planned for this year, I’d be happy. Actually, I did start work on a little barn quilt project of my own last year, but then, life happened.Maybe I’ll get back to it this year.
    Anyway, remember to have fun with all your projects, the way God is using you is inspiring!

  5. amy joanne mogish

    Sounds wonderful (and super busy)….love watching your plans and dreams ! Keep on inspiring!

  6. Argelia Brown

    I’m so excited for you. Just one question though, who made that gorgeous pottery/china? and where can I find it? Happy 2017

  7. Linda @ q is for quandie

    China!! That’s awesome. After traveling that far, I absolutely hope you get some sight seeing in, and that you share it with us!

  8. Jessica | Petal + Ply

    Congratulations on all the new products and adventures!! Sounds like you are going to have one amazing year!

  9. Teresa

    Congratulations! Hopefully it’s the most amazing year yet!

  10. Karen Anderson

    I echo Lora’s thoughts! I’m amazed how God is stretching and growing that creativity He Designed you to have (your blog is perfectly named)! I often tell your inspirational journey story to new people unfamiliar with your work, and your 2017 plans have only just added to that story. So proud of you!

  11. Lynne

    I L.O.V.E. the idea of the doodle design book! Brilliant!

  12. Susan

    Just reading this makes me exhausted! But seriously so cool! I love seeing all the things you find for the markets. Prayers up for you in 2017!!

  13. Elizabeth

    Happy New Year and congrats on the projects you have lined up for 2017. I came across a quote today from Pablo Picasso that reminded me of you and your encouragement to try out new things:

    “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”


    Marian, you are going to be one busy gal! Bless you! Love your posts!

  15. Denise P

    China!! What an amazing opportunity. That country is beautiful and so different from the US
    (and I mean particularly the landscape) your creative mind will go into overdrive when you get back, I know it.

  16. Margie

    Wow!! What a fabulous first five months of the year! You continue to inspire…so much so, I just pre-ordered your Doodle Book. Thanks so much for your generosity and creativity.

  17. Pat Miller

    Marian….I’m already tired just thinking of what you have planned for the new year!!
    Love your blogging, your decorating ideas, and your thoughts….
    You are an amazing person, and I wish you and your family only the BEST for 2017!

  18. Diane

    Feliz Ano Novo 2017 Marian, I wish this year will bring you and your family health, happiness and great success in all your endeavours! xxx

  19. Annabelle

    Congratulations, Marian! Enjoy your journey with your loved ones this 2017, sounds like an amazing and promising New Year ! If I can do a fraction of what you are doing, I’ll be quite content : )
    All the best and thanks for being such an inspiration.

  20. Paula Runyan

    Marion, my husband and I are taking over ownership and producing the second largest vintage market in Alaska this summer, and we are wondering if you be at all interested in coming up for a book signing and paint class. Can you email me your fees if you are all interested?

  21. Cheryl

    Wow, so busy!! Happy 2017 and may great things continue to happen for you!

  22. Cindy Redman

    Oh my gosh! That’s ALOT! I love that you have that great big covered space for Lucketts! … it’s perfect … and China!?
    The barn quilt book is adorable. I would NEVER have the patience to draw that many geometric patterns . Really dying of curiosity to hear about your new design thing that you have going too!!!

  23. Vicki

    Congrats on all of your new adventures in 2017. I always took extra space at shows. It allowed me to keep purchased items in a “sold” area. This worked great people more willing to buy if they didn’t have to tote items around and a bit of advertising of items customers missed…so they would shop us first next show. I also like a big check out table…outdoor show ladies tend to have hands and arms full,so the extra space allowed purses and bags to be put down on the table for check out. Another hint vintage shopping buggies are great for display,but ladies also like to purchase them when they have bought more than expected…you could line them or not. A hubby area with a TV is another great use of extra space. Best of luck!

  24. Naomi S.

    Marian, you are one crazy-busy, creative woman! If I had a tenth of your energy, I would be happy. I’ve always had all the ideas but none of the energy to make them real. It is eternally frustrating, but that’s the way it is, so I live vicariously! Reading your blog assists me in that!

    You have an exciting year lined up and I’m sure it will be most fruitful and fun! Just remember to breathe and you’ll be fine!

    P.S. I ordered and received two of your paintings in the form of cards before Christmas. I got the rocking horse and the brown cow with the wreath. I love, love, love them! I can’t wait to frame them and hang them up so I can look at them every day. They are beautiful.

  25. Teresa

    WOW…It sounds like 2017 will be one busy year for MMS! I am also thrilled to hear that Lucketts will be held at a larger venue this year. I think this event had definitely outgrown its current location and the field parking was a nightmare when it rained.

  26. Debbie Klausing

    Hmm. Wondering if we will be hearing about MMS designed dishes or maybe textiles? So excited for you! Sounds like a great harvest is coming!

  27. Karen Holleman

    Fujian is a beautiful area of China. We spent two weeks in Fuzhou when adopting our little boy! Blessings on this trip: the Chinese people and culture are lovely!

  28. Jenni

    Hmmm . . . design deadline + business trip to China – a new home decor/furniture line? It will be fun to find out what it is!

  29. Marie

    Congrats on all the great things to come! I’m looking forward to watching 2017 unfold for you. Some people may have binge watched Netfix on their holiday break, but I snuggled up by the fire and binge read your past blog posts. Thank you for sharing all that you do!

  30. Sue Pagels

    I’m everyone is saying the same thing – you make me tired just reading about this!!! Your new show space looks so wonderful, I would think I have died and gone to heaven if I could shop it! That is my favorite part of your blog – always love all the furniture re-dos. I drool over Lucketts – enjoy 2017 – sounds like a wonderful year for you!

  31. Pamela Groppe

    I absolutely love Barn Quilts. I have been working on a series of painting tutorials doing barn quilts on wood. There is a lot of geometry involved. 🙂

  32. Doris Kaye

    The China trip …. I hope it’s not to make products “cheaper” … By useing cheap “Labor”.
    Remember,,, ” We are fighting to keep are jobs right here in the US. It’s not people who make 26 cent a hour. That buy your products. Sorry, to throw a red flag up. But, I’ve been noticing to many
    of Joanne Gaines products & other farm decor coming from “China”. Still, with a heavy price tag.
    Builded with “BAD” quailty….
    There’s some many gifted crafter out there. These products can be produces right here in the US.
    Espy …. Has tons of creative people. Has a consumer we are watch ….

    • Jill

      I agree with you. I felt that same red flag go up when I heard …China. I absolutely adore Marian and all the work she does! She knows that. but I’m a huge fan of keeping it here! Made in the USA. I used to work for a giftware company and had to stop because of how my products looked coming back from China. We need to make America strong again!!

  33. Karen Droste

    What fun projects!!! The design book looks like a neat spin on a decorating book. How do I get my hands on those blue pottery pieces? LOVE!!!

    • stephanie

      (the pottery is by my talented friend melissa bridgman! she’s in memphis, tennessee, and will be part of the ‘fancy little flea market’ that marian is headlining. she specializes in modern takes on vintage patterns, using lots of beautiful glazes, including lots of flow-blue-style. you can find out more about her and shop her work at http://www.bridgmanpottery.com.)

  34. stephanie

    we are thrilled to be part of your 2017 adventures! counting down until you land in memphis! xo

  35. Jane

    Sounds exciting! 🙂 Maybe plan a vacation or two in there as well for the rest of 2017.

  36. Teresa

    I agree with Doris & Jill’s comments. When we hear business trip to “China” if raises red flags but lets not get ahead of ourselves before Marian has the opportunity to reveal what it involves as far as her business is concerned. If anything, lets hope its the case of her shipping her products over there.

  37. melissa bridgman

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for featuring my work. We’re all so excited to meet you at the Fancy Little Flea!

  38. marylisa noyes

    Thank you for giving the dates for Puckett’s. I am going to plan a trip with my niece to be there. You have a full first part of the year which is awesome….

  39. dianntha Lessig

    Wow, It looks like you are going to have a busy year. I also have a small business and I would love to see the white iron stone….but here in Ohio it is difficult to find….could you give me some ideas where I should be looking? We attend many auctiions ( my hubby is an auctioneer) but we have no luck finding it here. Blessings on your new year.


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