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“Where did you get that stencil?”

I’ve been asked that question so many times when I share one of my hand painted pieces.  And that has led to people asking if I ever planned to come out with a line of stencils.

missmustardseed (3)

I have always loved the idea of it, but as someone who works in a freeform way, I had a hard time figuring out how to translate my patterns into stencils.  It probably wasn’t as hard as I was making it, but I got stuck on it for a long time.  I also wanted to find a way to make my stencils unique.

I finally decided to just paint some designs and see how they looked as stencils.  Some worked and some didn’t.  I worked with a stencil manufacturer who did a fantastic job of guiding me through the process, though, and the result was stencils cut from my actual brush strokes (imperfections and all.)  Hence “hand painted stencils”.

And now they are a reality – Miss Mustard Seed’s Hand Painted Stencils.  I know it’s a mouthful!  You can just call them MMSHPS’s, because that’s soooo much easier.  Sort of like ROUS’s.

Anyway, here they are…


I used the “Kimbrough” last year on the little dresser I painted for Lucketts…




The Elizabeth is styled after the yellow hand painted piece at the opening of this post.  The idea is that you can flip and rotate it to create a similar look.


The stencils are each named after women in my family.  It was sort of a whim, but ended up being a fun little nod to them.

Elizabeth is my niece and my cousin.  We actually call them both Lizzie, though…


Susan is my awesome aunt who gives me furniture and fabric…


Linda is my mother-in-law…


Nancy is my sister-in-law…


And, of course, Kimbrough is my mom.  She goes by Kim, though…


I’ll share a stencil tutorial soon!

This is not a required product for our retailers to carry, so call for availability.  To make it easy, here are some of my retailers who have them in stock online…  (Each will ship within their country/continent.)


Susie’s Art & Antiques – Texas

Painted Furniture & Decor – Wisconsin

Five Thirty Home – Indiana

Urban Barn Home – Pennsylvania

The Purple Painted Lady – New York

Brush Strokes by Mary Anne – Georgia

Dresser Up Vintage – Kentucky


My Painted Door

Happy Little Paint Shop


For the Love Creations

I Restore Stuff


Me & Harmony – Germany

The Old Red Barn – Belgium


Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint UK


Svo Margt Fallegt

We’ll be giving MMSHPS away on the @mmsmilkpaint Instagram today, so be sure to enter to win!

Stencil Collage

Hand Painted Stencils

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31 Comments on “Hand Painted Stencils”

  1. Congratulations on another fantastic achievement! The stencils are really pretty, I’m completely fascinated with the concept of making stencils from your actual brushstrokes. That’s really cool. It’s so nice that you named them for family members, they must feel really special.

  2. These are great; I will definitely buy them. I hope more Canadian retailers will pick them up as I know they will be popular. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. These are perfect for the artistically-impaired like ME! Love this range, thank you for developing them, I’m so happy to be carrying them in Australia! xx

  4. These are wonderful, but “boo” for those of us not on Instagram. (I’m booing me because I can’t enter to win). I look forward seeing your tutorial. I did a multi stencil and multi color border on my living room wall years ago. It was at the top of the wall, so I spent my time on a ladder with my arms in the air. I believe it was 3 stencils/colors for the design. My arms were tired, but it turned out beautiful!

  5. People used to ask me that when I painted furniture as well. In other words, I can actually hand paint, but I would buy these. I think they are super charming!!

  6. Fantastic!! I love them all! Can’t wait to try one, but it’s hard to pick a favorite to start with. Thank – you so much for sharing with us, Marian…

  7. I love stencils. I did classes with Adele Bishop years ago. I stenciled everything and gave classes. Then I guess I got tired of it but lately I have been thinking about stencils again.

  8. Marian, The Wonder Woman!!!

    Can you tell the approximate length, width, and of course the price of the different designs, please?
    They are delightful, but why am I not surprised! Everything you do is amazing!

  9. Really enjoyed looking at your stencils. They are very unique. I use stencils on a much smaller scale; greeting cards that I make. I do not make my stencils, I buy them.


    1. I have never seen stencils I cared to use—–too this or too that, most too busy, but all of these appear delicate, small and unique. I can see using these and the names add a special touch to the design. Perhaps you will have at Spring Market in Berryville.

  10. Nice addition to your line! I didn’t realize your Mom’s name was Kimbrough. There is a street named that in Springfield Missouri!!

  11. I am a Kim (but I mostly go by Kimberly) and I’ve never heard of your mum’s whole first name…Kimbrough is unique (but I live in Oregon so maybe it’s an East Coast thing?).
    And I love your stencils and have the coolest piece that’s needing a little flair!

  12. Oh my! Absolutely love these! And especially since they’re not “perfect”! So…are you ever going to start an affiliate program??

  13. I love them all! Can they be purchased from your website or online store? I would love to have a few.

  14. Wow, stencils! What a great idea! I have two pine cabinets I painted and stenciled several years ago. Now the pine knots are bleeding through. Would love to update with new paint and now these great stencils. You’re a great inspiration. Can’t wait for warmer weather to start painting!

  15. how wonderful!!! So very happy for your success! You have earned it! Hardest working woman I have ever seen!

  16. How very cool! I can’t wait to try one. I really need to practice my stenciling technique first, though. I haven’t liked my results so far. Too much paint on the brush, I guess!

    Anyway, congratulations on this new line of stencils, Marian!

  17. Great stencils! Last time I stenciled something was a few years ago ( a $9.99 MDF cabinet-turned- gardening-storage that got a colorful primitive flower pattern that I made from several stencils). May have to stencil something this summer:-) Thanks for all your inspiration. Waiting for your fabric line…

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