Grain Sack Upholstery

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I love using antique European grain sacks for upholstering furniture.  It gives an immediate character to the piece of furniture and it’s very durable, which is important in a house with two young boys.  So, when I acquired this pair of chairs, I knew I wanted to use a grain sack to cover them.  The pair of chairs cost $95 and the grain sack was $40.  Here’s the result of my $135 and a few hours of work…


I know.  I love them.  Here’s what they looked like before…


I left the paint finish exactly as it was. I wouldn’t have picked black for them, but when I set them in my space, they looked great.   So foam, batting and the grain sacks were all they needed.  Fortunately, the foam and batting came with the chairs, so I didn’t have to buy that, but I did have to rework the foam to make it fit the chairs.



The materials have been hanging around my house for a few weeks and I finally decided to tackle them yesterday.  I have been a little aimless with my days since my boys started school and a project was the perfect thing to get me back on track…

…and it did.

Grain Sack Upholstery

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