good mail day…

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I planned to write this post last night, but I was exhausted and decided I needed to wait until the morning to string together coherent sentences.  Well, once I got going in the morning, there was no sitting down at the computer to write a post.  I had my weekly Skype meeting with my staff (which sounds very serious and impressive, but we laugh a lot and it’s a time to catch up and keep me on task) and then I filmed a Facebook Live Q&A for the Milk Paint line.

There was a lot to do, so I asked my Lucketts-workhorse, Debbie, to come for a day to help me price items for my yard sale.  I knew I was stretching her a bit when I handed her a roll of Frog Tape and a Sharpie and asked if she would price things for me while I was on my call and Facebook event.

You should’ve seen her face.

I assured her that I just want to get rid of things and she can pretend like she’s having her own yard sale and price things as she would.  So, she got to it and made a massive dent in the yard sale prep that needs to happen this week.  I joined her in the pricing and sorting and we got almost all of it finished.  I still need to make signs, get change, and help my boys set up their “lemonade/baked goods stand”, but we’re getting there!

If you’re local and interested in coming, HERE is the link to the details of my yard sale as well as pictures.

After spending over a week away on vacation, we had quite a stock pile of mail.  Lots of the usual junk, catalogs, bills, etc, but I had several packages that I wasn’t expecting.  It was like Christmas.

The first package I opened was from Susan of Dunn by Designs...

The story with Susan is that her sweet husband sent me an e-mail a few months ago, asking me to check out his wife’s Etsy shop.  I did and I loved her work so much that I bought a couple of zipper pouches…

Well, Susan made me a blue linen smock apron as a gift!

It’s very similar to the smock apron I have been wearing at the studio and events lately, but I love that it’s a rich blue.

She is selling them in her Etsy store now, along with the zipper bags and some other handmade goodies.

The second package I opened was more blue linen.  I was actually thinking, Did someone else make me a smock apron?!  

I read the note before I unfolded the linen.  One of my readers was cleaning out her closet and sent me a blue linen dress she purchased in Greece and hadn’t worn it since she bought it.

Now, some people might turn their nose up at someone sending them their closet castoffs, but I am not one of those people.  I let the dress fall open and slid it on the dress form in the studio.  I loved it.

I tried it on when I got home and it fit perfectly.  I am particularly taken with the square neck and detail on the hem.  It’s an easy-breezy dress that will get lots of wear.  I also love that it’s from Greece.  I went there as a child and it’s one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen.

And, if two presents wasn’t enough, there was a third.

It was a watercolor book and paints from Kristy Rice

First of all, how adorable is that sample palette?!  I love that special touch, so I can try some of her favorite colors.

The book, Spring Cutting Garden, is a watercoloring book for adults.  I was wishing that sort of thing existed just a few weeks ago!  Sometimes I just want to paint and I don’t want to stress with the “drawing” part of it.  This will be a fun exercise to focus on color, texture, brush strokes, etc.


And the box she sent it all in is a delight in itself.

“Forget rules, forget right, remember joy.”

I love it when artist are encouraging to others.  Kristy doesn’t set herself above you, but invites you to create in her world.

And the last gift I received was from Jill of Milk House 24

She has been making hand-painted muslin ribbon with MMS milk paint colors!  How pretty are these spools?

It’s been so fun for me to see how different creatives use our products and this was just the latest tangible example.

It was definitely a good mail day!

good mail day…

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18 Comments on “good mail day…”

  1. Obviously you have blessed many people and they love to love on you for it.
    The world needs more people like you and them.
    Is it silly to ask where I could buy scissors like yours. Love them?

  2. What lovley gifts! The linen apron is beautiful! I will most definitely visit her site in hopes she has more for purchase as well as the little zipper pouches. The dress from Greece is so simple and pretty along with the watercolors and book to go with them. I love the hearts of caring people. What an encouraging post. Thank you.

  3. I forgot to mention the beautiful milk painted ribbon! …and those little wooden spools, I love it! I will have to visit her site as well.

  4. Jill is my local MMS retailer, and she is awesome! I am so glad you featured some of her amazing ribbon!!

  5. Awesome entry today Marian.
    Love all your friends and their gifts! Enjoy your friends and all your gifts!
    I have a collection of ribbons, just fir the color of them! Those new milk paint colors are so beautiful!!
    Happy Summer😎

  6. I just purchased a dress in Germany very similar to the one you received. Mine is black with muted white polka dots. The little Shop I purchased it in had them in lime green, light blue, etc, etc. It’s super comfy!

  7. I love your mail! I usually get bills and advertisements. Everyone deserves to get surprises! Enjoy!

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