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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by RetailMeNot.  All opinions and experiences shared are, as always, honest and my own.

It’s that time of year.  Along with the decorating and baking and parties, there is shopping.  (And wouldn’t it be nice to win an extra $250 VISA gift card to spend on some of those expenses?  Scroll down to enter the giveaway.)

And not just present shopping, but the-boys-have-a-Christmas-concert-and-need-black-pants-and-a-white-dress-shirt shopping and Calvin-needs-a-new-pair-of-of-winter-gloves shopping and the-heel-on-my-favorite-pair-of-boots-is-flapping-so-it’s-time-to-look-for-a-new-pair shopping.  (I am planning on getting them repaired as well, but they have worked hard for many years and they are looking tired.)

Believe it or not, I don’t particularly enjoy months with lots of shopping.  Drop me in the middle of an antique market and shopping is my favorite, but drop me in the middle of a busy mall during the holidays and it’s definitely not.  I also get a little stressed trying to fit it all into our budget.

I shared a few years ago that we worked through Dave Ramsey’s baby steps and paid off ALL of our non-mortgage debt (including cars and student loans) and now we live by a set, cash-only budget, so we can continue to work towards our financial goals and not wonder where our money went all the time.

A part of sticking to that budget, is stretching our dollars by shopping smart.  For me, that means buying most of my furniture second-hand, buying things with potential that others might overlook, shopping sales, and using coupon codes.

A site I’ve been using for quite a while as a coupon code/sale resource is RetailMeNot. (And before we get too far into this and you feel like I’m trying to sell you something, let me just get this out of the way – this is a FREE site to use.  So, this is just about saving money.  Read on…)

As I shared at the beginning, one of our expenses this month was Christmas concert clothes for the boys.  That means white button-down shirts, black pants, and black shoes.  So, I hopped over to RetailMeNot to see what kind of sales and coupon codes were available.  I zeroed in on GAP pretty quickly, since they make the uniform pants and shirts the boys wear to school and there was an active Old Navy/GAP coupon code for 20% off sitewide (including sales).

I popped over to GAP, picked out the clothes they needed, along with some new uniform clothes, and comfy sweatpants for Marshall (his were looking like capri pants).  I ended up saving $31.93 with the coupon code.

As I’ve been exploring RetailMeNot more for this post, I learned about the “Genie“.  It’s an extension you can add to your internet browser and when you check out online, click it, and it will automatically find the best coupon code for you and even stack ones that can be used together.  You can even earn cash back on those purchases.  And it’s not pennies on the dollar, but more like dimes on the dollar AND they are actual dollars that get deposited in your PayPal account.  I earned $20 cash back for a purchase at Macy’s that was under $200.

Here’s what the Genie looks like in action.  I put the items in my cart (a new pair of boots and some cosmetics), clicked the Genie button, and saved $73.65 off my purchase, plus earned $20 cash back.


And here is how the total was broken down…

I picked these Rockport Boots from Macy’s

And, if you’re one of those people who love milling around in a mall, there is a RetailMeNot App that will alert you to deals and coupons that can be scanned at checkout.

Now, for the giveaway…

RetailMeNot is offering a $250 VISA gift card to one lucky winner.  To enter the giveaway, click HERE to sign up for RetailMeNot (again, it’s completely free), browse their website for today’s deals, and comment back on this post with the deal you’re excited to use for holiday shopping this year!  (I spotted 20% off at World Market and 20% off one item at Best Buy!)  

The giveaway will end Tuesday, December 19, 2017, at midnight PST, and a winner will be chosen and announced by Thursday, December 21.

Good luck and happy bargain shopping!


free shopping resource & $250 RetailMeNot giveaway

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289 Comments on “free shopping resource & $250 RetailMeNot giveaway”

  1. I don’t know what I want yet, lol. I’m still looking at all the deals and still trying to find out what to give for gifts for husband and daughter.
    Love your house and all your Christmas decor!!

  2. Amazon, hands down! We buy everything at Amazon and the prices are great but I am thrilled to find a source for coupons and cash back! I seriously didn’t think shopping Amazon could get better but you did it!

  3. After all the holiday shopping I would treat myself to some new grey boots… mine have a flat tire as well 😉

  4. Hello. Check out I use it for all my online shopping, and now they have it so you can use a code for in store shopping as well. I’ve made $200.00+ just for shopping, and you still get any store coupons or sales such as the Macy’s example you showed. Usually it is 3%-12% cash back and you can get the $ in a check or other way if prefferred. Just a tip!
    Your house looks beautiful by the way! Hope you and your family have a joyous Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year!

  5. This is AWESOME! Love all of the deals and codes, perfect for shopping for the holidays or any time of the year. I signed up and LOVE the $25 off of a purchase of $75 at Bath and Body Works!

  6. What a great way to save money! I love your boots and I really need some new clothes. I would choose the coupons from Belk, Kohl’s, or Macy’s. Thanks!

  7. My microwave needs to be replaced so I am interested in Best Buy and that will be my Christmas present. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  8. I love retailmenot.Com! I found a great coupon that sanded me a lot of money on a pr of new glasses but I also have some Amazon shipping to do so….

  9. Papa johns at 50% off? Hello…my favorite food then of course Hobby Lobby. Love you can save the standard 40% BUT also earn cash back!

  10. I’m addicted to shopping at old navy so the $15 off $50 is an awesome deal! Live their clothes and I can always find a bargain!

  11. I noticed that sporting goods store… that makes me blush every time I have to say the name. Lol I’m sure I could outfit these twin 6 year old boys out with their winter gear for the cold Colorado snow days AND make the whole thing of “twins are double the fun” …. aka… double the expense….I strive to make that money stretch as much as possible!

  12. Target, Old Navy, Amazon! I see a long day of couch shopping in my near future! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Most of my online shopping is at Amazon so I’m excited to see coupons for their site. Love World Market so will have to check that out, too.

  14. Just signed up and already used the Bath and Body Works coupon! My mom loves their soaps and lotions, so I just got her Christmas gift taken care of!

  15. Macy’s and Carter’s coupon codes are super exciting for this Christmas season! Thanks for flying me into the Retailmenot website, this is a neat tool.

  16. I’m excited about $10 off $20 at Bath & Body Works. That’s always a place I like to shop at Christmas and stock up for the year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Love Retailmenot and have used it for coupon codes for a long time! Never knew about the Genie. I’ve been using for cash back which sounds very similar. I just love a good deal 🙂

  18. I would like the $15 off $50 at Old navy. I use Retail me not when I go shopping. Excited about the cash back. I did not know

  19. I’ve never shopped at world market before so I’m excited to try and hopefully not spend too much!

  20. I’ll be using the Barnes and Nobles 25% off to buy a toy for my son! So glad I stumbled across your post today! God bless and Merry Christmas!

  21. Amazon, Target, and Macy’s would be high on my list, especially with coupons!! Thanks for a great tutorial on using RetailMeNot.

  22. The 20% off my purchase at ducks sporting goods is a code I’ll use for a birthday I have coming up right after Christmas… great deal!

  23. I’ve saved money using retailmenot already on TinyPrints and Shutterfly this year! I’d use it to save more there for additional phot oops. Of course Amazon, BBY and LLBean are favorites too. I’ve signed up now and with your post, I’ll check out that Genie plugin!

  24. I’d probably use the 50% off Papa John’s more than anything. Not a lot of time for cooking as it gets busier each day.

  25. Thanks for this informative post Marian…wish I had read it before I made purchases at Lord & Taylor and Macy’s, but maybe I just need to shop a little be more :). Looking forward to using the Genie App. Many Christmas blessings to you and your sweet family from Texas!! B

  26. Thank you for sharing. I have always been wary of that site, but just signed up and it looks good! I do 95% of my shopping online, so I will try this out. The discount that caught my eye today was 10% off at Expedia-that could really save some money for a family vacation.

  27. I am a grandfather and couldn’t afford a Christmas present for my wife of 25 years this year. I would LOVE to give her this prize to use on the 70% off at Amazon.

  28. I’d use the 50% off and an extra 20% off code for Gap! I’m already a retailmenot subscriber too but didn’t know about the Genie. Thanks for the great chance!

  29. What an awesome offer! I would use Amazon cash back since I do most of my online shopping there.

  30. $10 off $30 at bath and body works bc i cannot get enough peppermint candles!

    i have loved retailmenot for years but i had never heard of the genie. so awesome!

    love your boots.

  31. We need another cozy throw for our living room on these chilly northern Michigan evenings – we keep the house pretty cool! And Pier 1 has a yummy one that we could afford with the coupon! I signed up on RetailMeNot!

  32. Wow – love a deal! I signed up and already shopped at I used a coupon code and will get cash back too. Thanks

  33. I like that Macy’s coupon for the dishes, serveware, and ornaments. They have lots of red and white dishes that can be used any time and who doesn’t always end up buying more ornaments???

  34. I love Retailmenot! That 20% off coupon code for Barnes and Noble is perfect to buy my Dad some new books just in time for Christmas!

  35. Oh, my goodness….to many to choose from! Gap, Old Navy or Amazon…cannot make up my mind…Christmas budget is pretty low this year, so bargains are really needed! Still need to do shopping! Thanks for sharing this offer…and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  36. We also worked through Dave Ramsey’s baby steps and paid off all of our non mortgage debt as well. It has been life changing! Since Christmas shopping can be a budget breaker, a few years back I set-up a “Christmas” club savings account wherein a specific amount is deposited each month throughout the year. It matures at the beginning of December just in time for Christmas shopping! Happy New Year Marian!

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