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Soooo, my next big event is less than a month away and I really need to get myself in gear to get ready for it!

The event that is coming up is the Market on Chapel Hill, formerly known as the Chapel Market.  It’s held in the same place, Pike Road, Alabama, in the sweet little chapel on the hill at The Waters.  It’s on Saturday, October 3, 2015 starting at 9:00 am.  This is the third year of the market and it’s always such a wonderful time and well worth the drive for us.  Many of the old vendors will be there along with some more new ones this year.  I hope those who are in the area can make it!


Now that I’m feeling a sense of urgency, I did go shopping yesterday to try to find some things for the sale.  I didn’t find a ton of stuff, but I did find a few cool things.

This drying rack stopped me in the aisle as soon as I spotted it…


It’s two things that were pieced together, but it’s like they were meant to be.




It’s so great, in fact, that I need to get used to the idea of selling it.

If I sell it…

I also picked up a couple of pretty rolling pins…




…this old clock…



…a fan that needs a bit of cleaning up, but has the sweetest shape…




…and a big ironstone pitcher with soft blue flowers on it.


The handle on this piece is gorgeous…



And this last piece is another looker and one that’s going to be hard for me to part with!


It’s really, really chippy right now, I need to clean it up and seal it.

Some of you have asked about cleaning up old pieces, so I’ll show how I deal with this one as well as the fan.



More antique finds and furniture makeovers to come as we get ready for the market!

You can get all of the event details on the market’s Facebook page.

finds for the chapel & save the date

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9 Comments on “finds for the chapel & save the date”

  1. The road to Alabama looks very promising with your amazing finds. I am excited to read your future posts about cleaning up old pieces. How many pieces do you typically take to an event? When you find such cute things that you personally love, what is your litmus test to decide what to keep in your home and what to sell? I’m just getting started and frankly I love what I buy to refinish and one house just isn’t big enough or practical to keep it all. Any wisdom on your process because I was delighted to hear you say “IF” I sell it.

  2. Wonderful treasures you picked up yesterday! Like Sandy, I’m also really looking forward to seeing how you clean up rusty metal antiques like the fan, and dirt encrusted, chippy wood pieces like the cubby box (which looks like it’s openings are sized right to make it an awesome wine bottle holder!). Oh ~ and I LOVE that ironstone pitcher! 🙂

  3. I’m really liking the fan and the cubby piece. Won’t it be great to use on top of a putting table. What do you use for chippy pieces to seal them. I have an old door that’s really chippy but I love it that way. Just want to seal the paint.

  4. How do you seal chippy paint? I know that you were going to get a new product that would do this. Is it out? (I have been offline most of the summer) If so, I desperately need it!

  5. Looking forward to the “cleaning up” tutorial. I have a 7 ft. decorative railing that came off of a mini balcony of an old house. It is in a very chippy state, but has wonderful, turned spindles. I can’t wait to get it in my house! It definitely needs some cleaning up and sealing first, though!

  6. I am so drooling over the pitcher, I love the dewberry vine on it and I’m not even a collector of ironstone. But, how I wish I could go to Chapel Hill. I would be first in line for that, and the nail bin.

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