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I have been bursting to share more details about my new book with you and today is finally the day!

For those who missed my announcement earlier this year, I wrote a book last Spring/Summer about customizing a typical suburban home – whether it’s an apartment, townhouse, or a single-family home, I’m sharing ideas and projects to transform those beige walls and builder-grade finishes to something that is uniquely yours.

antique typewriter | feels like home book announcement | miss mustard seed

I have to step back a minute and thank you, my readers for the idea behind this book.  When I moved to Minnesota, I had dreams of finding a quaint 100-year-old Minnesota farmhouse.  After an extensive search, I realized that a suburban home that was in a neighborhood and close to the boys’ school and Jeff’s work was going to be the very best thing for this season of life.  I remember feeling like my blog audience would be disappointed that I wasn’t going to be taking them on a journey to fix up some cool old house.  I would be sharing the very typical journey of adding character and my personal touch to a beige suburban home with a two-story foyer and builder-grade finishes.  What I thought would be boring was received with enthusiasm.  I can’t tell you how many messages and e-mails I received from readers who were so excited to see my decorating style implemented in a home that looks very similar to theirs.

That response prompted me to put together a book proposal which was picked up by the Worthy Books imprint of the Hachette Book Group last spring.  And, after over a year of hard work, the book is finally ready to unveil!

My dear blog readers, I’d love to introduce you to Feels Like Home…

Feels Like Home Book | Miss Mustard Seed | #feelslikehomebook

This book is all about making your house, whatever the quirks, challenges, and limitations, feel like your home.  I believe a home should fit like a well-tailored suit, but feel like a comfy pair of jammies and this book is all about that transformation process.  In over 300 pages of content and hundreds of photos of inspiring, yet very typical family homes, I share tips, exercises, examples, before & afters, and step-by-step projects.  It is packed full of encouragement and ideas no matter what your decorating aesthetic or budget is.  This book is not about emulating my style but embracing and implementing your own.

And, I have to say, I feel like this book is some of the best work I’ve ever done.  The words flowed out of me and never at any time did this project feel like a drain or something I had to push through to get to the finish line.  The entire creative process was filled with joy and I really hope that is evident and contagious to those who read it.

here are kind words from a few talented folks about feels like home

“Whether it’s her interiors or her art, Marian’s work epitomizes timeless style rooted in authenticity, great taste, and casual elegance. Everything is inviting and comfy, while elevated and approachable at the same time.”

—Brian Patrick Flynn, interior designer HGTV Dream Home

“With Feels Like Home, Marian has gifted us the ultimate design handbook with sound advice, simplified tutorials, and yes, her trademark gorgeous photography.”

—Mary Kay Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of The Fixer Upper; Hissy Fit; Hello, Summer; and The Newcomer

“Regardless of what feels like home to you, this is a resource, a handbook, and an inspirational guide to help you create exactly what feels like your home for you and those that will share it with you.”

—Jo Packham, creator and editor in chief of Women Create magazines

I pretty much melted into a little puddle every time I read an endorsement someone graciously took the time to write.

The official release of Feels Like Home is September 7, 2021, but it is available for preorder now.  Here are places where you can order it now…

Where to Buy

If you own a small shop and are interested in carrying the book, please send me an e-mail at marian@missmustardseed.com and I can give you the information for ordering the book wholesale.

And, we will be offering some amazing freebies, bonus content, and giveaways for those who preorder the book!  All of that fun stuff will be launching this summer, so hold onto your order confirmation info and you will still qualify to receive the goodies and enter to win the prize packages.

thank you giveaway

As a thank you for providing the inspiration for writing this book, I wanted to offer a giveaway with this announcement.  I will be giving away one $250 Etsy Gift card to help one of my readers make their house feel a little more like home.  Etsy is one of my favorite places to buy unique antiques and handmade items from creatives, artists, and makers.

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post letting me know what feels like home to you.  (For an additional entry, you can leave a comment on today’s Instagram post HERE.)

Is it a style, a color palette, things that evoke memories or remind you of a place, is it an ideal you are aspiring to, a comfy chair, a well-used dining table, a view of a lake?  I am so excited to hear what feels like home to you…

The giveaway is open to readers worldwide and will close Monday, April 19, 2021, at midnight PST.

I’ll be sharing more details on the process of writing and photographing this book over the coming weeks including nailing down the cover, shooting in local homes, and I’ll share some photos and content that didn’t make it past the editing process.  Until then, here’s a little preview of some of the homes featured…


  1. V luyster

    Home is where my family and pets are! I love blues and greens, your style is so pretty and calm.

    • Donna

      Congratulations on your book! I can’t wait to read it! 👏🏼
      What feels like home to me is…coziness; softness, like in fabrics, pillows, and such. Life; plants and fresh flowers. Relaxing earthy scents, like lavender essential oils, pines, patchouli. Neutral colors with pops of fun color and patterns. Also order. 😁

      • Gilda Mata

        Congrats on your new book. I’m looking forward to it. Home is a nice kitchen where everyone gathers.

      • Bonnie S

        Home is the hugs of loved ones, the smell of something yummy emanating from the kitchen, and physical reminders, from furnishings to photos, of generations of family before me. I’ve so enjoyed your blog over the years, and look forward to your new book. Congratulations, Marian!

    • Erica Wynn

      Home for me feels like a place of belonging, where my soul finds rest, inspiration and energy to be love inside and outside of my home.

    • Jodi O'Rourke

      Home is comfort & family but also the view from a window curled up in a comfy chair, memories of travel in artwork & furnishings as well as love in the photos of your people that make your heart sing.
      Looking forward to reading the book!

    • Suz Gonzales

      Can not wait!!! Love every single thing you create♥️♥️♥️

    • Angelin

      I also love blue and it’s in almost every room of our house!

    • Joelle Kreuscher

      Congratulations on your book! You are inspirational!

      Home is where my family is, where I am reminded daily of my blessings, where joy is sparked, and tomorrow’s memories are made.

      Please keep up the inspiring work!

    • Michelle Courtney

      Home feels like a
      An overstuffed chair with a soft reading light, tucked in a quiet corner looking out over Long Lake, Michigan.
      The depth of the book and the calm of the water envelope me and form a barrier from the outside world….

    • Christine Irvine

      Yay Marian! Congratulations!
      I can’t wait to read (okay, devour) your new book!
      Home to me feels like love, safety, comfort, peace, happy smiles and laughter, and lots of kitty purrs. And if there’s a lot of white, wood, and art I’m happy aesthetically.

  2. Elise

    Home is where I enjoy my books, seashells, vintage bottles, and telephone insulators. Its also the place I love to have family and friends gather for any reason.

  3. Liz Hall

    Home is where my loved ones are…including 2 dogs, my garden & my studio.

    • Cindy

      Home is safety, comfort, and unconditional love. It’s a place where my adult child walks in and goes through my cabinets for a snack like she did as a child. Then she takes a tour to see if anything is new ( or new-to-me from the thrift shop.) And always there are pictures of her through the years, books (so many books! ), plants and my many collections. I always want her to still feel at home. And that goes for my other loved ones as well. Marian, I am so excited for your new book! I’ve followed your blog for years and have enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for all the joy and inspiration you bring to the world!

    • Nancy P

      Congratulations! Home to me is family and a comfy chair.

  4. Char

    Congratulations on your book! What an undertaking! Home to me is a pretty ocean view out a kitchen window, flowers blooming in summer and a great fireplace to cozy up to in the winter. Fill that space with pretty colours, comfy furniture, your loved ones and there you have it! Home!

  5. Cassandra E

    Home is comfortable and inviting. It’s layers of history and whimsy. It’s images that inspire me or comfort me and any who enter. It’s tidy and organized with lovely little messes of life.

    I’m excited for your book!

  6. Sandra

    Congratulations Marian! What a wonderful accomplishment! To me, home feels like a big exhale, a hug—a place to welcome family and friends with love.

  7. Denise P

    Home is a comfortable, safe place where family is, with soothing, calm colors and treasures gathered through life.

  8. Deanna Rabe

    Home is a feeling of warmth and comfort, brought on by comfortable seating, artwork, pretty lighting, flowers from my garden. Making a home is my delight!

    Congratulations on your book! I’ve been homemaking in my own homes for 33 years, and know my style well. Your book is one that I will buy because I know it will be filled with inspiration!

  9. Joanne B

    Home to me feels like a space that has pieces of who we are – the little pieces that are reminders of the lives we have lived and loved that don’t necessarily make any sense to anyone else but us. Bits and pieces of memories, scattered about as subtle reminders of all we love- hidden treasures we rediscover when we really look beyond the paint swatches and furniture arranging.

  10. Kimberly Westby

    Home has a lit candle with a food scent, vanilla, apples, or a fresh air dried linens scent. It’s my glasses where I have left them handy with a partly finished book or magazine. It’s the blinds and drapes fully open with sunlight streaming in and visuals of dog-walking, and kids riding bikes, neighbours going by, and birds playing outside the window.
    Home isn’t literal, it’s a feeling, it’s comfort, and it’s belonging.


  11. Pat Godfrey McRee

    Holding your own book in your hands is not quite like holding your newborn but it’s pretty great, Marian! Congratulations!

    • Kelly

      Home to me is a place my husband and children feel loved. There should be photos, favorite art work,
      and a mom happy to make it all happen

  12. Micki Harmeson

    Home to me is being surrounded by loved ones, home furnishings that bring loving memories of being with those loved ones and photos that capture those moments.

  13. Sherry B

    It looks like a great book! It may be hard to describe exactly what feels like home, but our hearts certainly know it and yearns to be there. Family, safety, memories and love. Wether those things are reflected by design or style doesn’t matter as much as how we find that comfort at home.
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of the book and a gift card.

  14. Marty

    Love your blog! Inspiration daily!
    Home for me is a place where my creativity takes hold, where I get to share my art with my loved ones, where my husband and I have antique mementoes from our parents home, where we relax together and live in the moment.

  15. Tonya (Farmwyfe)

    Congratulations on your new book?
    What feels like home is safety, God’s love giving me that safety, but also the beauty of His love expressed through the love and laughter and everyday noises of family, the sweet sight of pets sleeping rolled up in a ball on the chair or rug or watching me while licking their paws. It is colorful, beautiful pictures and things that remind me of loved memories and comfortable scents of the seasons like coffee, or a fire in the woodstove, or lilac blooms fresh from the spring garden. It is the simple beautiful care God gives in the simple things, like life in the ferns on the window sill and flowers in vases and photos of days I have loved and treasured. Home is wherever God gives peace, and peace comes from knowing He loves me so much He sent his only Son to come to earth to die and rise again to save all who will call on Him. Home is a treasure. <3

    • Tonya (Farmwyfe)

      Oops, I meant an exclamation point after my congratulations! Not a question mark!

    • Shari

      Congrats on your new book Home!
      I feel a home is the comfy place where we can remove our shoes, find rest, and settle in to enjoy family and friends. An authentic home expresses the unique story of those who dwell within its walls.

  16. Stephanie

    Home feels like the place I recharge and clean my “wounds” before going back out into the world then next day.

  17. Rachel Hanson

    I’m not sure why, but a red-and-white checkered tablecloth has always felt like “home” to me. That probably has its roots in the gazillions of times that I read the “Little House On The Prairie” books!

  18. Luisa Silva

    Home is me, home is us, home is our tranquility!
    Congratulations on your book, can’t wait to read it.

  19. Tracey

    Home to me is the place where I am surrounded by the people I love, the memories and treasures we have collected along the way and the mix of old and new and repurposed that make my home unique and special to us and all that enter. Your book looks amazing-congratulations!

  20. Ruth Newton

    I think it feels like my home when the people I dearly love are near. I love to make the place we call home welcoming and enjoyable so everyone feels comfortable and happy. Time spent together is best, but making the nest cozy is important.

  21. Mindy Urich

    Home is where my family is.

    • Renee

      Growing up an Army brat, we moved a lot. We were home when Mom got the 2 wood bookcases she had bought when she and Dad first married filled with books. Mom and Dad are gone now and I have those bookcases, updated with chalk paint filled with books. When I walk by them I always smile and feel at home.

  22. Ashley

    Congratulations on your book! Home to me is an earthy color palette: green, blue, brown, gray, white.

  23. Cherie Baker

    My favorite things to make a cozy home are cushy, soft rugs, comfy throws , down-filled pillows, wonderful smelling candles on the coffee table and fragrant sachets in the linen closet. Fresh flowers also add to my favorite things to make my home feel cozy.

  24. Lila

    Open windows with the curtains fluttering in the breeze, bringing nature inside, never fails to lift my spirits and make me feel so at home.

  25. SueA


  26. Elaine

    Home is where I’m sure everyone is welcomed. I tended to decorate with earth tones and family antiques. Farm life is the best!

  27. Beth B

    Familiarity and comfort!!! Congratulations on your book!

  28. Jo

    Congratulations, your book looks amazing.
    It is hard to describe what our hearts feel when we are home with family and friends, surrounded with memory treasures. Thank you for helping us stop for a moment to reflect and count our blessings.

  29. Crystal

    Home is wherever my family & pets are… if it feels cozy…like a place one can cuddle, & they are there- that is home!

  30. Sara

    Home is where my loved ones are. I love the noise I hear when we are all together. No matter where we are, when we are together, we are home.

  31. Gail

    Home has always been a comfort. A place to enjoy family, feel secure and freedom to create. Having moved a few times I’ve enjoyed new inspiration to create that comfort zone.

  32. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    Congrats on your book! It sounds like it will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s library. I just moved into a new to me home and had to start all over as we sold our previous home furnished, except our art we have collected over the years. What feels like home to me is finding the perfect place to hang that art.

  33. Mary Ellen

    home is my refuge – I’ve needed this since I was 16 because my mother wouldn’t let me live at home!

  34. Wendy

    Home, to me, is the place where our comfort and memories congregate most.

  35. Barbara

    Home is where you relax and revive. But it’s also where you learn new things. I love reading your blog and getting inspired, then putting that inspiration into making my house my home.

  36. Laura H

    Home is: sunlight streaming in, a hot cup of coffee, children running in and out giggling, favorite books that are read and reread dozens of times, and a sense of belonging 😊

    Yay for your first book, Marian! Can’t wait to get a copy!

  37. Vicki Ault

    Home to me is being surrounded by family and friends who are comfortable and relaxed. Congratulations on your book. I m looking forward to buying my copy!

  38. Susan

    Home is where my husband is!

  39. Theresa

    HOME, defines who I am and the loves of my life. 🥰

  40. Marjorie G Light

    Over my lifetime, I’ve lived in 32+ houses! What made them homes was family. Now that my children are grown and gone, I have their photographs, memorabilia from our travels, and family antiques. My current house doesn’t feel like home – yet – since we are gutting it down to the studs for rewiring, removing asbestos, and re-plumbing. This book looks SO beautiful, like all your other projects, and I think it will help many people feel comfortable where they are, making their house feel like home, like they belong. <3

  41. Shirley Dykema

    Home to me is warmth, so I have a difficult time using white. But I love antiques & traditional decor. This book will be welcome in helping us all incorporate “the look” in newer construction! Thank you.

  42. Nancy Smith

    After living in many, many, many homes over the 20 years in the military, we have added our unique touches to each one. I love a home where no only family feels welcome, but all those that enter. Treasures that tell stories, items that invoke memories and special things that are truly loved are all important in the feeling of home.

  43. Kris Fisher

    Your book definitely looks like something I would want to have in my home. To me, home is my cocoon, my safe place, where I can do and have the things that give me and my family pleasure. I love being surrounded by my books, my fabrics (I’m a quilter), and objects that evoke memories and promote creativity. I have gotten past needing to have the perfect “interior designer “ home and now am happy with a home that is inviting and comfortable.

  44. Gail

    Wherever my husband is, feels like home.

  45. Jen Roy

    Home for me is a cozy sofa with a soft blanket, cup of tea and a good book. A tea kettle and book shelf full of books are also necessary.

  46. Sarah

    Home is filling each space with memories of those I love. Love people… like “things”. Creating a beautiful and healthy home for my family includes antiques, green plants and plenty of windows overlooking the Lord’s beautiful creation.

  47. Jeanette

    Home is when I pull down the shades and close the curtains it feels like a great big hug!

  48. Jill Wambolt

    Yay! Congratulations!! I’m so excited for this book to come out! Another Marian masterpiece that we all will enjoy the privilege of devouring! Thank you!

    Home is where I was born- Nantucket Island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Every time I am on the ferry rounding the Brant Point lighthouse, pulling into the harbor, I get all the feelings of coming home. It’s no wonder that I invite the island feels into my (mainland) home every chance I get. I love blues and whites, natural elements, landscape artwork, and comfy chairs.
    It’s the places that shaped us that remind us of home, and in my case it’s a sandy shore, grey cedar shingles, bumpy cobblestones, and scrubby pine trees that remind me of home.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire us all.
    May the Lord continue to bless you,

  49. Dee Dee Storck

    Home is my mind’s eye brought to life! I’m from mid-Missouri where oak and leather is strength and stability. I am partial to tiger oak as it “tells a story” and love the smell of classic leather. Color is important and is defined by what makes my mind see spectrums of my mood which is always evolving to become the best that I can be. I’m inspired by simple, strong lines and new bright beginnings, so I tend to be eclectic in my design.

    Thank you for letting us into your “mind’s eye!”

  50. Sharon Spires

    Congratulations on your new book! I look forward to reading it and absorbing the details in your decorating choices.
    For me home is a place of calm and tranquility and a place where I can relax and create. Surrounding myself with vignettes of items collected over the years gives me great joy.
    Thank you for providing continued inspiration Marian.

  51. Lynne Hagmeier

    So much inspiration over the years. Love your studio especially.

  52. Lora Bloomquist

    I’m so excited to hear about your new book! Incorporating vintage into my home feels like home to me!

  53. Fonda Rush

    Home is where my wife and cats are. We have a ranch style home, and we are making it truly ours a little bit at a time.

  54. Pamela Barnabo

    Home is a place of new and old history. Where generations gather together and celebrate family. It is a place of shelter and solace for those who need it. A place to count our blessings and to bless others. Where we nurture children,, grandchildren,, and great grandchildren.. A place to follow no ones decorating rules but our own…where we can invoke feelings at different seasons in our lives. Home and family is everything!

  55. Rhonda Leach

    It feels like home when I walk through the door and see the boots and the warm jacket that greet me. We live in coastal, central Maine and my dear husband is a Mariner. Home is when he’s close by, sitting on the glassed-in porch in the winter when the sun hits it right and it’s 80 degrees inside and 30 degrees outside, and the green shaker rocker is filled with his presence. Home smells like home-made soup and yeast rolls…and is filled with the sweetness of my beloved.


    Home is where I can feel safe and comfortable surrounded by family heirlooms, books and other sentimental items!

  57. Bridget

    Congrats on the new book! I recently moved into a 1990s McMansion and was all but crying when we had to leave our 1920s cottage. Your blog gave me hope that I can make this a home. I often go to your blog to pick what to work on next (currently painting the faux oak trim white). Can’t wait to get your book!

  58. Andrea Kirkby

    Home is wherever I am when one of my cats is sitting on my lap.

    Home is also the mark of claws on the upholstery. Sigh.

  59. Heidi

    Home is my favorite place to be and gives me so much peace. My home is special because of my family and the memories we have made over the 23 years we’ve lived here. Even though it’s very average in size and there are things I would change about it if I could, one of my favorite things about it is that it’s light and bright. Congratulations on your new book!

    • Marsha

      Home feels like snuggles with my family in a cozy bed.

  60. Carol

    Surrounded by the blankets, quilts and crafts I have made for our family comfort , feels like home to me. Also the recipes hanging in the kitchen that I have made over and over the last 20 something years for my husband, sons and friends feels like home.

  61. Patricia

    Home to me is a place where serenity and love live. A place that welcomes friends and family in and invites them to stay awhile. It’s where mementos of the past remind us of where we came from. It’s delicious food, lazy Sundays, celebrating each Holiday and making beautiful memories. It’s where God resides in our hearts and in our lives. It’s where LOVE always takes you in.

  62. Bernier

    I have a feeling mine will be a popular universal sentiment. Family photos. Old, new, ancestors to grandchildren. AND
    Quilts. I’ve been a quilter for almost 40 years, so, many I’ve made are hung on walls and grace our beds.

  63. Sharon Munch Daily

    Can’t wait to read your book! Congratulations. Home is where I can prop up my feet in a pair of cozy handmade socks in front of the fire and do a little slow stitching… or sit in a rocker on the front porch and lazily watch the doings of the neighborhood. It is a calm and creative space that I can wear like a raggedy sweatshirt. One that pleases my eye and allows me to sink into the interior.

  64. Sally

    Home is where I can breathe. It is where I am welcomed by the people and pets that I love and love me. It is where I enjoy the new, beautiful things while also being surrounded by the old family treasures that take me back to other beloved people and homes that are no longer here. It’s where I can wear my most comfortable jammies all day and nobody cares. It smells like childhood comfort food on the stove and tastes like warm homemade bread. Home is my cocoon where I dream my dreams, make my plans, and recharge my batteries. Home is what my soul looks like.

  65. Libby Lancaster

    Home is where the things around me tell my story.

  66. CC

    Home is where I exhale!

  67. Mary

    The lamplight in the window after a long day away, The smell of my husband brewing coffee after returning from an early morning walk with my dog. Watching my plants breaking their way through the soil after a harsh Winter. A place where the love never sets…

  68. windy rodriguez

    greenery like topiaries and a little bit of scroll wrought iron

  69. Jeannine

    “Home” has always been “where the Army sends us.” But, after 28 years and 17 moves we finally got to choose our own home. We reside in a small home in Newport, RI. The house needs a ton of work with a 91 year old kitchen and bath. But we love and use every inch of it. We have been warmly welcomed to Aquidneck Island and our home has been a haven to us this past year. I love Newport’s charming streets and rich history but nothing beats Newport’s sense of community.

  70. Julia Butler

    After many years home is where the heart is and for me that’s being with the family. After living in Wales for over 15 years you pick up a few words of the beautiful Welsh language.
    One such word is Hiraeth – a deep longing, especially one’s home, a feel for the mountains and the valleys. A feeling of nostalgia, a longing, a deep connection. Can’t wait to get my hands on your new book.

  71. Christine Lally

    Congratulations on your new book! What does home feel like? A big hug❤️

  72. Deborah D

    I’ve preordered my copy from Amazon and can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I have your other books and just know this one will be awesome. Home for me is where my family resides and is comfortable. So excited for you and for all of us who follow you.

  73. Krista

    Home is my happy place, my comfort zone, my work-at-home space, my place to feel secure and safe and my place to spend time with those people and pets that I love.

  74. Sarah

    Home is with my family. Cozy and inviting, clean.

  75. Nicole

    Congrats on the book! Home to me is a gallery wall of family photos. I love when my 3 year old just sits and stares at the memories in it!

  76. Carolyn L Dietrich

    I think knowing how to fix up your standard buider-grade home into something uniquely yours is needed. Most people can’t find or afford the house they dream about. Better to learn how to fix up what you already own or what you can afford to reflect you. I love your blog and read it long before I finally realized you weren’t living in an old house you had fixed up. I love your blog and all you share there. You style is completely different from mine but I love seeing how you transform each room and its contents into what you love. It’s inspiring. Your home is beautiful and unique to you which is how each of our homes should be. Thank you for your blog and for your new book.

  77. Wendy

    Home is a feeling, no matter where. What does matter, is the with whom. Thank you for sharing your journey! Your blog inspires!

  78. Jan Davis

    Home is where my wonderful husband & I have been living happily ever after for the past 44 years. Love your posts. You speak for so many of us kindred spirits!

  79. Cindy Hill

    What feels like home… colors, textures, smells that wrap me in a cozy, peaceful setting with my family

  80. Robin

    Congratulations on the book! Can not wait to read (see devour!) It!! Home for me is where smells like fall and has that cozy vibe all the time!!


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