Fall Decorating Update

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 Last time we checked in on my fall decorating, I had plopped a pumpkin in a dough bowl and called it a day.

Decorating for fall 2 - www.mms2.wpengine.com

A couple of days later, I went to the farmer’s market up the road for some apples and found the prettiest blue hubbard squash and a fresh kale plant.  Neither were very expensive, so I picked them up.  Then, on the way from my my shopping trip on Thursday, I passed a huge wagon overflowing with beautiful varieties of pumpkins, including the blue Cinderella’s, so I picked up two of those and some mini white pumpkins for $12. I mixed in some pine cones and dried artichokes from my basement to round things out.

So, now I have an arrangement in the dough bowl…

missmustardseed- fall decorating 8 (534x800)

missmustardseed- fall decoating7 (800x534)

…and a vignette on the dresser in the family room…



missmustardseed- fall decorating6 (534x800)

missmustardseed- fall decorating 4 (534x800)

(I love how it looks like these two are nestling up together.  I didn’t notice it until I was processing the pictures, but there’s something sweet about it.)

missmustardseed- fall decorating5 (534x800)

missmustardseed - fall decorating 2 (534x800)

missmustardseed- fall decorating 3 (534x800)

miss mustard seed - fall decorating (534x800)

I put a few of the white pumpkins in a scale in the kitchen and we do have one little orange pumpkin that I accidentally grew out of our compost heap.   That’s about the only kind of gardening that goes on in my yard.  If anything is growing or looks good, it’s totally defying all the odds.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get my act together in that department, but we can’t do it all, right?

My kids want to carve jack-o-lanterns, so we’ll pick up some more pumpkins in a couple of weeks, but other than that, I think I’m done with the fall decor.


The next three days I will be spending with some of my milk paint retailers in a training session.  I’m really excited about getting to meet and know some of them better and getting some feedback from the “front lines” of those selling products with my brand on them.  This is all a part of me acknowledging that this is a big thing.


I’m expecting it to be a very educational time for all attending…including me.  I’ll definitely take some pictures and share anything exciting that happens…


  1. Sharon in Chicago

    Awww, the little white and blue pumpkinettes are cuddling!

  2. Karen

    It’s perfect, those Cinderella pumpkins are so pretty. Your pictures look amazing wow. You’re rocking that new camera.

  3. Susan Sweeney

    Nothing says “fall” like pumpkins. I love them all, but for me, it’s all about the stems. You gotta have a good, long, curly stem.

  4. judy voelz

    Love the natural fall decorations…so soothing to my soul. 🙂 I have to ask is the clock in the background a working clock? I notice in all the pics the time is the same. I am doing a 4ft clock and have mixed opinion of weather it should be faux or working?

    • Kim

      It needs a battery. Perhaps Mom should put one in. I almost did that the other day. :). MMS’s Mom

  5. Elizabeth

    As successful as you’ve become with your business, I say hire a landscaper and just enjoy gazing at your beautiful yard and garden! 🙂

  6. Terry

    I love the muted tones as well and would love to know where you got your clock?

  7. Soiledrotten

    Those photographs are beautiful!

  8. Rita C

    Gorgeous in its simplicity and subdued colors – I love it.


    OK. So I was looking through PB and Ballard Designs catalogs and I thought MMS is better than this.You are a brand.You have a definite look.Just like the ones mentioned above, but yours is fresh. A new take on holidays.Refined.Natural.Clean.Not crafty.Just lovely. I have such doubt in my God given talent,I find such fault in it all that it stops me from moving forward.you are such a great inspiration to us all.Have a wonderful time with your peeps!!!

  10. Alice

    Blue Hubbard would be a great color for your paint line! So pretty.
    Have a great day.

  11. Elisabeth

    So pretty! I have a couple questions- how do you dry artichokes? And, do you know where you found your planter you put the little Christmas trees in last year?
    I’m also wondering where all the toys go because you never seem to have toys laying all over like at my house, ha ha! I figure they are kept in the boys rooms. I’d love to see how to w decorated their bedrooms someday!

  12. Laurel West

    I had no idea pumpkins came in these colors! I just love it, and I have REALLY enjoyed subscribing to your posts. I learn something wonderful each day. Thank you!

  13. Sandy (The ReFind Home)

    I love those blue ones!! I’ve never seen them that colour before. I’ll have to watch for them. I love how you decorated with them. Very pretty!

  14. Lisa

    I guess I needed your permission to not go crazy when decorating for the seasons (other than CHRISTmas of course). Your sentiment about not storing something for 11 months was spot on for me. I will, however, use nature inspired items instead. My husband was thrilled when I shared this with him as this will curtail his up/down trips on a ladder from the attic.

  15. Elena

    Beautiful! Those are my favorite color of pumpkins. Each fall I decorate with them to accent the muted greens in my home. They last a long time too.

  16. teresa

    Love the white and pale gray…I’m on the hunt now. =) Thanks for sharing

  17. Lois from PA

    LOVE the dough bowl arrangement! and the Cinderella pumpkins are adorable! have to search for them up here in the Northeast….new to your blog – just love it……..Happy Fall!

  18. Jelena

    Love your fall arrangements, Marian! I am not a huge fan of orange pumpkins myself, so the white and blue ones make for a very pleasant change.

  19. jp

    Oh, Marian….I absolutely love your choice of pumpkins and gourds, such beautiful colors!

  20. Connie

    Love the simple, subdued colors and fresh look!! You have a great natural eye!! I agree with the other comment, these pumpkins would make a great paint color 🙂

  21. Ginene

    And…they don’t have to be stored forever…just throw them in the composite heap. It’s wonderful.

  22. Pamela @ Flower Patch Farmhouse

    I thought I was pumpkin’d out with all the pumpkin Fall displays I have seen on the web. 🙂 But I do love the colors of yours. And the Blue Hubbard squash is great too.
    We had a mishap over the weekend, a deluge which got my Miss mustard seed painted table wet before it was sealed. I am looking forward to seeing how easy it will be to fix. I know it will be easy! (I am all for positive thinking) 🙂

  23. sandi m

    Love the bowl arrangements. I’m always amazed at nature’s paintbrush when pumpkins and gourds mature. The while/blues/greens are my palette.
    Taking natural pieces to create displays are my favorites – nothing kitschy/crafty about them.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  24. Jeanne Bell

    I can really tell your pictures are improving….they were good before but I love them now. I would hang those pictures any where.
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Audrey Zumwalt

    Marian … love your choice of pumpkins and they look great in the old dough bowl.
    Thanks for the inspiration … just need to find some cute pumpkins too.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  26. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    The Cinderella pumpkins are my favorite! So pretty! Have a fun safe trip for your training session! I believe you will be in my neck of the woods!! 🙂

  27. GlamorousMommy

    What a gorgeous combination!! You really have the touch 😉


  28. Mitzi Curi

    You have proved that autumn decorating doesn’t have to be gold, orange, and brown! I love it!

  29. Jessica@designerssweetspot.blogspot.com

    I just love your display. The artichokes are a great idea! Also love the clock, resource? Thanks for the inspiration! I am just not an orange person, fall decor is tough for me. Have a blessed day!

  30. Heidi


  31. Teddee Grace

    Loving these and your gorgeous photos!

  32. jenny B

    Thank you so much for your lovely blog. I so enjoy reading it. Could you tell me the paint color in the livingroom. Blessings Jenny

  33. SueSchneid22

    Marian- what is the light green pumpkin called? Is that what you called the “blue Cinderellas?”
    I wondered what variety they were. I bought one last fall and kept it in my basement. It is still in perfect shape and I think it’s going to last for another season! Beautiful combo!

  34. Sheila

    blue and white, the new fall colors! I’m waiting for my local Kroger to put out the fancy pumpkins, I think they all of those last year!

  35. Laura M

    Where did you get your clock?

  36. Cindy

    Ok, your photos are over the top amazing … and those pumpkins look so pretty in your house. I love the one snuggling… everything just looks so freakin pretty…
    and…. i’m not stalking you, just catching up on posts!


  37. lucky

    beautifull blog

  38. Nancy

    Timeless. Just love it!



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