english advertising containers…

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Sometimes the best things happen through e-mail.  I have “found” some of my best sources just because someone reached out to me.  I took a chance on ordering antique linens from a source in Hungary who e-mailed me and he’s been an awesome source for over four years.  Some of my local pickers first sent me an e-mail, sharing pictures of their regular finds, asking if I could like to buy from them.

Well, most recently, I received an e-mail from a reader who specializes in antique English advertising containers and jars.

Um.  Yes, please.

 I had actually splurged on an anchovy container when I was at the Fancy Little Flea in Memphis and I immediately started searching Etsy for more, but they were too costly to buy and resell.

Her prices were great, so I placed an order and they just arrived a few days ago.

Oh my goodness…  It was like Christmas.

It was funny, because the top packages were actually wrapped in pretty paper and tied up with ribbons.  I said to Kriste, who was helping me unwrap, “It’s like opening presents!”  And then I realized I was actually unwrapping presents that were sent along with my order.  Duh.

The pieces I ordered were present enough, though, and Kriste and I oohed and ahed each time we freed a piece from its bubble wrap cocoon.

I mean, the Cold Cream containers!!  (It made me think of my grandma, because she always used cold cream to take her “face” off.)

And the little jars for “bloater paste” and “potted meat”…

Nothing says tasty quite like “bloater paste.”  MM-mmm.

What a funny little, amazing bit of history, though.  These jars are tiny and would be great for desk/craft accessories, jewelry, or for small plants.

I can’t help but keep a few for myself, but these will be coming with me to Lucketts.

I plan to place a few more orders before the event as well, so there will be an amazing display and variety to choose from.

More Lucketts goodies to come…

In case you missed it, you can find all of the details about Lucketts HERE.

english advertising containers…

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43 Comments on “english advertising containers…”

  1. Seriously? Lucketts? Argggghhhhh, not sure a gal can wait that long. The cold cream design gorgeous! Bloater paste large jar, must have for the kitchen!

  2. Is there any chance you would sell some of these in your online shop for folks that are out of state?

  3. I picked up a bunch of these wonderful jars at the Portobello Market last time I was in London, and use them on my dressing table to hold Qtips and makeup brushes and the like. They make me smile every morning when I’m getting ready. Love the great graphics!

  4. Oh my gosh I love these, you are so lucky to have gotten them. I can see why are completely smitten with them !!! I would love to order some myself 🙂 I going to check out Lucketts right now.

  5. I’m thinking I’m going to have to take a massive road trip to Lucketts. . . these would fit in so well with my black and cream Bridgewater & Cornishware dishware. Gorgeous find!

  6. Those cold cream jars!! Pleeease list some in the online shop if you can.

    And am I the only one hoping someone will post a “Marian got there okay” post? Or am I the only oddball who worries about cyber friends 🙂

    1. No, you aren’t the only worrier. 🙂 I just emailed another blogger to see why she hadn’t posted. I told her, “I hope this isn’t weird…” She was very kind, and let me know she had an unplanned absence. I’m with you, fellow cyber comment-er! 😉

    2. Ha, thank you, ladies! I’m actually in China right now, so I won’t be posting as often as usual. I do have some posts ready, so a few will be going up next week. All is well, though. Just jet-lagged and busy!

    1. Bloater’s paste is a fish paste! we sell these pots at our shop in Medina, NY and I always adored the bloater paste pots. One of our customers remembers during the war when she was a wee child that they would eat bloater paste sandwiches!

  7. Brenda. Bloater paste is fish paste. Bloater is the name given to Herrings in the UK and its lovely..

  8. You did it again, you find the best stuff! I love the graphics on these little pots. For those of us who can not make it to Lucketts will you sell any on line or could I purchase some and pick them up? Love them.

    I hope your trip is going well and you and you mom are having a wonderful time. I can’t wait to read all about it. Nora you are not alone, I was wondering the same thing.

  9. I’m in love! I see these all the time when I visit my favorite antiques shop in Yorkshire England but even there they are often too expensive. I’ve gotten two jars so far that I adore – they are in my kitchen. Will need to grab a few more from you at Lucketts! Can’t wait to see you and your goods!

  10. Good for you to have a source find you! Several years ago, my sisters and I encountered a dealer from PA at Springfield Flea Extravaganza who was originally from England. He and his brother spent time actually excavating those type jars from the landfills in England. We bought several from him!

  11. Can you please put some on your online shop?

    My stepdaughter just loved these and I would love to buy one or two for her.

  12. Amazing! Funny but my mother always said “I need to take off my face”….sparked a nice memory for me.

  13. You are speaking my language now! I have a collection of these that I started years ago and was happy to add to in my European travels. My husband and I are headed on a River Cruise from Budapest to Amerstdam and I will be keeping a sharp eye out for more of these!

  14. If anybody wants to sell me one of their jars (OMG how awesome that would be!), I can’t go to Luckett’s either, and am seriously having a love affair with these jars!! I am a container person deluxe, esp jars.

    Marian’s wares are just wonderful!, but mostly already gone on her online shop when I go there immediately she announces it (I don’t understand that). She might decide to sell a few jars there, but doesn’t sound like it – she has a large physical space to fill at Luckett’s. Wouldn’t going there be Heaven?

    Vicki from Texas

  15. What a great find! I bet they sell out fast at Lucketts. Hope your trip is going well and is productive.

  16. Ok- so I really, really just needed to know- what in the heck is “bloaters paste”? ” So here it is and it sounds hideous! “Bloater Paste is a fish spread made from salted, smoked herrings called “bloaters”, which are smoked whole with the insides still in them. ” I’ll pass on the actual B;oaters Paste, but the containers are darling!

  17. Lol, I had to look up Bloater Paste! Never heard of it before. It says, 1. (Britain) A spread (a form of fish paste), made from bloaters, traditionally eaten on toast with afternoon tea. Who knew, lol. Love them, thanks for sharing!

  18. We’re moving to North Carolina in 3 weeks and I’m trying so hard to convince the hubs to make the 6 hour trip to Lucketts this year. Much more doable than from WI! We shall see!

  19. I was thinking the same thing! My maiden name is Burgess! Bought an ironstone pot from the 1890’s just because it was manufactured by Burgess in England.

  20. I have a wonderful suggestion. Would you consider making your orders a little bigger to your suppliers and providing sales of soaps (like you did with the Savon de Marseille soaps) last week, and things like these antique english containers and jars and ironstone, etc… (since alot of us, i.e. your adoring fans, cannot find ironstone and other things where we live) in your online shop. I’m sure alot of ladies sit here reading your blog day after day, loving it all and just watching it always slip through our fingers.

  21. Oh my…………stars! I want, no…I need some of these little pots! I mean seriously need. No way to get to Lucketts but maybe I’ll get lucky enough to find one or two in the online shop. Fingers crossed. Have fun in China!

  22. Your blogs always educate me in one way or another, Marian. Now I know what Bloater’s Paste is!! And if anyone ever mentions it in conversation, I won’t feel left out. ha, ha

    Seriously, the jars are way cool.

  23. So funny seeing they are from Sainsbury’s. It started out as a smaller grocer but is a major U.K. Supermarket with a decidedly uncool orange logo now! It’s like collecting old Walmart packaging 😀
    I love me a good Fortnum and Mason hamper though!

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