Last week I started to get pieces ready for the Chapel Market (on October 25 in Pike Road, AL).  I have a pretty nice stash and a plan in my head and now that I have space to work, I’m ready to go!

I want my space at Chapel Market to have a cohesive theme this year.  Last year, I brought mostly leftovers from the Lucketts Spring Market, so it wasn’t as pulled together as I wanted.  It still looked like me, but wasn’t cohesive.  I’m planning to work on photo shoots for the second MMSMP look book while I’m working on pieces to sell, so they are going to have a shared theme.

And the theme is…

French Blue | Farmhouse White

Miss Mustard Seed-0525

I’ve used this theme before for curated collections, but I had to revisit it for a look book.  Those who are familiar with me and my style are nodding their heads…yes, that sounds like Marian.  An all blue & white booth and look book are very fitting for me.  Since I’m the boss, that’s what I’m doing!

All of the furniture pieces and accessories are being refurbished and curated with this theme in mind.  In the look book, we’ll be showcasing the blues & whites in our line as well as lots of tips and tutorials on working with and mixing those colors.  My mind is spinning with ideas.

More on that later.  Back to the piece I’m working on now…

empire buffet | miss mustard seed

It’s a beautiful empire piece, but the top was badly scratched and the veneer was chipped in some places.  Well, it has come to the right place!  As I was removing the hardware, I found this handwritten note…

note inside antique empire buffet | miss mustard seed

I love stuff like that.

The hardware is gorgeous, but a couple of the knobs don’t match, so I’m going to hit eBay and Etsy to see if I can find some replacements.

antique hardware | miss mustard seed

Once the hardware was removed, I stripped the finish off the top.  (Here’s a video tutorial if you’re interested in the process.)  It turns out most of the scratches to the top were superficial, so it looks pretty now that the finish is removed.

I painted the body of the buffet/dresser in Shutter Gray MMS Milk Paint…

first coat shutter gray milk paint | miss mustard seed

For this piece, I didn’t sand the piece, but I did add the Bonding Agent, because I didn’t want this piece to be chippy.  Shutter Gray is a blue/gray color, so it definitely fits with the theme AND it’s the MMSMP color of the month for September, which is just serendipitous.

It was the first color I developed for the line and it’s one of my favorites.  I have to resist the urge to paint everything in Shutter Gray.

shutter gray milk paint | miss mustard seed

A lot of times, though, I just give into that urge.

missmustardseed-107 (640x427)

I acquired two more empire pieces over the weekend and I can’t wait to get my brush on those.  My dad also made about a dozen breadboards out of some amazing antique barn boards and Jeff is working on two farm tables for the studios.  Everything’s humming along…


  1. Charmaine McLaughlin

    Oh Marian I am just so excited for you having your new workspace!! Sounds like you are so inspired and motivated with a million different ideas!! Have fun!!

  2. Joy Jenkins

    You find the best pieces of furniture! It is going to be beautiful! I really hope I can make it to the Chapel Market this year!

  3. JeanMarie

    My daughter and I restocked our MMS paint supplies on Friday in Roswell, Ga. Very excited for the many projects to come but the merchant did not have the new look books. When and where are they available. I must have one. I love your new space!

  4. Sharon

    I love your blue’s, this is going to be fun to watch you curate for the market and your Look Book 2 collection. Looking forward to being inspired again and again.

  5. Suzie Dyer

    Hi: This comment has nothing to do with this post, but it was the only way I could leave you a message. I tried to email, but something comes up that I have to install some software. Anyway, every few days when I look at your blog, a pop up comes up that wants me to install some sort of flash software, but my computer warns me that installing it will harm my computer. Do you know anything about this? I wondered if anyone else is having this problem. Thanks.

    • Jan

      I’m getting that same popup…actually tried to download it but it didn’t take and the pop up keeps showing up

    • Melissa

      I’ve been getting the same popup. I suspect someone up to no good has attached this “official looking” popup to Marian’s site so that unsuspecting readers download malware. I know all my software is up to date, so I just reload the page and the popup goes away. Be very careful what you click on!

  6. Jennifer Santiago

    Marian, you may want to check out They have lots of replacement hardware. The hardware is new but era appropriate. I got wooden wheeled casters from them.

  7. Carla

    I love Empire furniture but it is very hard to find in Kansas/Missouri.

  8. Lisa Cotter

    @Suzie Dyer: I get that pop-up as well when I open her emails. I simply close out and reopen it, then it doesn’t come back. I think it’s just letting you know that your software is out of date for viewing her blog but once I close it and get back in it, I don’t have any problems viewing it, it all shows up. don’t know if that helps or not but figured I would say something 🙂

    • marian

      Yeah, I think it’s something coming from your computer, not my site. I don’t (or shouldn’t) have any ads that are pop-ups.

      • cindy

        I also get the pop up so I think it is tied to your site somehow.

    • Rita C at Panoply

      Hi Marian, love your theme, love the new piece, love your space, and love seeing your growth. I also was hoping you could decipher the message – something about wildest dream? Sweet.

      As for the popup, I sometimes get it also when opening not just yours, but a few other blogs (note to self: note which ones they are so you can inform those bloggers). It’s saying I need to install the latest version of Flash Player software to view your blog. Like Lisa Cotter, I simply close and reopen, and have no trouble reading from that point on (so far so good). I don’t use Flash Player and don’t have it installed on my system.

      You are truly humming along, and got the whole family in harmony, it appears. 🙂

      • Ginger Marshall

        I am getting that same “flash” error too!

  9. Michelle

    I cannot tell you how you inspire me, Marion! I couldn’t read the note from the photo, what did it say? And also, what is a “look book”? I’m new to your blog but am really finding inspiration for my home. Thanks for that!

    • marian

      I couldn’t quite make it out, either! A look book is something we recently released for the milk paint line. It has tutorials, tips, product information and lots of inspiration. We’re now putting together a second one.

  10. Tere

    What a wonderful post. I love seeing change. Change for you, always means something better and better……………..oh gosh, I wish I was going to that sale.
    BREADBOARDS??????? Oh my. Go Daddy, go.

  11. Eileen

    Marian, I assume that the last photo of you painting in your dining room was an old photo….or are you having withdrawals from working in your house instead of your studio?? In any case, you do look cute in that outfit. It sounds like a great sale. Where is the Chapel Market located?

  12. Cheapdiva

    I am coming from Wisconsin with 2 friends from Louisiana and can’t wait!

  13. Jill

    Love the empire dresser! I’ve only seen 2 in CO where we live. Marion, I’ve found it’s hard to tell if the top of a piece is veneer vs wood (drawers are much easier). How do you know if the top is veneer vs wood, in order to determine if it can be refinished vs painted, when damaged?

  14. MaryLisa Noyes

    I think this piece will be amazing!

  15. Linda

    Your beautiful blue and white themes are what originally drew me to your blog. I enjoy all your and hope someday I will be able to use some of your inspirational ideas for my home!

    Are the pulls on the empire dresser original? I have an empire dresser with different pulls and have thought about changing them..

  16. Janae

    hi! I always enjoy watching your transformations:). I love how the hemp oil brings out the wood. However, I was wondering if hemp oil would be appropriate for a completely wood chair, or if it would leave oil marks on the seat and back of your clothes?!? Thanks!

  17. Cynthia J

    Your voice is just singing with life, and joy!
    I love blue & white, course pink comes first for me~ : )

  18. Cathy Gillette

    ok…..what did the note in the drawer say????
    “John…….” what??? there is a story there somewhere!


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