edelweiss spoons & yard sale preview

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Today, I am sharing a gift one of my sweet readers sent me a few months ago…

…these beautiful, little spoons with edelweiss on the handles.  For those who don’t know, I grew up in Germany and spent the first two years in Bavaria and I remember seeing edelweiss up close and in person on a few hikes. I actually did pick one (illegally, I might add), but I was a kid and didn’t know better.  I think my brother informed me and included that I would probably be arrested, which caused me a lot of angst!

Anyway, it was such a thoughtful gift and I love them.

And second, I wanted to share a preview of our yard sale.  We’re still adding to the pile, but I want to give potential shoppers a sense of what will be there.  First of all, the yard sale will be at my studio, which is 144 East York Street, Biglerville, PA.  It will be inside, so we’ll have the sale rain or shine.  We’ll have it from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Friday, June 23, and from 8:00 – 1:00 on Saturday, June 24.  On Saturday, anything that is left after noon will be FREE!  It will just save us a trip to the thrift store.

I’m selling rolls of fabric along with some pieces and scraps…

…other sewing and craft items, including paint, brushes, etc.

There are some clothes, mostly from GAP and Anthro and a few other places.  A few are new with tags.  (The sizes are mostly M-L, 8-14.  I do have a room that can be used to try things on in a pinch.)  Purses, scarves, and shoes, too.  I’m also selling the vintage-style metal clothing rack that the clothes are hanging on…

We have some sporting goods, weights, LL Bean wellies, and leather riding boots…

Lots of home decor and international dolls from my childhood doll collection…

Projects I made for HGTV.com, baskets, outdoor pillows, etc…

Linens and kitchen ware, some camera gear, an electric canning kit…

…and we’re selling all of the wire storage racks that the stuff is displayed on!

We have leftovers from Lucketts and antique sporting goods from my son’s room…

…along with tools, games, paint, a white pop-up tent, games, movies, toys, rugs, and some furniture.

And everything will be price for yard sale.  Like, real yard sale prices.  Some stuff will even be free to a good home, like 1/2 full cans of stain.  We just want to get rid of it all!

And, please remember that this is a yard sale/moving sale.  There is some cool stuff, but my really nice antiques were sold at Lucketts or in private sales.  Stuff isn’t going to be styled and things will be priced with pieces of green Frog Tape!  I just want to set out the expectation, so you don’t drive from Florida, hoping to score my living room chairs for $10/each.

So, pencil in the date and come out, if you can!

edelweiss spoons & yard sale preview

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27 Comments on “edelweiss spoons & yard sale preview”

  1. Love love reading your blog!! Keep up the good work & Hod’s blessings to you & yours as you move & start a new life!

  2. Seems like the move is imminent. I have been praying for your family to “land’ in another spot where you can effectively and joyfully run your creative business (and that Jeff’s job will be blessed, as well). Hope the yard sale is a success!

  3. Your edelweiss spoons are very special, I’m of German descent and just love them ! You are so organized for your yard sale. Nice to be inside rain or shine. I might just come up!

  4. I wanted to note just for reference your Hummel music box dancing girl is listed on Ebay for $20 at the moment. 🙂

  5. Dang! I wished I lived closer. Those dolls are just the sort of thing I have in my doll collection (which is homeless right now since I sold my display cabinet when we moved).

  6. MMS : Curious – approx how many yards are on the bolts of blue check and red toile?
    I ask this while easily imagining you are far too busy to take time out to measure.
    ALSO, and in full disclosure, I cannot attend your sale
    Would you consider selling for a soon after pick-up (if the price and amount are right? email if so . . . if not I completely understand
    keep up the good work

  7. Oh, don’t I wish I lived closer!

    On another note, I’ve taken the plunge, and purchased some MMS milk paint. First project with milk paint. It’s taken me a while to work up the nerve, but excited to see the end result!

  8. I imagine people are lining up well before opening hours on Friday! I can just picture this. A long time ago, when we lived in Canada, we did a neighbourhood yardsale on a Saturday.
    I was selling a lot of clothes that I bought when still living in The Netherlands. They were gone whitin the hour. Everybody wanted European clothing. It thought it was really funny! We had a real nice dinner in a fancy restaurant from the proceeds!
    Good luck and if you don’t sell the blue and white checked shirt you can send it to me.
    Love Mieke

  9. I didn’t know you’re from Germany. What a surprise! I realize it’s unlikely, but we might even be distant cousins. My Stein ancestors emigrated from Bavaria.

    Best of luck with your yard sale. I wish you a profound sense of lightness as you further free yourself of possessions. It’s very generous of you to offer some things for free. Good karma is yours.

  10. This girl in California is jealous of all you lucky people who will totally score on the deals. Praying for your future Marion. Can’t wait to see where God takes you!!!

  11. Hoping you have a great sale,wishing i wasn’t so far and a nice day meeting wonderful people. Prayers and excitement to see where God puts you and your family.

  12. I see I’m not the only one who would like to purchase fabric by mail. I’m interested in the navy and white paisley on the left, if you are willing to ship. Just email me.
    Good luck on your sale.

  13. Looks like your going to have a great sale!!! Hope you do well!! I wish i was local that big crock caught my eye . 🙂

  14. Good luck with your yard sale and your move! I just moved to a new house and I think I’m in store for several yard sales and maybe E-Bay. Have fun decorating your new home, Marian. 🙂

  15. If I weren’t in California, I’d be standing in line for the pieces of crockery and set of yellow bowls that are reminiscent of a set of McCoy bowls my mother has. I hope they go to a lovely home.

  16. I’m another who would love the fabric, the blue paisley and red toile for me please. So sad I live in Australia 🙂

  17. IMPORTANT- wanted you to know that if you click on your Sailrite advertisement it takes you to the Luckette’s sale and if you hit another one it takes you to “It’s Kelly” and wanted you to know. Btw, I’m on an iPhone if that means anything to you.
    One of your many fans, Michelle

  18. Left out again! I’m in Tennessee and can’t possibly come. I would love some of those wood stacking dolls to add to what I already have. Would you sell smalls online?? Thanks hope you have a great sale.

  19. I was raised in Germany as well from 1960 thru 1976. Lived in Neubrucke. My father was in the Army and my mother came from Heidelburg where I was born. Fond memories growing up there, miss the culture and beauty but love to visit with my family there. Hope our yard sale is aweseom.

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