Design Ramblings – Susan’s space & hanging curtains

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Sorry our Design Ramblings is late this week!  It was just one of those weeks.  Between sickness, snow days and a family game of Monopoly last night, I couldn’t get this video up and posted on time.  The Monopoly game was totally worth it, though!  The boys are really enjoying playing it for the first time.

Anyway, in this episode, we answer some more viewer/reader questions.  Susan from Texas sent us some pictures of her space asking for advice and another reader asked us about the rules for hanging curtain rods.

If you would like us to answer a design-related question or ramble about your space, please send pictures and/or questions to

Have a great weekend!

Design Ramblings – Susan’s space & hanging curtains

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4 Comments on “Design Ramblings – Susan’s space & hanging curtains”

  1. I live with my parents in there home and I would like to do wainscoting or beadboard but I can not paint the baseboard and I do not want stained wainscoting or beadboard is there away to have both? thank you for your design ramblings and I hope you keep rambling for a long time.

  2. catching up on favorite bloggers while on the treadmill……only watched your 1st “ramblings”……don’t remember how long you’ ve been on the whole30, but you look lovely–healthier. Hope you’re feeling it, too!

  3. Hi Ladies…

    I’ve been a fan for a very long time. I did want to offer another suggestion for the paneling painting. You could also use to different paint finishes. Use flat inside on the flat panels and satin on the raised molding. Use the same color…but it will read differently depending on the light.


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