design ramblings | episode 17 | jessica’s canopy bed

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In this episode of Design Ramblings, Kriste and I decided to answer a viewer’s question about her space.  Specifically, she’s stumped with what to hang on the wall behind her canopy bed.

(At the end of the video, in the bloopers, I’m doing an impression of my friend Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect.  Just an FYI.)

As I was editing the video and looking for some examples of decorating around canopy beds, I found this picture of Emily A Clark’s bedroom.  The arrangement of the bed and the windows is almost identical to Jessica’s, so I thought it would make a nice “inspiration photo.”


I was thinking that having curtain panels on both sides of the windows would be too much, but I really like the softness they add in Emily’s room.  It works with the curtain rods hanging much higher than the bed, which could also be done in Jessica’s space.

As far as what to hang behind the bed, Emily’s choice broke free from the “frame” made by the bed and selected an oversized sunburst mirror that some might’ve assumed would be too big.  It works, though, and is a good reminder to give things a try and see how they look!  You never know.  I do think a piece of art would look nice there, too.

This is also a good example of how the room could look with matching lamps and side tables that are the same height.  I don’t think Jessica needs to or should copy this room, but she can look at the framework of the room and make that work for her style.

If you’re ever stuck on a space, it can be so helpful to see a picture of a room with a similar layout that looks balanced.  Try to look past the style and instead focus on how the furniture is arranged, what’s on the walls, etc.  It just might help you get unstuck!

I hope you found some helpful decorating nuggets in this weeks ramblings.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Our family has been battling with sickness, so the fun activity we’re doing is rest!  We’re watching movies, taking naps, staying in our jammie and getting healthy.  (Hopefully.)

design ramblings | episode 17 | jessica’s canopy bed

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32 Comments on “design ramblings | episode 17 | jessica’s canopy bed”

  1. I think given her color pallet vintage botanical prints/bookplates would work nicely in the space also. Utilizing low profile frames would keep it clean and reinforce an uncluttered look. Also hanging curtains from the ceiling would further draw the eye up and make the room appear larger and soften the boxy look which is created by the boxy windows and bed frame. Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. I wonder how a large unframed canvas would work in the space discussed. Since the bed would act as a frame, the wall could imply a matte. This would keep it from becoming too busy with the detail of a frame and the double frame created by having a canopy bed.

  3. Great advice – I have a canopy bed as well and my lamps are pendant style hanging on each side above the side tables. I love the look! Nice try on the Southern Accent – haha!

  4. Gente era tudo que estava procurando estou construindo minha casa e no momento minha cama está exposta então estava procurando algo assim mas não sabia o nome que bom que encontrei aqui.

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