decorating with fresh evergreens

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I get asked a lot of questions about decorating with live evergreens, how I keep them fresh, etc., so I thought I would share all of the details in a post.

In previous years, I have just used the put-it-in-place-and-don’t-touch-it-method.  With most greenery, that works pretty well.  Really, just put it where you want and leave it alone.  It will dry out and be a crispy mess when you take it down after Christmas, but it will look nice (in most cases) through the holidays.

Okay, I guess I did do a little more than that…

  1. Make sure to buy greenery that feels hydrated.  (Or clip from bushes/trees that are healthy and well-watered.)  This will extend their life.
  2. Store them in a cool place until you’re ready to use them.  I’ve lived in a cool climate, so I would just leave them out on my deck.
  3. Give the clippings some water a day before bringing them inside.  I would just pour water over them, but it’s even better if they can be submerged in a plastic tub.

This year, I’m taking an extra step to see if it makes a difference.  I’m using Wilt Pruf.  It’s a product that was recommended to me by Brenda of Harvest Home.  She’s one of my milk paint retailers and a great gardener.  She knew I liked using live greens, so she just about insisted that I buy a bottle!

I sprayed it all over my clipped greenery when it was outside on the deck and waited 24 before bringing it inside.  I have some that was treated and some that wasn’t, so I’ll let you know if it really works.  (I have heard good things about it from people other than Brenda, though!)

And, Wilt Pruf can also be used on live plants, so I sprayed it on these little cypresses that always dry out quickly and I’ll keep you posted on those, too.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with friends and family.

I’ve spent the day baking and cooking and going through butter like it’s going out of style…


decorating with fresh evergreens

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15 Comments on “decorating with fresh evergreens”

  1. I’ve used it for years on all our outside bushes and trees, helps them in our sometimes brutal winter months. Also, this year sprayed all our wreaths and greens. If you can’t find it in stores, Amazon has it.

  2. Have a wonderful thanksgiving. It sounds like all will be well fed. Thank you for all your ideas and tips.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Will you travel for Christmas or will your family come to you?
    Your parents must miss you terribly.
    Tell us more about Jeff and his job!
    House looks beautiful!!!!!!!

  4. May you and Jeff and your dear family be blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving! How nice to make memories in your lovely new home! God Bless You All!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!! I love the fresh evergreens. I’ve never seen it for sale. Do you purchase this at a nursery or florist? Thank you for your inspiration.

  6. Absolutely awesome and thank you for sharing and especially letting us know about the no wilt

  7. The florists, here in New Zealand, use tiny cellophane bags full of water and nutrients, which has Oasis foam in the neck. You push the stem through the foam and the greenery/bloom stays fresh for ages.

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