Custom Clay Family Ornament Giveaway

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When I first started my business, finances were very tight.  That was the main reason I started my business!

My parents helped me get off the ground by getting me some basic supplies, tools, but after that, I had to figure out how to get a business up and running with pretty much nothing to invest in it.  That meant I sold anything and everything I could sell and I did a lot of bartering.  I also called on friends who I knew would help me out.

One of those friends was Laura Dreyer.  She was a student in our youth group, so I had known her since she was in middle school, and I had always admired her artistic talent.  When I started my business, she was a graphic design student in college and the timing worked out for both of us to partner up.  She needed a class project and I needed branding and a website.  (I definitely was at the better end of that bargain!)

She designed my very first website, my logo (that I still use today), and marketing materials.  Here’s what my site looked like in 2009…

She was a huge part of the beginning of my business.

I had to share that to introduce why I’m sharing her work today.  I owe her big time.  In the best possible way.

(Well, that, and she’s crazy talented.)

Laura has since graduated and started her own business, Little Clay Land.

She’s been working with clay since she was a little girl and I remember everyone anticipating her clay nativity sets going up for sale at the school fundraising auctions.

A funny thing about that…  She was telling me about her clay nativity selling at the auction and I asked her how much it went for.  She said three twenty five (or something like that).  I remember feeling sympathy that her “craft” didn’t earn very much and it must’ve shown on my face, because she clarified.  I had put the decimal in the wrong place in my head.  $325.  Not $3.25.

Anyway, when she told me about this business endeavor, I was excited to support her.  Not only was she a huge support to me, but she’s so gifted and I knew my readers would be interested in these cute, customized ornaments.

Here is the one she made for my family…

I just sent her a picture of us and told her what colors I would like and what we should be holding and she did the rest!  She even included Sebastian.  So, I’m holding a paint brush and I think it’s obvious why!  Jeff is holding a book, because he’s a pastor and a masters degree student.  The boys are holding gifts, because they are still figuring out what they really love.  It’s a gift we’re still unwrapping as they grow and mature.


Isn’t that so precious?  I let out an audible “awww” when I opened it, even though I was by myself.

Here’s a video showing how she made my ornament…

I’m planning on ordering one every year, now, so we can see our family grow in her clay interpretation of us.

If you’d like to order a clay ornament of your family, you can check out her shop HERE.  Prices start at $30 and she can make up to a group of 16 people and/or pets.  So, crazy cat ladies are in luck!

And, Laura is giving away one Little Clay Land ornament (Up to six people and/or pets) to one of my readers.  Just leave a comment to enter!  (Will ship to US and Canada only.)

The giveaway will end Tuesday, November 28, 2017, at midnight PST.

If you’re ordering for Christmas, orders need to be submitted by December 11, 2017.

If you’d like to follow Laura’s work, you can do so on Little Clay Land on Instagram.

Good Luck!

Custom Clay Family Ornament Giveaway

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602 Comments on “Custom Clay Family Ornament Giveaway”

  1. LOVE these! I’m always amazed at this kind of talent. What beautiful design goes into these ornaments! Oooo I’d love to win!!

  2. I love the softness of these sculptures. What talent! Thank you for this offer to win one of these precious gifts!

  3. Cuteness overload! I’d love to win for my daughter’s family. They have a daughter, son and twin girls due at the end of February. Hope, hope, hope!

  4. What an adorable and custom gift for anyone!!!
    I love that you are/have helped each other for quite some time.
    Hoping that her venture will be successful, I will get over to her website immediately and put my orders in.
    Thank you for caring so much about other people.

  5. This is the sweetest thing ever! What a clever idea. I hope that I can gift this to my pregnant daughter, son-in-law, and their toddler daughter. It would be so awesome to see their reaction to such a personalized gift.

  6. I am so glad you shared about Laura’s talent and business. She does amazing work! I am headed to her website now since I have several family members that this is the perfect gift for. Winning the giveaway would be great, but I am hooked whether or not that happens! Thanks for letting us know about her creations.

  7. These are adorable! My children who are grown each have a small clay ornament that was made for them by a sweet neighbor. I would love to add these to their ornament collection.

  8. I would love this for my kids and fur family! My kids are 21 &23 now so it gets harder every year to think of unique ornaments to add to our collection. Love these!

  9. Oh my goodness your clay ornaments are the most artistic thing I have seen all season. Wow – such creativity. Truly awesome.

  10. Just the right touch of whimsy wrapped around the significance……precious. I’d love to win one as a gift for my daughter and her husband. They just brought their firstborn, a preemie, home from the hospital!

  11. Thank you for sharing your start-up story and how you and Laura teamed up. It is certainly an inspiration, to keep on going because you never know where you might end up. I love Laura’s work, her sculptures are so adorable and you can see the love that goes into the making of them. Thanks again ♥

  12. Laura is very talented! One of her ornaments would be a beautiful and treasured addition to our family tree!

  13. These ornaments are adorable! They look so well done too! That definitely take some time and patience. Would love to win one!

  14. These are so adorable!! Thank you for sharing your story and I’m following you both on IG 🙂 Happy Holidays and hope I’m the winner 😉

  15. Darling! Christmas ornaments are my fav….they are my treasured possessions: ones that my kids made in preschool & grade school, momentous for family trips and milestones. They are what I would save in case of disaster…

  16. Oh my goodness!! These ornaments are adorable. I love getting a special ornament each year to represent our family. I hope I win!!!

  17. Laura’s ornaments are precious, what a way to celebrate each family, the little faces are perfect!

  18. Thank you for sharing! have started following on IG. I love the little dog! My dog would be so cute as a clay ornament!

  19. These are super amazing !! I love the attention to detail and how she makes them so personal !!

  20. These are very special ornaments. With all the commercial things at Christmas, I love the simplicity of these ornaments and your decorating for the Holidays.

  21. Love the creativity and uniqueness of Little Clay Land! I love how the artist makes each one so personal with individual touches.

  22. Absolutely charming – I love it! I anticipate Laura’s business really taking off quickly – her work is so detailed yet simple! I would love to win one for our family!

  23. Thank you for sharing the work of such s talented artist. These are perfect gifts to give to my family members for Christmas.

  24. how lovely!
    we used to have these every year growing up – purchased from a local craft fair. haven’t found them for years!

  25. I don’t know Laura personally, but my wife has told me stories, as Laura and my wife studied abroad together in college. I’m so impressed with Laura’s talent and creativity! My wife’s family has an annual Christmas ornament tradition where her mom made the kids an ornament each year that symbolized something that they had done that year. This year, my wife’s mom is very sick and in the hospital, so I would love to win this ornament and include my mother-in-law and newborn son in the ornament to symbolize our 2017. It would mean so much to my wife!

  26. Oh goodness, her clay ornaments are precious! I absolutely adore them.
    Would love to win one, since our family just got our first dog this year!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  27. oh I would LOVE one of these! My family is finally complete with our 2 boys and our baby girl so now I can create our yearly family ornaments too!

  28. this is adorable! i’d love one for me with my boyfriend and our 2 cats, tho i may gift one to my mom with all her grands now.

  29. Wow, very talented! These are beautiful with just the right personal touch. And love that she does the nativity!

  30. Oh so pretty … My children are grown now and am a widow of 2yrs, so I’d choose to do one of my four grandchildren. Your idea to get one yearly would be a wonderful way to capture them grow each year!!

  31. I would love to win an ornament to commemorate our family! We just celebrated 10 years since our son moved in with us. He was just 10 years old then. We adopted him officially a few months later, but the day he moved in has always felt like the day we started our family.

  32. Her ornaments are just darling. What talent to work on such a small scale and yet such detail! Love them.

  33. The possibilities are endless for customizing this ornament. What a keepsake!! And how great it would be to starting a family collection of your ornaments by getting my first one free. You can’t beat that.

  34. These ornaments are the cutest! I would love one for my family! Thanks for the chance to win one.

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