Color Palette for the Next House

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Another great conversation on “stuff” yesterday!   My brother and I spoke about it this afternoon and I’m going to write another post soon to “the keeper of the stuff”…the people who end up with all of the important family items and feel a little overwhelmed by them and the weight of responsibility they bring.  I know I won’t have all of the answers on that topic, either, but we can talk about it and hopefully it will be an encouragement to someone!

Tonight, though, I’m going to take a break from stuff and dream a little bit.  If you know me at all, you know that I am excited at the prospect of having a whole new house to put my stamp on!  As Jeff has been conducting his job search, of course, I look at the job descriptions with him and we pray about them and look at the area, etc.

But once the resume is submitted, I look at the real estate.  I just can’t help myself.  I love looking at homes and imagining what I would do with them.

In looking at potential future homes, I realize that I’ve figured out my little 1948 house with the addition.  I’ve worked through some of the awkwardness and challenges and have figured out how to best display my style there.  It’s not perfect, but I’ve gotten it to a place where I feel like we understand each other.  It took us about nine years to get there!

As I’m looking at new potential houses, I realize that I’m going to have to figure out a whole new house all over again!  The furniture and textures, the way the light falls, and the way the color palette flows through the home are just going to be different.

While I am a little nervous about it, there is also an anticipation building up in me like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to see what is in the big box!  I can only dream about it in abstract terms; in what-ifs.  So, as my mind has been wandering to the next house, I’ve been thinking mostly about color palette.

Obviously, blue and white is the staple.  No brainer.  Done deal.  I’m not budging from that one.

But, as I worked on pieces for Lucketts, I found my blue and white color palette swaying a little bit to include more blueish/greens and greens.


It feels familiar, yet fresh.

And I plan to carry some of these mints and robins eggs and grassy greens into the next home.

Wherever that home may be…

Color Palette for the Next House

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43 Comments on “Color Palette for the Next House”

  1. You have a very special touch, it will be lovely. I just can’t wait to “see” you new place. I check everyday looking for you to announce your new home.

  2. What an exciting time! I just hope wherever you end up you never live in a cookie cutter house/neighborhood but I really don’t see that happening.

  3. love your new colour scheme and I’m sure it will be gorgeous! do you know the paint colour of the cute little green table…kinda love it!

  4. I have to admit it, your painting these colors for Lucketts has really opened my eyes to them! I have been looking for places to use them in my home. I’ve also been picking them out in my fabric choices for quilts! They are such happy colors! I pray you find a great a great new house to work in! I can’t wait for the projects and new painted furniture to start! 😉

  5. Having just moved last October, I am in that process right now, learning my new home and how to set it up, how the light falls, what colors look best where, etc. It is a long process. For example, we had one room in our house painted a color we liked BEFORE we moved in, a color that looked good in another house. Well, that was without knowing the light situation, etc., and that room is ALL WRONG now that we are here, so it will have to be repainted a different color. You have to live in a house for awhile to get it all figured out! But having an overall scheme makes it happen faster.

  6. How exciting to see where God will put You and your family…And what home he gives you to see all things in a different light. It will be your best decorating EVER… Blessings and prayers for you, your husband and boys….

  7. Exciting times! I call that green “Great Depression Era Green” and I LOVE it! It’s been my favorite for years and pairs beautifully with my “map and globe” blues!

  8. We are rather in the same place. About to sign papers for the sale of our house ( been here 27 years, sniff, but God has sweetly allowed me time to work through the difficulty of letting go) and now I am REALLY excited about where my next nest is. This one is feathered and fluff much to my liking and comfort, but new opportunities await. New looking and thinking and shopping and arranging. That sounds good to me. God continue to bless YOUR journey and the wonderful expression of the Gifts He has given you.

  9. I love the color scheme you have selected. I am sure that no matter what colors you would have chosen the home is going to be fabulous! Good luck on life’s next journey. So glad that we will all be along for the ride!

  10. Blues and greens always work together. Just look at grass, trees and the sky. My favorite colors are blue and green. Can’t wait for you to show us all. : )

  11. Well, you had me at white/blue/greens. 🙂 I’m excited for you!

    Also, that dress hanging on the frame! I just received a sweet, vintage linen baby dress I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. Bingo! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Good choices…I am glad you are expanding! Good luck and look forward to where you will end up….

  13. We just moved from WI to the NC coast. It’s a MUCH newer home, which is a far cry from our 115 year old home we left, so I’m feeling the same way, trying to navigate decorating in a new home and figuring out what works now and what doesn’t. Good luck in your new adventure!

  14. Been there. It will be 36 years ago tomorrow that we bought our fledging business and moved after leaving a
    1850 house that we just finished. Yeah we could have stayed there but would have never known all the people and
    opportunities that we have experienced. Glad that we took the plunge. So I know it will be a totally new experience
    and new rocks to overturn but you will a great time. Your little 1948 house will occupy a space in your heart always
    as that house of mine does. One of my favorite quotes: “Motivation separates the doers from the dreamers.”

  15. If you have a husband like mine, we carry the same furniture with us where ever we go. I have had my dining room table and chairs for more than 25 years. I am now thinking of painting them because he just does not understand things change along with people’s tastes. Once you buy a piece of furniture according to his way of thinking it’s yours till you die! So we’ve been dragging the same furniture from house to house.

    It’s beaten up for sure, so I thank goodness painting and distressing are the thing to do. So I don’t much change my palette. However that said, I have always carried the green, blues, ivory, reds, teals etc., in my rugs. Of course I carry those where we go too, so I can do any kind of look by adding whatever here and there.

    It is fun though getting to decorate a new home. Much luck!

    1. Would your husband be an engineer by chance? I have decided that as long as it functions, to an engineer’s eyes, it does not matter what it looks like.

  16. I think that is the right direction by adding some green. It will be so great, just like your current home! And I know exactly how you feel about moving and getting to start fresh with a new house. After 9 plus years in this house, I’m thinking the same thing:)

  17. I have always loved greens, but it seems that most paint lines I use have a small selection. I’ve been mixing paints to get shades I adore. Maybe now that someone like you (a trendsetter) more options will pop up.

  18. All my favorite colors too. so soft and soothing and they blend together perfectly. Hopefully you will share the color selection as you trial and error through samples. I find choosing the exact color, that looks good in the varied lighting as the day progresses can be daunting. So look forward to your new adventure. We just began ours…just moved from Texas to Litchfield County Connecticut and I am so in love with the farm houses here….and the barns are awesome too. Hoping to get back to my blog and blog about it soon. Ciao.

  19. If you love the excitement of designing a new home, have your husband consider the Army chaplaincy! They always need good chaplains…and you get to move all your “stuff” every two to four years! And see the country (ies) in the process!
    I have to admit​, it gets a little tiresome after the first dozen moves.

  20. I have been using blues and greens for a long time…so I cannot wait to see what you do in your new home! Best wishes that your husband gets the right job too!

  21. That’s funny because I keep getting that feeling too, that is was going to be near Nashville. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. 🙂

  22. Love your new ideas and direction…adding a bit more depth! Y’all would be so welcomed in Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful… many areas where you wouldn’t need your snow shovels!!!’ Lots of fun junking out here… we’ll share all our favorites! Great for your whole family!!

  23. I have a sneaking suspicion that, since your parents are not moving, your family m.i.g.h.t. just move to another part of PA!
    Guess we’ll all know soon enough!!
    I admire you; for as busy as you have been, you are still able to spit out posts and keep us all informed!
    YOU rock!!

  24. Such exciting time….but it is ver hard to leave a home with so many happy memories….16 yrs…we all cried as we left….grown kids also. We have now been in Flower Mound, Tx for 22 1/2 yrs…my son &Vivi are 3mins. away.Grandkids…5 to 10 minutes away….I am blessed.

    My daughter is th explorer…..she is East Texas now………30 mins. From worlds largest flee market..over 100yrs old… Canton, Tx. My favorite place…so I am blessed in more ways than one.

  25. Those colors are restful and just like home , a soft place to fall. I’m using those colors myself in paintings and in my home.
    Your new digs will be so creative and beautiful no matter your choice of colors.

  26. In your “Keeper of the Stuff” post could you give suggestions for what to do with family photos? I spent two weeks a few years ago scanning every existing picture I could get ahold of onto disks, distributing copies to every family member, and I returned all those photos to their owners. The family members tried to give them back to me a few months later because they now had the disks and didn’t have room for extra stuff. I politely but firmly said “no” because I already have actual and digital copies of these pictures AND I live in a 700 square foot house with my husband and three children. I told my husband I would not be the keeper of their pictures as we had no room but a couple of weeks later he brought home boxes of most of the pictures I had refused along with copies of pictures of my children thrown in. If the family doesn’t want extra school pictures of their own kids, do I have to keep extra copies? Since no one else wants them, can I throw away the extra pictures? These pictures are not heirlooms. They are all less than 20 years old. Help, please.

  27. I just started painting my home with blues and green-blue combinations. I had artichoke green on my walls for the last 15 years and had grown tired of it. I love the new colors in my home, it will be a long progress but a fun one!

  28. I always think about it this way, Marian: Blues and greens are the main colors in nature. They work together perfectly, as do the sky and the trees. These are the colors I feel most comfortable with, too, probably for that very reason! Happy dreaming!

  29. Personally, I can’t give up my grassy green. One of my interior design professors said, “You can never go wrong with grass, sky, light, sun, earth, or night.” She also said, “something dark, something light, something dull-something bright.” I have never forgotten those even since 1968. Grins, your home will be all sky, grass and light—for a sure winner. Sandi

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