cleaning cart turned garden cart

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Before I get into today’s post, I am so excited to share that I will be a speaker at The Sage Farm Antiques Autumn Spectacular in Rochester, New Hampshire, October 7-9, 2016.


You can get more details on the Sage Farm Antiques event’s page.

I’ll share more details when we get closer to the event, but I’m excited to see New Hampshire for the first time and visit with some of my New England followers!


Remember the cleaning cart turned kitchen cart?

Cleaning Cart Collage

In case you missed the details of that transformation, you can find them HERE.

Well, this is just another take on how these multi-functional furniture pieces can be used.   (I have two of them.)  Many of you gave great suggestions…a craft cart, laundry cart, toy storage, etc.  There are lots of possibilities.

In this post, I’m showing it as a garden cart…


I’m imagining it on a covered porch or in a potting shed.


On one side, I put a pair of rain boots, broom & dustpan, and a wire basket.  It would also be a great place to store shovels and rakes with long handles, but I didn’t have any in the studio.



I think the shelves underneath would be an ideal place to store soil, small garden tools, gloves, a watering can and extra pots.


On the other side, I put some clippers, a linen towel, a flowerpot brush and a small step ladder.


I had a fun time styling this shoot as a little “outdoor/porch” space in the studio.


This past weekend, I pulled my vintage Schwinn Pixie out of the shed.  I learned to ride a bike on one that looks exactly like this.  A blue and white bike – how fitting for me!  I found this one at an antique store and just had to buy it.  It ended up being a pretty special purchase.  Because the frame is heavier than those on modern bikes, it really helps a new rider maintain good balance.  So, both of my boys learned to ride a bike on this vintage Schwinn that was just like mine.


They have both graduated to big-boy-bikes, so this has just been hanging out in the shed for a couple of years.  I ordered a sweet basket for the front and will put some flowers in it and sell it at Lucketts.


I decided to hang up a “clothesline” and use the double wash basin as a backdrop.  (Speaking of, you all have talked me into keeping it.  For now.  I think.)


I have really enjoyed collecting little slips and dresses to hang around our space at Lucketts.  I’m a boy mom, so this is my only excuse to buy sweet little dresses!


When I reordered brushes for Lucketts, I added these S-shaped scrubbing brushes.


And how pretty is this laundry bag?  I know plastic laundry baskets and mesh bags are practical, but I love it when utilitarian things are pretty, too.  This bag even has a little name label stitched onto it.


I also love this blue checked apron with a hand stitched border along the bottom…




Everything, except the Hunter boots and the (maybe) double wash basin will be for sale in my space at the Lucketts Spring Market, May 20-22, 2016.   

cleaning cart turned garden cart

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